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cybird’s ikemen general election 2018 - vote count

Saito Kenshin 齋藤健心

Date of birth: 04/11/1996

Prefecture: Gunma

Height: 175 cm

Stage productions: Chiccha na Eiyuu, Love Rice, Haikyuu stage

Twitter: @hiyokomame37

Saito Kenshin is a young actor that has been pretty active in the butai scene. Despite that, I unfortunately wasn’t able to track down many of his performance online. Here’s a video of him performing a sort of monologue, I don’t really know where is it from so if anyone has any idea please let me know~


cybird’s general election 2018!

it’s that time again for players of cybird’s jp apps to come out and vote for their favorite ikemen! it’s like a massive collection event that covers all 9 of cybird’s games– you get ballots for logging in / doing lessons / reading the story. it’s open from 2/14 - 2/28. you can vote for any character you want from your favorite title that made it! there was a preliminary round held prior to this where 5 ikemen per game were picked via twitter! ☆

the top 20 announced via line (as of today 2/16)

1st Nobunaga Oda (Sengoku)
2nd Ieyasu Tokugawa (Sengoku)
3rd Masamune Date (Sengoku)
4th Kenshin Uesugi (Sengoku)

5th Arthur Conan Doyle (Ikevam)
6th Ray Blackwell (Revolution)
7th Sirius Oswald (Revolution)
8th Yukimura Sanada (Sengoku)
9th Jonah Clemence (Revolution)
10th Alyn Crawford (100DP)
11th Leonardo da Vinci (Ikevam)
12th Luka Clemence (Revolution)
13th Vincent van Gogh (Ikevam)
14th Louis Howard (Midcin)
15th Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Ikevam)
16th Byron Wagner (Midcin)
17th Fenrir Godspeed (Revolution)
18th Napoleon Bonaparte (Ikevam)
19th Saito Hajime (DTL)
20th Hijikata Toshizo (DTL)

more general election stuff under the cut!

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Tsukista 4th Stage Lunatic Live - Thank You So Much!!

[Sato Yuusaku Blog Translation, there’s a lot more pictures below the cut]

Oha-yuusaku ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

The other day, practice started again, and I thought to myself, the performances just ended!!! So fast!!!! In the blink of an eye, Lunatic Party came and went.

This time, it was a story absolutely filled with laughter and emotion! Please enjoy it on the blu-ray~!!

It was my turn to be a main character of the story, and this time it made me really happy I was given the chance to portray a cute, but also grown up, Minaduki Rui! I also really liked the fantasy dream-land setting!

All of the animals had very individual personalities, and I want to see them on stage again ✨

I’m filled with gratitude for everyone who supports Tsukista, Fujiwara-san’s original work, the staff, and the entire cast!

Right after the last performance of Lunatic Party, the practices for Shanghai, our first overseas show, start and soon after will be the practices for the 5th stage! I’ll do my bestttt!!

Even though I took a lot of pictures, I haven’t had time to upload them until now ✨ [see the other images and the rest of the blog post below the cut]

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