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Requested by @helloanimelover - Hi! Can I get a g callen(ncis Los Angeles) x reader with 1,4,6,21? Thanks :)
Prompts – 1 – ‘I am way to sober for this.’
                 4 – ‘Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.’
                 6 – ‘I think I broke him.’
                 21 – ‘You look…’ ‘Beautiful, I know can we move on?’

Word Count – 1147

Characters – Callen x Reader, Team

Hetty summoned the whole team up to the conference, that was bad as it was usually Beale that summoned us. As we arrived into the comms room Hetty spoke up.
‘James Henshall is back.’ Hetty said as she looked at you and the team tensed. Henshall was a precious boyfriend, who kidnapped you and tortured you to get information on the NCIS employees. Needless to say, he ran after he realized you gave him false information and he nearly got caught.
‘Henshall?’ Deeks asked.
‘Yes Deeks.’ Hetty replied and she sneaked a look at you before you nodded.
‘Where?’ Callen spoke up.
‘The old palace theatre.’ Hetty said.
‘What’s happening there?’ Kensi asked.
‘The annual agents ball.’ You said, speaking for the first time. They looked at you and you felt Callen’s eyes on you longer than the others as they turned back around to the screen.
‘As you will all be going, there is no need for you to be undercover.’ Hetty said and the team started making their way through the doors.
‘Go and research you all need to report back here tomorrow before the ball.’ She said as everyone left the room. She grabbed your wrist.
‘Y/N are you okay to do this?’ She asked. You nodded.
‘Of course Hetty.’ You replied.
‘Just be careful.’ She said and you gave a nod before leaving the room and meeting with the team down the stairs.
‘You okay?’ Sam asked.
‘Of course.’ You said with a smile and got on with your day.

When you arrived home, there was a letter sitting neatly next to a bundle of tulips. You looked around before bending down and picking them up. You opened your door and placed the flowers down on the counter before opening the letter.
‘It has been a while my sweet cheeks,
but don’t you dare worry.
I will see you very soon,
my precious little tulip.
James xx’ As you read the letter your breath quickened. He had been watching you. You ripped the card in half and flung them and the flowers into you bin.

As you walked into the comms room the chatter stopped and you looked up to see the team staring at you.
‘What?’ You asked as you took in everyone’s appearance. All the men were dressed smartly and proper whilst Kensi and Neil was dressed in simple dresses, which brung out there curves.
‘Nothing.’ They mumbled before turning their attention back to Hetty who was dress up in a smarter suit.
‘Are you ready?’ She asked and you all nodded.
‘Good, everyone is alert but be careful. Don’t get separated from people and try to stay together as much as possible.’ She said and everyone areed.
‘Well then, go have fun and get him.’ She said and everyone turned to leave. As you were the last one out you were meet by Callen. You smiled and tucked a piece of hair behind your year, he offered you his arm and you took it.
‘You look…’ He started but you cut him off.
‘Beautiful, I know can we move now?’ You asked as you saw everyone waiting at the bottom of the stairs watching you two. He nodded and you lifted your dress and you walked down the stairs.

As you made your way around alone, trying to capture James’s attention you were tapped on your shoulder.
‘Excuse me ma’am?’ The tall, dark handsome man asked.
‘Yes?’ You asked politely.
‘I was wondering if it hurt?’ He asked softly as you looked up at him.
‘If what hurt?’ You asked faking confused knowing fine well where this was going.
‘When you fell from heaven?’ He asked you smiled politely.
‘No, but I scrapped my knees a few times when crawling up from heel.’ You said smugly and moved on as his jaw dropped.
‘Wow, smooth there Y/N.’ Kensi commented into the ear piece.
‘Oh I know, I think I broke him.’ You said and you heard her laugh as you made your way beside her and Neil.

You had taken a break from sitting to head to the bathroom when Callen approached you.
‘Dance with me?’ He asked.
‘I will but I need to go to the rest room. After.’ You said as you placed a kiss on his cheek. He smiled and watched as you walked in to the bathroom.
You entered and closed the door to be pushed against it.
‘Well if it isn’t lovely to see your face Y/N.’ James said into your ear.
‘Oh I know I’ve been just dying to look at yours.’ You said sarcastically whilst smiling brightly.
‘Now, don’t be so mean.’ He said as he dropped you. You coughed and rubbed your neck, calming the soreness of it.
‘You know James, I thought you’d have changed your strategy up about since the last time.’ You said to him as you looked in the mirror and fixed your make up.
‘I have changed it.’ He said smugly.
‘How? You are still trying to get it from me.’ You said turning around and resting against the sinks.
‘This is a plan.’ He said stepping closer to you.
‘Oh a plan.’ You said as you waved your hands up in the air.
‘stop.’ He said as he pointed a sharp knife at you. You were quick and twisted his hand making him drop the knife. Bringing it to his back and guiding him onto the floor.
‘Really?’ you said as you knelt on his back.
‘Guys, girl’s bathroom.’ You said calmly into the comms.
As the entered the bathroom they saw you sitting there next to Henshall with your head leaning against the wall.
‘You okay?’ Kensi asked. You nodded before speaking.
‘I am way to sober for this.’ You said and they chuckled as they lifted Henshall up and escorted him out the building.

