Nicki Minaj featuring 2 Chainz, “Beez in the Trap”…

Nicki Minaj chants over a spare, bubble-popping beat by Kenoe on “Beez in the Trap,” the latest track from her upcoming sophomore release. Guest 2 Chainz aka hair weave killer slaps a smile on the affair, rapping about his trousers in double time. The official debut of “Beez” was promised to Power 105.1′s DJ Clue, but Hot 97′s Funkmaster Flex played it first, prompting an amazingly outrageous on-air rant from (FADER #1 cover star!) Flex, and retaliatory ratings shaming from Clue. (Read More and Listen HERE…)


Rick Ross - Pirates (prod. Kenoe)

Crazy…Ross is incredibly consistent and keeps getting better. 



INCOGNITO MAGAZINE is celebrating ten years in the making with this 17th edition of the magazine. A thick, luxurious 68-page special edition is on the menu featuring three trendsetting style wizards:

-The legendary Swedish writer Caster, The French king of abstract graffiti Saeio and the North American machine Begr. Also featured is the photographer Edward Nightingale who delivers a fresh photo special.

Else than that, the sections of trains walls and bombings are packed with more heat than ever before featuring the world’s best writers such as Horfe, Reko, Abyzz, Tomcat19, Oker, Keno and many more!
Music by: Your Planet Is Next
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“Here’s the thing,” he said. “Your mama’s dead. And you’re forty years old. And I have a warrant out for my arrest. And I am addicted to getting tattoos. And our air conditioner’s broke. And you are drunk every day. And all I ever want to do is fight and go swimming. And I am addicted to Keno. And you are just covered in hair. And I’ve never done a load of laundry in my life. And you are still technically married to my drug dealer. And I refuse to eat beets. And you can’t sleep unless you’re sleeping on the floor. And I am addicted to heroin. And honest to God, you got big tits but you make a real shitty muse. And we are in Beaumont, Texas.”

I said, These are minor setbacks on the road to glory.

“And,” Kyle added, “the Dunkin’ Donuts is on fire.”


Amelia Gray - These Are The Fables

(one of my favorite paragraphs in contemporary literature)