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Jax Teller x Reader

My first attempt at a SOA imagine. Please bare with me.


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Jax Teller was outside Opie’s kids school ready to have Donna and the kids follow him back to the club for lockdown. Opie being behind bars left Donna to deal with the kids on her own and he tried to help her with as much as possible. Even when it meant pissing her off. Better him than Clay show up though. Having to go on lockdown because of the Mexican’s meant making sure family of the club was safe and even though Donna wouldn’t be happy about it they would be staying there at least through the weekend. Leaning back against her truck he crossed his arms across his chest. He felt the stares of the soccer mom’s and their glare of the dad’s as he stood there. There may be respect for SAMCRO but the town folk were still weary of them.

He watched the kids walk out of the building followed by Donna and a gorgeous woman. Her curves called to him, her smile, fuck, it blinded him and he couldn’t help but stare. Taking off his glasses he stood up straight and roamed his gaze over her. “Damn,” he muttered under his breath as the women and kids approached.

“Thank you for helping her through this Y/N. They’re going through a lot with my husband being locked up,” he heard Donna tell her as the kids yelled out “uncle Jax!” and ran over to him with huge smiles on their faces. Smiles that didn’t reach their eyes anymore and were a rarity if he was honest with himself. He knew that Opie was almost done with his time but it felt like an eternity as he watched the kids lose their spark. Their conversation ended since they came upon him and he could only give them a smirk.

“Donna, you going to introduce us?”

When you got to talking to Donna after school and during parent teacher conferences, you didn’t imagine starting off one of the most sincere friendships you’ve made since moving to Charming 6 months ago. Probably ever if you were honest with yourself. You needed to get away from your controlling family and a small town gave you that out. Now as you walk out of the school with her and the kids, after little Ellie had beat up one of the boys who was bullying her little brother, you couldn’t help but want to protect them. You wanted to be there for them since no one had been there for you growing up when your father wasn’t around.

You knew Donna’s husband was one of the motorcycle clubs patched member. You knew what that meant for her and the kids but to see one of them leaning up against her truck made it more real for you. It didn’t scare you off, instead it made you more determined to help Donna get through her own fear. You had cousins in that life style, you didn’t just get to leave. Especially not from this club it seemed after hearing a few things from other teachers. There were mixed feelings about the club it seemed but protection for the small town was bigger than anything else. There weren’t no mixed feelings about the biker in front of you though, he was one handsome man.

“Jax, this is (Y/N). Ellie’s teacher. Y/N this is Jax Teller. Opie’s best friend,” she told you as you extended your arm out with a smile.

“Nice to meet you,” you tell him then bite your lip as you feel a shock go through your body once his hand engulfs yours.

“Pleasure’s all mine darlin’,” he tells you as his gaze connects with yours. Taking a deep breath you pull your hand out of his grip then move over to the truck.

“Ellie, I’m sorry about what Elliott said to Kenny about your dad. You know he is a good man and that he loves you right? Don’t let someone beat you with words to get you to lower yourself to their level. You’re better than that,” you tell her as she smiles and nods.

“I won’t do it again Ms. Y/L/N,” she whispers making your smile widen. You see Donna whispering to Jax who openly laughs and winks over at Ellie as you walk back over to them. “That’s my girl.” You shake your head and smile because you’re glad that Ellie put that little jackass in his place.

“Let me guess, you taught her that mean right hook she has going?” you tease as you come and join the adults. He smiles, amusement dancing in his eyes as he turned to look at your new friend.

“That was me,” Donna said sheepishly. You laugh right alongside Jax and look over at the kids who have a honest smile on their face and back to them again.

“Mr. Teller, it was a pleasure meeting you. Donna, let me bring over a bottle of wine this weekend? I’ll help the kids with homework and you can let me vent to you about what other nonsense is happening at school,” you tell her as you hug her.

“Sweetheart, you can call me Jax,” the handsome man tells you with that smile that would make you melt if you were a weaker woman. You try to pride yourself in your self-restraint but this man could make you break. Instead you raise your eyebrow at him and give him a small smile of your own. Donna grabs your hand and gives it a soft squeeze. She tells you she’ll give you a call about the weekend plans and you turn around to go.

“No Jax, she does not need to be getting involved with the club. She has lots of baggage anyways. Plus… you have your hands full with all the croweaters that fill your clubhouse.” Donna tells Jax as he still stares after Y/N.

“I didn’t say a thing sweetheart,” he teases as a smile lights up his face. 

“I’ve seen that look on your face a few times Teller, you don’t fool me,” she tells you as she moves to get behind the wheel. 

“You can hate me for her later, right now you and the kids should come stay with us since we’re under lockdown. Just trying to keep you safe. For Opie.” 

It always gets her and this time was no different. Once the Winston family was safe inside the club house he went to give Donna a beer after dinner that night. 

“So, is Y/N dating anyone Donna?” he asked her with a shit eating grin on his face. 

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Mr. Dad (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: None. Cutesy, fluffy baby fic.
A/N:  I couldn’t help myself, tried to be as true to what I think Kenny would be like taking care of a babe. And special thanks to @rubyriots for fueling my headcanons      Tagged; @straightfireglow @baroncorn @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1300 words

A day with baby.

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The Matchmakers

Requested by @cherieann-2001 :Opie story where I work at the school and take Kenny and Ellie under my wing after Donna dies. I help take care of them and they try to set me and their dad up on a date. Happy ending please

AN: I’m sorry about how long this is…..who am I kidding! I have no remorse!