You were leaving comms after talking to Hetty when an agent walked over towards you.
‘Agent Callen says you’ve to meet him on the roof.’ He said and you nodded your head, turning towards the roof.
As you opened the door and made your way out you saw that it was all light up.
‘Callen?’ You said.
‘Here.’ He shouted and you turned to see him standing with a flower in his hand.
‘What’s this?’ You asked.
Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.’ He said and smile slightly as you took the flower and set it down.
‘This is lovely.’ You said looking around as you took his hands and he started moving. You copied his actions until he stopped and stared at you.
‘What?’ You asked.
‘Your gorgeous.’ Callen said and you leant forward until your forehead was against his.
‘Thank you.’ You said and he smiled. He leant forward until his lips were against yours in a gentle but passionate kiss.

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Requested by Anon - Hi! Can you do a g callen x reader where reader like callen and vice versa and reader is shy and kind of introvert and everytime callen tried to get close to her she get scared and then rest of the team try to get them together and someone come with idea to handcuff them, they stay in cuffs like a day, in the end callen has the key, unlocking the cuffs she ran home furios because of him but next day she realises he did that because she always run from him. Thanks and sorry for bad English

Word Count – 966

Characters – Callen x Reader

‘Hey, Y/N.’ Callen said as he walked in and saw you standing with folders.
‘Hi.’ You said with a small smile before walking away and leaving him standing there, for Sam to walk up laughing behind you.
‘You got left again?’ He asked. Callen turned and dropped his bag off at his desk.
‘Yeah, it’s as if she hates me.’ Callen said as him and Sam took a seat next to each other.
‘You should do something.’
‘Who should do something?’ Deeks asked as him and Kensi walked in together.
‘Callen about Y/N.’ Sam said.
‘She run away again?’ Deeks asked. Callen just gave him a look as he walked to his desk beside Sam.
‘What should I do?’ He asked. The team were quiet for a minute before Deeks, spoke up.
‘You could handcuff her to you, so she’d have to spend the day with you.’ Deeks said and they laughed before they were summoned by Hetty.

You were standing beside the team as Hetty was going over something in her office with you. You and Callen were next to each other when you felt a cold thing slip around your wrist. You looked down too late and you saw handcuffs between you and Callen.
‘Deeks!’ You screamed as you watched him run away. You looked to your right wrist and saw it was joined to Callen’s left one.
‘Well it looks like we stuck.’ He said smiling, you glared at him and huffed and tried crossing your arms but you couldn’t as his was in the way.
‘OMG, he’s dead when I see him next.’ You groaned.
‘What about these?’ Callen asked as he raised the connected wrists.
‘Once he’s unlocked it.’ You said.
Callen and you had been told to stay in the office all day since the because of the situation. You had been stuck doing paperwork and having Callen everywhere you go. You sat up from the desk and looked at the time, sighing when you saw it was time to go him.
‘Do you know where Deeks is?’ You asked Callen. He looked up and shook his head.
‘Why?’ He asked dropping his pen.
‘It’s time to go home.’ You said as you looked at him.
‘Ohh.’ He said as he looked at the clock. You leaned back and watched as he leant forward and went into his back pocket. He reached in and brought a small sliver key out. You looked shocked as he placed it in the lock and turned it.
‘You had it all along?’ You asked in disbelief.
‘Yeah.’ He said and you stood up, rubbing your wrist which was slightly red.
‘I can’t believe you.’ You said shaking your head as you gathered your things and walked out.
‘Y/N! Wait.’ He shouted as he stood from the chair and followed you.
‘Why? So, you can lie to me again.’ You hissed at him as you walked out the doors.

