kenshin and his oros


Fandom: RK

Rating: G

“C'mon, Kenshin, they’ll only have wilted vegetables left if we don’t hurry!” And off she went, her dark hair trailing the smell of flowers. He kept an eye on her, smiling as she wove ahead of him, her elaborately tied yellow obi making her easy to track down the street. There was no danger here today, just a bright, warm morning, just another wonderfully routine trip. The usual sounds and smells of the market were a pleasant backdrop for admiring his companion, and Kenshin was full of contentment as he followed her at a more sedate pace. A normal life…

She was standing with her back to him, and it took a moment for him to realize that the man in the booth was not their greengrocer. Kenshin stopped his customary three-quarters of a step away from Kaoru and formed his expression into one of gentle inquiry.

“Oh!” Kaoru turned partway towards him, angling the the three of them into a triangle. “Kenshin,  Tamura Hiroto-san isn’t feeling well. This is his grandson, Tamura Tarou-san. This is Himura Kenshin.” She was gripping that radish to her chest quite tightly. Kenshin raised his eyebrows, turning back to the man behind the counter.

“It’s nice to meet you, Tamura-dono.” He was young, perhaps only two or three years older than Kaoru.

“You too, of course, Himura-san.” The other man bowed politely. The man was blushing a little, and Kenshin felt something tense and uncomfortable crawl through his stomach. He watched while Kaoru bargained for what they needed. He watched while the man smiled easily at her, he watched him brush Kaoru’s hand as he passed her items and change. He watched the other man compliment her, respectfully, but boldy, as if Kenshin were not even there. He watched Kaoru as she avoided the man’s eyes. He watched as she began to blush, and his tension grew into  a sort of breathless pain.

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RK Round Robin Fic

Rurouni Kenshin Week, Round Robin Fic
Characters: Kenshin Himura, Kaoru Kamiya, Megumi Takani, Tsubame Sanjo 
Word count: 953
Notes: I felt like writing Kenshin POV, so here we go! Sorry in advance for the probable grammar mistakes and typos - this hasn’t been proofread and my English is not the best!

You can find @tact-and-impulse ‘s part 1 here, @awritingpen ‘s part 2 here, @kenkaya-fanworks ’s part 3 here and Mr.Fujita’s part 4 here.

This was was a really fun fic to write! Thank you for arranging this!

The clock was ticking on the wall.

Its sound was not loud, not really – but it was distinct against the constant patter of rain beating down the roof and howling of the wind. At the sidelines, the ladies were talking with soft voices, too muffled for Kenshin to make out what they were saying. However, if the intent look in Miss Kaoru’s eyes was anything to go by, she was already coming up with contingency plans for all their well-being if the hurricane wouldn’t let go soon.

Practical and kind, hard-working, tenacious…

Oh, how Kenshin admired her – even if he would never dare to say it out loud.

However, given the looks Megumi-san was shooting at him, he should join their discussion, instead of sitting by himself.

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