kent cheer

Okay so is this Aces fan gonna be significant later, or is Bitty’s grudge just so epic he’s casting shade on everyone who even cheers for Kent Parson?

shipped-goldstandard  asked:

After the infamous Tyler Seguin tweets the league and Patrick Burke set up a meeting between Kent and Tyler because Kent went through this his first year. Drinking and partying, getting caught by paps in various incriminating positions. Thankfully nothing got on twitter. When they meet, Tyler is your typical fuckboy and Kent just rolls his eyes, does his best to instill some sort of wisdom. They part ways and months later he hears about the trade to Dallas and breathes a sigh of relief.

I feel some type of way about this like just. Imagine the trash friendship between Kent and Tyler they’d be terrible for each other romantically but they’d 100% be best bros and get wine drunk and gossip about boys together. Tbh they probably have matching tattoos somewhere.

Maybe once in a while Kent feels like shit and he’s sitting on the edge of his and Tater’s bed, being v honest+self-aware as he tells Tater, “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am just an asshole.”

Tater’s kneeling on the floor trying to cheer Kent up, but this statement blindsides him because while he thinks Kent is the greatest thing since tiny potatoes, Kent also tries to fight every man who heckles him on the ice, so he says, “But you are an asshole, Kenny.”

Tater spends the next 30 minutes knocking on the locked door from the outside, yelling, “But that does not mean bad person! Is not my meaning, I was thinking of something else!”