I’m taking commissions like this!

Sugar! She was in need of a new reference. 

She’s a Trichobi! (an alien species of my own creation). Her sister, and secondary mouth (not shown) is named Spice. She’s much more apathetic and takes the term “Man eater” quite literally. Sugar has developed a sort of agreement with Spice and only allows her to go after those who engage in acts of sexual assault. By keeping Spice fed, she removes the risk of innocent people being hurt- Spice’s moral compass is nonexistent and she really only cares about her apatite. Sugar combats the extreme, violent,  nature of their existence by trying to protect others.  Aside from that little factoid, Sugar is actually pretty silly and often times is very jovial and loud. Like her sister, She also has quite an appetite- just not a monstrous one.

Another revamp ref! This time of one of my oldest critters!
Info from an old reference of em’: 

“They have a few HUNDRED names that people in the varying cultures of Darem like to call them, but the most common one that children are taught is “Flutterfly.”

They hang around graves and the recently deceased, or those who are in mourning over a lost one. They’re said to contain fragments of a persons soul, comforting those who miss them the most until they can finally let go.

They have varying appearances, but this is the type that hangs around Twi- for some MYSTERRRRIOUS reason~”

Ryhm! My gamine little music nymph who I have been needing to revamp and make a ref sheet of for a while now! I updated a lot about her appearance to be more suiting to her personal tastes and personality! She’s an exceptional sneak thief with an unquenched thirst for shiny knickknacks and food- she often gets herself in trouble. However, she has no shame in her actions and has no problem being exposed. She’s just set on having a fun time! Which, seeing as she has a street preforming act with her brother, works all the more in her favor. 

Cloey gets a ref! Cuz I figure… why not?
She’s a fervid fox who is majoring in mechanical engineering, which is tied to the fact that she’s really into NASCAR, she used to do track and field sports in high school but now she’s more of a spectator. She develops crushes super easy on people. Basically, if you’re good at what you do and passionate about it, she’ll crush on you super hard. Just a few tidbits about her. Yeup! 

The Dexterous Duo! My two bandits who show up in a side comic way way later in Cosmic Joke. I really wanted to draw a reference of them because their outfits are quite… hands on. They have a whole set of minions too that I’ll draw some other time. They’re not main characters tho, they’re just joke villains who hijack a train a certain duo just happens to be on.

Something was off about their names earlier… I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I made slight modifications to their handles, because I felt it wasn’t punny enough. I can’t hold back with these guys.

Character sheet for my take on the Krampus! Haha weird research went into drawing this guy. 

Anywhooser! What better time to make him public than the coming of the winter solstice? Aw ye~

He plays a very similar role to the traditions on Earth- with a few twists here and there. Because Darem is an odd place. Myes.

Hope your guys dig! If you have any questions feel free to ask c: 

Updated reference for… Sizzor! Who is terrible. With her stupid scissor fingers that she uses to cut heart strings, her stupid balloon boobs that she uses to suffocate her prey, and her stupid porcelain face which is stupid. (Ok she’s actually a tactical intelligent woman, but she’s a vicious, evil, jerk so… she’s stupid.) Just… Just the worst. Stay away from her, she’s a 7'7" tower of terror.

My muse character, Fritter! Who I haven’t drawn is quite a long while. She needed a good reference of not only her muse form, but her human form as well! 

  • She’s a grounding muse, often around to help stabilize someone. She’s really no good at her job though, just merely mentally analyzing people and trying to give them a psychological reasoning to their behavior. (Hence the brains! Which were Ray’s suggestion 8>) 
  • She’s very short! Her muse form is only 8" tall. 
  • She’s attracted to bright lights, often wandering aimlessly towards them if she’s not snapped out of it. 
  • She hides an extra pair of arms under her jacket in her muse form, and when she’s in Darem- those arms appear upon her human state. (as well as her pointed ears)
  • She’s cautious but extremely level headed, and has a very large tolerance to loud obnoxious individuals (*cough*Vox*cough*)

Ref for Kay! Since she was in need of a new one after I chose some changes for her outfit design. 

  • She is the princess of song in Darem, meaning her voice has ethereal and magical properties. (Such as healing, hypnotizing, etc.)
  • She often tries to stay out of peoples way, and keeps her opinions and thoughts to herself. A constant fear of rocking the boat, coupled with a very abusive upbringing (thanks to Corva) Has made her easily shaken and avoidant towards any sort of conflict. 
  • She suffers from Dextrocardia. This condition makes her heart very weak. Due to this, her physical strength is little to none and therefore she is prone to hiding in any sort of battle.
  • While not very useful in combat, Kay can help on the sidelines with the use of her voice as well as understanding of herbs and various other concoctions. 
  • She has a sister-like role towards Twi, being comforting and kind. Though she doesn’t always understand his complex jargon and techno-babble, she tries her best to provide him with support. 
  • In the story of Teleidoscope, she connects and becomes romantically involved with Max Fanthem (Lizzy’s character).