My Bear (Rough Draft)

My bear is not your average teddy bear.  He is not what I’m sure you’re assuming he is; a stuffed animal with button eyes and a sewn on smile.  No, my bear is much, much different.  For one, my bear is a human.

His eyes are a deep brown, just like his adorable little afro and skin.  His lips are full, and truthfully, when he grins, it’s enough to make the world stop spinning.  When he’s laughing, other people catch it.  He swears like a sailor and isn’t afraid to use the “N” word.  With a bony body anda tiny physique, he is what I like to call utterly “adorkable."  He’s a nutcase, really.  He drives like a maniac, dances like a monkey, and always seems to be screaming or singing something.  His scent – which is a mixture of Usher cologne and Axe body spray – is a comfort to me, simply because it lets me know that he is near.  His hands are soft, and when I hold them in mine, I wish I didn’t ever have to let go. 

However, through all this description, there is one thing that I must leave considered indescribable.  And that is how he make me feel.  Regardless as to what I’ve been through, overcome, or struggled with, at the end of the day, I am content because I know that at least I’ve got him.  I can be ovecome with depression, wishing myself away; but the second I see his face or even hear his voice, all that pain goes away.  It evaporates like snow on a warm spring day. 

We can have endless fun doing absolutely nothing.  Whether we’re paradig around the mall or department stores, our silliness s always at its max.

He is my shoulder to cry on, my best friend, my Kenny Bear.

Kenny is different than most guys.  He’s sensitive, silly, and very, very sweet.  I trust him more than I trust myself.  He somehow seems to be the perfect combination of shy and outgoing.  He doesn’t like to wear socks.  Oftentimes I will notice him taking them off at random. 

We share an inasatiable love for Katy Perry, candy, and each other.  I refuse to believe that we’re just average best friends.  I’m pretty convinced that this kid is my other half.  Just wait ‘til we tke over the world.  Then I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.