It had been a long exhausting week, I was so glad it was Friday. I get through today, then it was spring break. Not that I had any plans, but I could sleep late and relax.

I sat at my desk with my cup of coffee, gathering my thoughts before the school day started. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath in, and then releasing it, the sounds of children playing outside filling my ears.

There was a quiet knock on my door, I opened my eyes slowly. Smiling when I saw the Winston children standing there. “Ms. (Y/L/N)?” Ellie asked quietly.

“What’s up guys?” I had been Ellie’s teacher last year, and after her mom was killed earlier this year, she and Kenny had latched on to me as a mother figure. 

My heart went out to the both of them, so I didn’t push them away. I knew they’d had a hell of a time, and needed all the love they could get. “Dad, didn’t give us any lunch money….”

“Come on in, let’s get you guys some lunch packed. If you haven’t had breakfast, you know where I keep the breakfast foods.” Their dad needed a wake up call, I knew he was having a tough time adjusting to being a single parent, but this was ridiculous.

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The Bachelorette Week Nine aka Men Tell All The Things We’re No Longer Interested In

Here’s What Happened Monday

  • For those of you who don’t know, The Bachelor franchise does this cute little shtick called the Men Tell All where, in lieu of a real episode, they bring back all the season’s rejected contestants to rehash old grudges and remind people why they’re interesting before they all go on Bachelor In Paradise. Yawn.
  • Chris Harrison promises an unforgettable (but likely very forgettable) night of drama for which they considered beefing up security, but didn’t. To kick off said drama, we are treated with ten minutes of filler from past Men-Tell-All’s starring men I’ve never heard of nor cared about in my life.
  • After the commercial break we are reintroduced to Rachel’s former men again. There are a few new hairstyles (and hairplugs… Matt), but most things are the same. Diggy adjusts his bowtie, Whaboom guy does his thing, Blake is still sadly only an “aspiring” drummer, and Dean just sits there being young and beautiful.
  • DeMario, sad clown, guy accused of sexually assaulting a fellow castmate on Bachelor In Paradise, tries to regain his dignity by claiming that the girlfriend who got him eliminated from The Bachelorette was merely a sidechick. Classy. Some dude named Jamey accuses him of hurting oh so many people, a point lost while everyone thought, “who the hell is this guy?”

Kenny The Dad and Your Racist Uncle Lee

  • Of course we have to deal with the Lee/Kenny drama again, which we were all happy to leave in the past as this season’s major racism-for-kicks embarrassment. All the men take the side of good guy Kenny, except DeMario who defends his fellow villain.
  • After making Kenny out to be the best man and father ever (including a surprise appearance by his adorable daughter, who Kenny either knew was coming or was kidnapped and brought to set), Lee offers a shallow apology for being a douche. No one is having it though – not even Chris Harrison, who fans the flames by bringing up Lee’s old tweet comparing the NAACP to the KKK. Lee painstakingly acknowledges that his tweet (and maybe some of his behavior) was racist and apologizes. The other men accept and vow to try to rehabilitate his racist ass.
  • But seriously, the winners? Anthony, Josiah, Kenny, and all the guys who challenged systemic racism on national television. Slow clap.

Dean The Real Boy

  • Chris Harrison invites Dean onstage, strokes his velvet camo tux jacket, and mutters “everybody loves some Dean.” We get to watch the Dean highlight reel: the weird “once I go black I’ll never go back” line, the weird sandbox thing, the weird dad thing, his swift dumping. What a legacy.
  • Dean looks older to me, a little more comfortable in his skin, a little fuller in the face, a little stupider in the hair. He reveals that he’ll be on Bachelor In Paradise, which is great because he’ll finally be close in age to some of his fellow contestants. (Nick’s rejected 23-year-olds, I’m looking at you.)
  • Rachel comes out, Dean asks her why she told him she loved him before kicking him off, she says she did love him, he says “k”, they hug and then it’s blessedly over.

Lee Again, Seriously

  • Rachel says, “I’ve watched the tapes now so fuck you, Lee,” and then it’s blessedly over.

Adam, For Some Reason, So By Default Also Matt

  • Rachel tells America they didn’t get to see the good stuff with these two, but we still don’t care.

F*ckin FRED Oh My God What A Waste

  • Fred is still hurt (AS AM I) that Rachel couldn’t grow up and let him be the beautiful hunk of man that he is and was and always will be.


  • For me, this is easily the most interesting part of the show, for it gives us a tiny glimpse into the untouched world behind the scenes of The Bachelorette. Things break. People fall. Dean sticks a nasty wad of gum behind his ear for his confessional, full-on Violet Beauregarde style. Dead Eric looks even more corpsely as the fake light taped to the ceiling above him falls. It is all so eadearingly real, which all the more reminds us that it’s all so unsettlingly fake.

Next Week

  • Next week we finally get to see the finale. Will Rachel pick the sleaze, the noncommit, or the dead man?

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Kenny Omega as a dad??

Kenny Omega as a dad would include;

-He would be the gentlest Dad ever he’ll be terrified that he’ll hurt the Baby

-But with help of the Bucks he soon gets over that

-As the child grows older he’ll start to introduce them to video games and wrestling

-“Kenny it’s an 18….He’s 1”

-Trying to set the child up with one of the Bucks kids

-“We need them to end up together to keep the wrestling blood line strong”