Dairanger Kaku & Kakuranger?

Hey! If you haven’t been on Amazon in a hot second, the Super Sentai box sets by Shout Factory are on sale. This sale lead me to the realization that Ninja Sentai Kakuranger happens immediately after Gosei Sentai Dairanger…Do the Kakurangers also have Kaku? Hiding in the shadows? I mean, it doesn’t check out. But now regardless of me knowing this, I will be looking for Kaku in the bushes of every episode once we start this season. Also I can’t wait for this season!

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Various Martial Punches/Strikes & Their Principles

Just some observations i’ve made through training. 

Karate: One punch involves both arms. When you punch with one arm you retract (snap) your other arm back to it’s defensive position. It should feel as if your arms are connected to a pulley behind you.

Kenpō / Quan fa: You are to draw out your strength but you also want your arms to be more extended and relaxed. Do not hold yourself back and let your arms fly towards your opponent.

Judo:  A double armed judo chop uses the same physics as a downward sword slash. You are basically challenging the balance of a four sided object. You use your body weight to chop your opponent.

Muay Thai: You must punch with all of your strength. Your object is to punch  through your opponent. Do not relinquish any momentum.

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I got to say this I love seeing all the support that each every one you give to one another its awesome to see  the martial arts community support one another no matter the style . I especially like seeing have we all check up on each other seeing how training goes teaching or just day to day life you guys rock. this is what it means to be a true martial artist caring about the people around you its our passion and drive for the martial arts that makes us family