Off-screen Post #15 : Saturday 1/16/16 5:15 PM

Dear Everyone,

First let me say that I’m in a very safe place. Right now it’s all of you that are in danger. TRENT BOYETT is on the loose and is probably lurking somewhere in town. He attacked me and I barely got away. If you guys aren’t careful, he’ll get you too. He has a knife. You’ll be lucky if you get away with only a cut. Please remember that and be careful. I’ll do what I can and try to get back, but don’t worry about me. Just stay safe and out of Trent’s sight.

- Kenny

KYLE: So… Kenny just stopped by in the middle of the night?
ERIC: Yeah. He left me this but said he had to stay out of sight as much as he could because Trent might be tracking him.

KYLE: … This is his handwriting…
STAN: Shit… if that’s true, what do we do about Trent? It’s been over 2 years since he broke out and the cops still haven’t caught him!

KYLE: We still have to report him. It’ll be a lot easier to catch him if we know for a fact that he’s gonna be in this area.
ERIC: That’s cool, but what’re we gonna do to not get stabbed? Kenny says Trent’s definitely coming after us!
KYLE: Okay… we definitely shouldn’t go anywhere alone. Butters got caught by Trent before that way. And Kenny probably did too considering there weren’t any witnesses. So as long as there’s people around us…
STAN: That’s not gonna work, dude! Remember, this is the same guy that hospitalized a whole gang by himself!
ERIC: We gotta get guns.
KYLE: They’re not gonna let us carry guns at school, dude, are you crazy? That’s just gonna get us in more shit!

ERIC: Like they’re gonna be checking!
KYLE: I’m not gonna get in trouble with my parents because I’ve been carrying around a weapon! They’ll kill me!
STAN: Okay, relax guys! Once we report him… maybe school will tighten up security.
ERIC: Pffuh, right. They’ll care about that as much as they cared about my locker. The school doesn’t give two shits about us, guys.
STAN: Well we have to agree on something! Work with me, here!

BUTTERS: We have to find Kenny.


ERIC: What’re you talking about? We can’t go to Kenny. Kenny said we’ll just end up leading Trent to him that way.
BUTTERS: But what if Kenny’s not safe..? He said he’s been cut, what if he gets an infection..!?
ERIC: Butters, seriously. Kenny’s fine. He said himself he’s in a safe place.
BUTTERS: You know where he is, don’t you? You have to take me to him! I can protect him!
ERIC: … No…

BUTTERS: Don’t lie to me, Eric! You know! You saw him! You gotta know!
KYLE: Butters, relax!
BUTTERS: How can I relax!? My boyfriend’s out there all by himself and I can’t even help him!! You have no idea how I feel!
KYLE: You’re sleep deprived! You need to get some rest before you hurt yourself!
BUTTERS: Please! Tell me where Kenny is! You have to know!

BUTTERS: W-w.. Which way did you see him go?! Before he left?! You have to tell me that at least! I’ll look for him!
STAN: That’s only gonna make you an easier target for Trent, Butters! You’re gonna get yourself killed!
BUTTERS: I’m not scared of that jerk!! Kenny could be dead for all I know! I need to know where he is!!

ERIC: Butters… you have to trust me when I say Kenny’s gonna be okay.  

ERIC: I saw the look on his face when he handed me that letter. He wants to come home. He wants to make it back to all of us and see that we’re safe. Especially you, Butters. He wants to come back to you and be happy. And he will.

ERIC: Kenny’s smart. He knows what he has to do. You have to trust me when I say that.

BUTTERS: …I… I don’t know..
ERIC: It’s okay. Bring it in, dude.


STAN: Wha–.. Butters–!!

ERIC: I had to. He needed a good nap.
KYLE: …You know, you… really sounded like Kenny for a while there, Cartman.
KYLE: … Cartman…?


are you guys thinking what i’m thinking