Over the night, you had time to think about why he had done it and you realized that he had only wanted to talk to you but you had constantly leaving quickly, or nit finding time to talk back to him. But it still didn’t give him the right to do what he done.
As you arrived you saw that Deeks was already sitting at his desk so you walked in and saw Kensi.
‘Hi Kensi.’ You said happily and she looked up shocked, but it quickly disappeared before it was replaced with a smile.
‘Hi, Y/N, you okay?’ She asked and you nodded your head.
‘Yeah, could I borrow your boyfriend for 2 minutes?’ You asked her, she looked to him and then back to you.
‘Sure.’ She replied and you heard Deeks groan behind you. You walked out the cubicle and turned and found Deeks standing, slouched trying to make him disappear. You punched him on the arm.
‘Owww, what was that for?’ He asked as he rubbed his arm. You stepped forward and he took an unconscious step back.
‘For yesterday.’ You simply said before you walked away, looking for Callen. You found him in the armoury. You stood watching him for a couple of minutes until he looked up and saw you.
‘Y/N, what are you doing here?’ He asked as he placed the gun down.
‘I came to talk to you about yesterday.’ You said and his face fell, he thought back to yesterday.
‘Look I’m – ‘ He started but you stopped him.
‘I know why you did it, you try to talk to me but I don’t talk back. I always try to leave and you felt that was the only way you’d get my attention.’ You explained as he nodded slightly.
‘Okay, I’m sorry but you make me nervous and I just can’t form words.’ You said as you waved your hands about in front of your stomach.
‘But it didn’t give you the right to do that and lie to me.’ You said to him. He looked at the floor but looked back up when you went silent.
‘I know, and I’m sorry. It was Deeks idea. He thought it would work and well it kinda did.’ He said rubbing the back of his neck.
‘I know and I’ve already dealt with Deeks.’ You said and Callen chuckled.
‘So we good?’ He asked you.
‘We’re good, if you promise not to handcuff me to you again. Unless I ask.’ You said and left the room leaving him gawking after you.

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Requested by Anon – G Callen x reader to be cute and fluffy, and reader to be hacker but in the same time an agent on field. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! U RE THE BEST

Word Count – 832

Characters – Callen x Reader

You and Nell sat next each other, going over the new tech that had just been brought in. When the doors opened and Eric entered.
‘Y/N, sorry to pull you away but there is a new case that needs you on it.’ He said, you sighed but nodded, stretching as you got up. You and Eric walked out the room.
‘So what’s the case?’ You asked Eric, he looked through the tablet, flicking a picture up of the victim.
‘James Harrogate, was killed last night. He is well known to the hacker community.’
‘Yeah I knew of him.’
‘Sorry, but we think that there is a murder attacking hackers.’
‘So you want me to go undercover?’ You asked and he nodded.
‘Yeah, we set an interview up for you to fill in the empty space, Hetty said you’ve to go straight their instead of the meeting.’  Eric said as you made it to the top of the stairs as he was going to call the others.
‘Okay, see you on the other side you said to him. he nodded. Callen stood up from his desk and walked over when he saw you heading out.
‘What’s up?’ He asked. You smiled.
‘Nothing.’ You replied.
‘Just getting ahead on the case, your about to be briefed on. See you soon.’ You said as Callen nodded, you placed a quick kiss on his cheek before turning around and walking out the building.

When you arrived at the building where Eric said the meeting was you noticed it was a lovely café. You entered and sat across from the man on the laptop.
‘Nice laptop.’ You said and he looked up. You smiled at him as you pushed your glasses further up.
‘Yeah, it’s the 700, ept version.’ He responded.
‘Does that come with the 4.3 spec?’ You asked him. He nodded. You smiled again.
‘Jessica Spring.’ You said reaching your hand out.
‘Michael Elliot.’ He grasped your hand and shook once.

The interview you had was successful, they said they would get back to you later on in the day. You walked down the street to the local park. You took a seat on the bench and soon you felt a warm hand on your shoulders.
‘How’d it go?’ Callen asked.
‘Good they’ll get in touch with me later today.’ You said and he nodded his head. Before bringing a bag up beside you.
‘What’s that?’ You asked him.
‘Lunch and a present from Nell.’ He said, you reached in and saw the black box, that you recognized from this morning.
‘OMG, she gave me them.’ You exclaimed as you brung the box out. You opened the box and your jaw dropped, they were even more beautiful in the daylight.
‘Gave you what?’ Callen asked.
‘Tracking earrings.’ You said as you pulled the beautiful diamond earrings out. You placed them in and placed the empty box back in.
‘Tell her thanks.’ You said to Callen as you kissed his cheek.
‘I’ve also to give you this since, I’ll be in the van.’ He said holding an earpiece up. you nodded and took it, before placing it into your ear. You leant forward and placed a kiss on his lips, he smiled into it and brung you closer. You were interrupted when your phone rang.
‘Hello?’ You answered it.
‘Hi, you’ve been accepted, head back to the interview site to be picked up.’ The voice said and then hung up.
‘Who was that?’ Callen asked you. You turned to him and tucked the loose strand of hair behind your ear.
‘I’ve been accepted. I need to go, see you later.’ You said as you placed a quick kiss on his lips before standing up and heading back.

