kent fine art

Kent Bellows (1949-2005)
“Sarah Sleeping” (1998)
Contemporary Realism

Bellows’ artwork is sometimes referred to as “meticulous realism,” a subcategory referring to the artist’s startling attention to detail.


8 February 2016.  Maidstone, Kent.   We had a lot of dull and wet weather here as you’d expect in mid winter, so it was a relief to actually see the sun - well it was for a short while anyway.   I love the way the bridge here is slightly obscured by the tree hanging down and also the lovely street lamp.   It reminds me a bit of Paris, although not so grand of course.  Even though this is the centre of Maidstone, it was actually quiet here - hardly anyone passing by.  It was just seriously cold that’s all.  


Llyn Foulkes é sanguinolento e impiedoso. Numa reação violenta e contestatória aos desvarios do mundo moderno, ele mutila suas figuras. Artista da cena Pop de Los Angeles dos anos 60, Foulkes mistura imagens de revistas e personagens de desenhos animados, normalmente da Disney, que ele tanto abomina. À maneira de Francis Bacon, Foulkes reage ferozmente sobre as colagens, decepando corpos e sangrando cabeças. Llyn Foulkes: Bloody Heads apresenta alguns trabalhos dessa série, que o artista desenvolve há mais de dez anos. Na Kent Fine Art, até 17 de dezembro. 

Sunrise, Sandgate, Kent.  15 January 2016.  You don’t need to get up too early to see the sunrise at this time of year.  There were people driving to work when I was painting this, which I felt quite comforting.  Really cold though at this hour - my hands were quite numb.