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OnoKen and Hosoyan… oh my…

from Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Event.

・Ono Kenshou - Tanaka
・Hosoya Yoshimasa -  Ōta
・Takamori Natsumi - Miyano
・Koiwai Kotori - Shiraishi
・Suwa Ayaka -  Echizen
・Yuki Aoi - Rino 
・Iguchi Yuuichi - kato
・Okitsu Kazuyuki - Shimura
+  Unlimited Tone.

anonymous asked:

Hola! Bueno, según recuerdo en su anterior blog tenia las voces de los signos, si no es mucha molestia, ¿podria volver a decirlas? ;3; y disfrute su descanso señorita A-ya ;v;/ ♡

Ummmmmmm La verdad, es que con el tiempo las cambie por que no me conformaba, asi que, le dejo la lista nueva: 

Aries: Takahiro Sakurai - (Arakata Reigen -Mob psycho 100)

Tauro: Eguchi Takuya - (William - Makai ouji)

Geminis: Kugimiya Rie (Suzuya -Tokyo Ghoul)

Cancer: Tsubasa Yonaga - (Nagisa - Free! )

Leo: Kenichi Suzumura - (Hikaru hitachiin -Ouran host club )

Virgo: Kensho Ono - (Tanaka - Tanaka kun wa itsumo kedaruge [Mika de Owari no Seraph])

Libra: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Dagger - kurojitsuji [Takumi Usui - Kaichou wa maid-sama])

Escorpio: Ono  Daisuke - ( Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji [Jun Satou - Working!]) (Iba a usar a Levi…pero meeeeeeeh) 

Sagitario: ichiki mitsuhiro - (Yamatonokami Yasusada - Touken Ranbu [Shiroyama Shouto - Kokoro connect ])

Capricornio:  Romi Park - (Suiza - Hetalia  [Edward Elric -Fullmatl Alchemist])

Acuario: Shinnosuke Tachibana (Kano Shuuya -Kaguerou project )

Piscis: Namikawa Daisuke - ( Isana Yashiro - K )

Ofiuco: Jun fukuyama- ( Ichimatsu Matsuno -Osomatsu-san [ Misaki Yata - K])

Cetus: Mamoru miyano - ( Osamu Dazai -Bungou Stray Dogs [ Fushimi saruhiko - K])  

Lo ultimo lo hice adrede *v° 

Happy 26th birthday, Ono Kensho-kun ❤❤❤❤❤❤



NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER LET IT BE SAID THAT I DON’T LOVE CHUUYA I WILL LITERALLY HIT YOU WITH A TRUCK- ahem, I mean I definitely won’t because I’m a really nice person and am not in possession of a truck…?

Scans (?) courtesy of @akutagawaprize! She gave me these this morning and I just…… yeah help me this Chuuya obsession is Dantes all over again and Definitely Not Healthy™ now I understand how Chuuya feels I need to stop before I self-destruct more spectacularly than IRL Dazai

though I doubt it his track record is amazing

My second and final contribution to skkweek (is it though I think I’m just stretching it by this point), Animage’s Taniyama Kishou interview!

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@ono_kensho: Damn it!!!
I have a bit of time, so I thought I’d go to a cafe and rest for a bit. But, this couple beside me…

Girl: It can’t be helped… Here, your present.
Guy: Eh?! What?! A  Christmas present?
Girl: A Christmas present.
Guy: Eh– isn’t it a bit early? I haven’t bought anything for you yet~

I’m telling you!! What the hell is this! Damn it!

@ono_kensho: I can’t even rest! Damn it!

@egutakuya: Kensho-kun, Merry Christmas ♪

@ono_kensho: What are you gonna do for Christmas?
Scream around?

LOL I am laughing so hard, Kensho, so salty about couples ww


Ah you mean…this very season?

Watching these two shows back to back is not a good idea. I just keep thinking, “no y’all are supposed to be best friends like stop fighting.” It really doesn’t help either that the character designs are very similar!!

Yoshimasa voices Doppo and Ohta, and Kensho Ono voices Akutagawa and Tanaka. In one life they are enemies and in another best friends. I’m really interested in whether they joke about this during recording sessions. xD

So this is a sequel to a request done by @ourneverendingpossibilities. I got her permission to make a sequel.  

The original requests was a reunion with the GoM and Kagami and how all except Kagami have sons…well….just read the original version HERE XD It might make a bit more sense

Anyway, since there are multiple mini versions of the GoM, I decided to give them all names. 

Kuroko Kensho
Kise Ryouhei
Aomine Junichi
Murasakibara Kenichi
Midorima Daisuke
Akashi Hiroshi (Guess where their names are from XD

“Bye dad!”

“Where are you off to, ____?” Kagami asked, as you ran towards the door to put your shoes on

“I’m off to the courts to play streetball with the guys!” you exclaimed, looking up at your dad with dark eyes. 

“…You’ve been playing with them a lot,” Kagami questioned, raising one of his split eyebrows-which he as so grateful that you didn’t inherit that gene.

“They’re my friends though-plus, it gives you the excuse to play with the Kiseki no Sedai.” 

Kagami couldn’t help but recall the time when you were younger, where you whooped the butts of Aomine, Kuroko and Kise’s sons.

Now, years later, here you were; now in middle school, you still had the same competitive and high spirits like you did when you were younger; your eyes still shining with the enjoyment of basketball. 

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That was my fav skit so far. SO CUTE! And A+ voice acting LOL

  • Hosoyan didn’t sound like he was drinking. More like… well, I won’t say it
  • Okitsu sure knows how to slurp drink his stuff~ ;)
  • Iguchi Yuuichi sounded like the squirrel in Ice Age. So cute *_*
  • And I don’t think I heard OnoKen at all, but it was hard pinpointing his voice among the others while drinking (and he was only drinking for 3 seconds, not long enough…)

Look at unsui being perfect like always aka Tera, Kishitaku, Kensho, and Jou-kun created and sang a song during Kensho’s latest niconama.

This broadcast feels so…. idk, homey? Like I was watching my friends hanging out together or something wwww It was a really fun broadcast from the beginning until the end! But I kinda teared up a bit when I read the writings on the new unsui parka: Unsui since 2011.

The lyrics is under the cut, but believe me this is quite a cheesy (but catchy!) song wwww Jou-kun couldn’t stop laughing when they tried creating the lyrics while Tera kept making unrequited love lyrics.

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