Nami and I are fighting right now. We’re battling to see who will get to show there titles off for our school’s Animation Festival. WE'RE NEMESIS-ES! So, no better way to duke it out then in SKULL GIRLS style. Nami takes her magical girl form of Sardine Queen, and I transform into my posh self, NEMissIS. 


I went to Denver Comic Con this weekend! It was nice to go hang out with my friends, and even run into some old ones. It’s still a relatively small con (IMO), but I see the beginnings of a worthy Comic Convention.

One of the highlights of going though was answering a trivia question during the judging session of the cosplay contest. I scored myself a pair of Denver Roller Dolls Roller Derby Tickets by answering the question: “Name two of the Robins from the Batman series that were girls.” I was fast on my feet and answered with “STEPHANIE BROWN and Carrie Kelly!” And thanks to following the lovely Gabzilla, I’ve learned a TON about Stephanie Brown and the whole Bat Family. So thanks Gabby! You (and the kind gentleman in front of me) helped me win these tickets!

yumidolly  asked:

For the origami cyclone where did you get the gold trim?

All the gold trim was specially made out of a gold stretch vinyl I bought on when it was being discontinued! So, I can’t point you directly to what I used, but any stretch vinyl would probably be similar. It’s very light-weight and stretches in one direction so it’s good for making custom trim out of!

Thank you! I tried putting the tricky part through my machine, but it was giving me a hard time, so I opted to handsew instead, which was quite painful, hahah.

I used Heat-N-Bond and interfacing to help shiffen the vinyl of the skirt. The Heat-N-Bond in and of itself adds some stiffness, and the thick interfacing helps as well. I had actually planned at first on using craft foam in those parts, but this seemed to work just as well! It’s quite stiff but still folds and moves with the body. The vinyl by itself behaves like a few layers of denim, about, so it definitely needed something to made it more “armor-like” :D

kenon2 answered your questionso… what particular fandom brought you to my art…

Rise of the Guardians, with your Tooth and Pitch love. I stay for most of the fandoms you produce though :)


punkychuu answered your questionso… what particular fandom brought you to my art…

Kevedd u 3 u


swatchbox answered your questionso… what particular fandom brought you to my art…

no fandom, I just enjoy your drawings in general.

captainbasch answered your questionso… what particular fandom brought you to my art…

nothing in particular u v u i just love your style




lilredfawn answered your questionso… what particular fandom brought you to my art…

rotg !

I gotta get back to those babiessss <3

Hey Guys!

This weekend I made a resource tumblr to keep things a bit more organized for myself. I know a lot of you guys are also fellow artist, so there might be some good resources for you as well. I’ve tried to be good about my tagging system, but if not, there is a search bar at the top. 

Hopefully this will help you out in some way!

Rampant Resources

(P.S. I completely promote looking in the “Advice” tag, as it has a great collection of artist handing out advice and taking stances on art pricing.)