kenny the pirate



You’re never too old for Spongebob. This is fact.

This painting took me about 6 hours, & I used acrylic paint on an 8"x10" canvas.

Do you notice how Harry Hook’s eyeliner still stays on even after he jumps overboard, like it’s not messed up at all. Like dang, that boy’s eyeliner game is HELLA STRONG.
  • South Park season 2: stan, kyle, kenny and cartman try to figure out how to scare the fifth graders
  • South Park season 18: stan, kyle, kenny and cartman start a multimillion dollar Startup company, piss off all their friends, dismantle the transmisogynistic structure in their school, stan's dad is lorde, cartman faces off pewdiepie, gluten is eradicated

Episode: “Truth or Square,” Season 6, Episode 123-124

Reference: “Steamboat Willie,” 1928 animated short film by Walt Disney

This episode celebrates the eleventy-seventh anniversary of the Krusty Krab. It’s an hour special full of flashbacks, pop culture references and guest stars. In this scene, Patchy the Pirate (played by Tom Kenny) is watching a clip from his collection titled “Patchy the Pirate’s World of Rare and Rejected Spongebob Clips.” He adds, “Back then, cartoons were called flickerin’ funnies!”