He’s like so hnnnnnggggggghhh

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Like heeeeeeeeeee

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But now it’s just like

It’s like he went from

“Your daughter calls me daddy too”


“Your daughter calls me daddy your son calls me daddy your wife calls me daddy and you better fucking call me daddy too”


D&D 5e Monk Inspiration: Wrestling!

Tired of constantly saying “I punch him” or “I kick him” when playing as a Monk? Want to spice up your unarmed strikes to truly live out your ass-kicking fantasies? Professional wrestling’s got you covered!

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“I launch him into the air and hit him with an uppercut on the way down!”

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“I jump up over his bent-over body and stomp his head right into the ground!”

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“I leap into the air and drive both of my feet into his chest!”

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“I sprint towards him and knee him right in the temple!”

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“I slap the soul out of him; literally!”

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“I grab him by the wrist, pull him towards me and take his head off with a lariat!”

And much, much more!