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Requested by @helloanimelover - Hi! Can I get a g callen(ncis Los Angeles) x reader with 1,4,6,21? Thanks :)
Prompts – 1 – ‘I am way to sober for this.’
                 4 – ‘Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.’
                 6 – ‘I think I broke him.’
                 21 – ‘You look…’ ‘Beautiful, I know can we move on?’

Word Count – 1147

Characters – Callen x Reader, Team

Hetty summoned the whole team up to the conference, that was bad as it was usually Beale that summoned us. As we arrived into the comms room Hetty spoke up.
‘James Henshall is back.’ Hetty said as she looked at you and the team tensed. Henshall was a precious boyfriend, who kidnapped you and tortured you to get information on the NCIS employees. Needless to say, he ran after he realized you gave him false information and he nearly got caught.
‘Henshall?’ Deeks asked.
‘Yes Deeks.’ Hetty replied and she sneaked a look at you before you nodded.
‘Where?’ Callen spoke up.
‘The old palace theatre.’ Hetty said.
‘What’s happening there?’ Kensi asked.
‘The annual agents ball.’ You said, speaking for the first time. They looked at you and you felt Callen’s eyes on you longer than the others as they turned back around to the screen.
‘As you will all be going, there is no need for you to be undercover.’ Hetty said and the team started making their way through the doors.
‘Go and research you all need to report back here tomorrow before the ball.’ She said as everyone left the room. She grabbed your wrist.
‘Y/N are you okay to do this?’ She asked. You nodded.
‘Of course Hetty.’ You replied.
‘Just be careful.’ She said and you gave a nod before leaving the room and meeting with the team down the stairs.
‘You okay?’ Sam asked.
‘Of course.’ You said with a smile and got on with your day.

When you arrived home, there was a letter sitting neatly next to a bundle of tulips. You looked around before bending down and picking them up. You opened your door and placed the flowers down on the counter before opening the letter.
‘It has been a while my sweet cheeks,
but don’t you dare worry.
I will see you very soon,
my precious little tulip.
James xx’ As you read the letter your breath quickened. He had been watching you. You ripped the card in half and flung them and the flowers into you bin.

As you walked into the comms room the chatter stopped and you looked up to see the team staring at you.
‘What?’ You asked as you took in everyone’s appearance. All the men were dressed smartly and proper whilst Kensi and Neil was dressed in simple dresses, which brung out there curves.
‘Nothing.’ They mumbled before turning their attention back to Hetty who was dress up in a smarter suit.
‘Are you ready?’ She asked and you all nodded.
‘Good, everyone is alert but be careful. Don’t get separated from people and try to stay together as much as possible.’ She said and everyone areed.
‘Well then, go have fun and get him.’ She said and everyone turned to leave. As you were the last one out you were meet by Callen. You smiled and tucked a piece of hair behind your year, he offered you his arm and you took it.
‘You look…’ He started but you cut him off.
‘Beautiful, I know can we move now?’ You asked as you saw everyone waiting at the bottom of the stairs watching you two. He nodded and you lifted your dress and you walked down the stairs.

As you made your way around alone, trying to capture James’s attention you were tapped on your shoulder.
‘Excuse me ma’am?’ The tall, dark handsome man asked.
‘Yes?’ You asked politely.
‘I was wondering if it hurt?’ He asked softly as you looked up at him.
‘If what hurt?’ You asked faking confused knowing fine well where this was going.
‘When you fell from heaven?’ He asked you smiled politely.
‘No, but I scrapped my knees a few times when crawling up from heel.’ You said smugly and moved on as his jaw dropped.
‘Wow, smooth there Y/N.’ Kensi commented into the ear piece.
‘Oh I know, I think I broke him.’ You said and you heard her laugh as you made your way beside her and Neil.

You had taken a break from sitting to head to the bathroom when Callen approached you.
‘Dance with me?’ He asked.
‘I will but I need to go to the rest room. After.’ You said as you placed a kiss on his cheek. He smiled and watched as you walked in to the bathroom.
You entered and closed the door to be pushed against it.
‘Well if it isn’t lovely to see your face Y/N.’ James said into your ear.
‘Oh I know I’ve been just dying to look at yours.’ You said sarcastically whilst smiling brightly.
‘Now, don’t be so mean.’ He said as he dropped you. You coughed and rubbed your neck, calming the soreness of it.
‘You know James, I thought you’d have changed your strategy up about since the last time.’ You said to him as you looked in the mirror and fixed your make up.
‘I have changed it.’ He said smugly.
‘How? You are still trying to get it from me.’ You said turning around and resting against the sinks.
‘This is a plan.’ He said stepping closer to you.
‘Oh a plan.’ You said as you waved your hands up in the air.
‘stop.’ He said as he pointed a sharp knife at you. You were quick and twisted his hand making him drop the knife. Bringing it to his back and guiding him onto the floor.
‘Really?’ you said as you knelt on his back.
‘Guys, girl’s bathroom.’ You said calmly into the comms.
As the entered the bathroom they saw you sitting there next to Henshall with your head leaning against the wall.
‘You okay?’ Kensi asked. You nodded before speaking.
‘I am way to sober for this.’ You said and they chuckled as they lifted Henshall up and escorted him out the building.

You were leaving comms after talking to Hetty when an agent walked over towards you.
‘Agent Callen says you’ve to meet him on the roof.’ He said and you nodded your head, turning towards the roof.
As you opened the door and made your way out you saw that it was all light up.
‘Callen?’ You said.
‘Here.’ He shouted and you turned to see him standing with a flower in his hand.
‘What’s this?’ You asked.
Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.’ He said and smile slightly as you took the flower and set it down.
‘This is lovely.’ You said looking around as you took his hands and he started moving. You copied his actions until he stopped and stared at you.
‘What?’ You asked.
‘Your gorgeous.’ Callen said and you leant forward until your forehead was against his.
‘Thank you.’ You said and he smiled. He leant forward until his lips were against yours in a gentle but passionate kiss.

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I’m going to put this little fic below the cut. There are spoilers if you have not seen last nights episode. I don’t usually give spoiler warnings, but this is a big one, so read at your own risk. I actually don’t know any finale spoilers so good news that it doesn’t ruin any of that, or the stuff we kind of know for next week’s episode.

As always, I just went for it. It was oddly kind of therapeutic in a way for me. Which I am till in shock that they did that. So yeah, happy Monday.

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