HE’S MY BESTFRIEND. BREAK HIS HEART AND I WILL BREAK YOUR GODDAMN FACE. Gets? BTW, HAHAHA. MEET KENNY. Even thoo wala pang 2months since magkakilala kme, i soo love Him na. Odba. May dalawa pkong Beshoo sa Mapua. Sina Ria at Lyka. Soo, sa next posts na sila. Basta ayan si Kennardo. Ang kasama ko sa paghahanap ng Boys sa MIT. Hahaha. Sana blockmates parin kme next term! GOD PLSS! Haha. Ah basta, yun. :“>

#PorchPoetry 024

The morals of my peers
At an All-Time low
Quick to say yes
Because they’re tired of hiring no
Jammed packed in a system
With no room to grow
And no respect for the elders
Like they been here before

But I don’t blame the seed or the gardener
I blame the Gardner’s gardener
See this is generations of problems
From the gardener blaming his father
Past down through his daughter
Who to early became a mother
Who grew roots in a garden
That grows flowers that don’t bother…

To seek the truth.

To busy focused on what it is
Than why or how it got to be this way
Brain washed with lies
So now - they think it really gotta be this way
Unaware of how bright freedom feels
Because their trapped in a dark place
Ashamed to feel and do good
For they have only learned they negative advantages of staying silent
With a dark face

RIP #WillRios
RIP #KennyPerry
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RIP #JosephHilton
RIP #FreedomWriters
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