You had managed to find out who the killer was. You had arrested him and you were waiting for the team to arrive. You were going to give them a good telling off. You had been getting snarky comments in your ear since the car ride to the base.

‘Take everything of.’ He said pointing at the jewellery that you were wearing, you nodded and stripped your wrists and fingers bare. He looked you over once and pointed to your ears.
‘Earrings as well.’
‘Can I keep them on please?’ You asked and he raised an eyebrow.
‘There from my fiancé.’ You told him, he looked at your hands and then back up, remembering which rings you had on.
‘You don’t have a ring.’
‘I know, we didn’t want to be the cliché couple and I have always wanted these.’ You said as you rubbed the earrings. He watched you and nodded his head slowly. You got into the car and sighed as you took a seat.
‘So, fiancé?’ You heard Callen through the earpiece.
‘Nah, sure she’s talking about her lover on the side. Couldn’t ever see her marrying you.’ You heard Deeks say.
‘Oww.’ Came from Deeks next and you had to hold your laughter in.

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Let there be peace in the NCISLA fandom

There seems to have been a bit of… bickering within some of the NCISLA fandom recently. It’s been a long and challenging season, which seems to have… provoked some… spirited passion among some fans. Thus, like Deeks, I feel we might be due for some humor to defuse the tension. Below you will find DensiLand’s take on how the characters might react to the current state of the fandom.

Hetty: This reminds me of the time I ruled Nicaragua for 72 hours…. With a pointed Gorgon stare, You know I could make this so much worse.

Callen: Who are all you people? I WILL figure out who started this whole mess! (And do any of you know my first name?)

Granger: I do not approve of fans; everyone back to work!

Eric: Hang on, I can write an algorithm to fix this.

Nell: Now everyone sit down in groups of similar opinions. You each will have the opportunity to calmly and respectfully share your thoughts. And don’t give me any sass!

Kensi: Yeh, what she said. And be quiet or else I WILL shoot you.

Deeks: Wait, what? Let’s just go grab a beer cause I know you all love me! I mean look at this; I’m 365 days of heaven!

Sam: No, let’s all take a moment to meditate on the words of my favorite rapper, “Team work makes the dream work.” As he throws a kiss and the peace sign with a dimpled smile and wink, Much love!


John Peter Kousakis: Starbucks for everyone!

Joey Wilson: Boom!

Dave Kalstein: I’m going to share with you an abstract parable that will help align your mind and spirit to deal with this chaos, while my buddy Rafael demonstrates how to appropriately attack against these verbal assaults with his new custom blade.

Ok, deep breath everyone and let’s remember why we love this show, even if it’s for different reasons. As we prepare for “Three Hearts”, I consider this title as the cast, crew, and the fandom. The cast and crew work hard to make us love the show and we are part of the “team” that makes the dream work! So let’s get back to “work”.


OMG. I feel like the “teacher” gave me a “gold star”!

Sweater wearing Deeks is an interior decorator, according to Chatty Show Runner and spoilers from

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Hetty shook up the team by sending Kensi off with Granger on a top-secret mission in Afghanistan, thus (somewhat) disrupting the growing closeness between Deeks and his partner. 

COMING UP NEXT | Kensi’s assignment “came at the very, very worst possible time for her and Deeks,” show boss Shane Brennan acknowledges. “But it’s been a lot of fun, and we’ve really enjoyed doing it” – which is in essence found gold, seeing as Season 5 wasn’t headed that way until it needed to set up Daniela Ruah’s maternity leave. And while Brennan long ago ruled out writing in that pregnancy, “Densi” nonetheless is on track to experience a shock “that turns everything on its head … and impacts them in a very, very, very big way.” Until then and elsewhere, viewers can count on “a lot of fun episodes” that play off the classic Callen/Sam chemistry, an episode where Deeks goes undercover as a “fabulous” interior decorator named Sven and a February sweeps outing guest-starring Danny Trejo (Machete) as a man from Hetty’s past. And while Nell will continue to find herself “out and about” with field assignments, Eric’s “past life pays a call on him” on or around Episode 17.