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I Miss You (Kenny Omega / Marty Scurll imagine)

“Can you do an imagine with Kenny Omega and Marty Scurll, where the girl is now dating Marty but still loves Kenny? Please, sorry if it is so much work for you… I’m embarrassed to ask.” Sweetie, it’s okay to ask me to write your requests. Anybody can request anything and I’ll write it. I’m sorry, I kind of fell off the original ask, so I hope this is okay. By the way, this is heavily inspired by I Miss You by Blink 182, oops.

Warnings: sadness, cursing,

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“I can’t do this anymore,Kenny!” I shouted, stuffing my clothes into my suitcase as my now ex boyfriend begun to blubber out apologies, begging me to hear him out. However, his words fell short to my ears and I continued to pack. I was tired of the lies.

“Please, kitten, you don’t understand. Please, please, don’t leave me, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, don’t go!” Kenny begged, following me out the door. I shook my head and turned to face him then cried out, “I just don’t get it! I loved you with everything that I had in me and you’re just throwing it all away!”

“No, no, no, baby, please, you don’t understand!” he sobbed, falling to his knees. I wiped the tears away from my cheeks then weeped, “I can’t keep doing this anymore, Kenny! I’m so sorry.”

“No! Please,please, please, don’t go!“

Those was the last words I heard from him. Eventually, it got easier to avoid him. Changing my flights, taking rides with anyone non-Bullet Club related, and even making sure my matches was as far away from his as possible. It wasn’t easy, but nothing about this entire heartbreak was. But no one really saw the truth behind my eyes or his actually.

Eventually, I had grown out of my heartbreak for the most part and started talking to the people I cut ties with, such as the twins known as the Young Bucks, Tama Tonga, and even the newest addition, Marty Scurll.

“Y/N, can I ask you a question?” Marty asked, holding my hand. I took a deep breath, slightly afraid of what he was going to ask, and I happened to look over at Kenny at the same exact moment when he looked, his steel blue eyes trained on us, then I nodded slowly.

Marty smiled and asked,“Would you like ta go out wit me sometime?” The question was a mind boggle and one that I definitely wasn’t expecting. But I couldn’t turn him down.

I took a deep breath and nodded then answered,“Absolutely,Marty,I’d love to go out with you sometime!” He beamed at me then kissed my cheek meekly and turned away to get ready for his match.

As I settled down at the table with the Bucks and Tama, I noticed just out of my peripheral vision that Kenny stood and hung his head as he walked away and I could’ve sworn that his eyes was trained on me the entire time. I looked up then caught Matt shake his head briefly at Nick, so I shifted and asked,“What?”

Tama and Matt shared a look then shot a glare to Nick that read,“Don’t fucking say anything, you idiot.” but Nick had different plans

“Did you ever fucking ask him why he was constantly on his phone? Why he was so distant?” he demanded, slamming his fists on the table. I stuttered out an incoherent response and he shook his head then spat,“Of fucking course not. Because you automatically assumed the worst of him. I can’t believe you. You was only concerned about your heart and didn’t think twice about his heart.”

At that, he stood up and walked away, shoulders heaving with heavy breaths. I opened my mouth then closed it, no protests or arguments to protect myself coming to mind, before I walked away, wiping the tears from my cheeks. I can’t cry again.

The date with Marty went great but something was holding back from fully enjoying myself. And deep down in my heart, I knew the exact reason why I couldn’t and that reason was a six foot tall, two hundred and three pound man that had hair like an English Sheepdog.

We had a couple more dates with one another before Marty asked if we could make it official that we was dating.

“I-I,Marty…” I trailed off, not sure how to continue. He smiled, a sad one, before he nodded and murmured,“It’s okay. I kinda figured ya weren’t ready.” I groaned inside my head and shook my head then declared,“It’s not that, Marty. It’s just… Do you think you can give me a little more time?”

“For ya, I have all da time in da world.” he answered before he turned in the opposite direction, heading for his room. I swallowed the lump in my throat and shook my head, dazed, then made my way to the elevator, completely oblivious to who and what was around me. Which is why I ran into somebody.

I squeaked in surprise and stumbled backwards, already starting to fall, but the person grabbed my wrist and yanked me into them. My hands molded into their shoulders and my cheeks burned ruby when I took notice of the curves that I was all too familiar with. I timidly raised my head to meet his eyes then sunk my teeth into my bottom lip when I saw him lick his lips. The urge to kiss him rushed through my veins and I didn’t think about moving away from him. Hell, I think I moved closer to him actually.

“We need to talk.” His voice still managed to make me quiver and I clenched my thighs together in response, praying to fucking God that he didn’t notice. He did.

His eyes dilated then he informed me,“You’re coming up to my room with me and we’re going to have a nice talk.” I nodded and trusted my voice enough to speak. That was a mistake. My simple, “Okay.” came out as a squeak.

His lips twitched into a smirk and I felt my pussy tighten at the sight before I shuffled into the elevator behind him,his fingers running down my arm in a simple motion. I attempted not to shiver but I failed as usual. His touch was still electric to me, damn him.

We entered his suite and he waved his hand towards the bed then offered, “Sit.” I claimed the space on the end of the soft memory foam bed then he turned and started to explain everything to me.

“The night that you left me, I had plans. It was going to be the best fucking night I had set up. But then, you came home and you was fucking crying and so hurt. I didn’t know what I did, but I wanted to fix it. Hell, you refused to look in the kitchen, which is where my surprise was.” I frowned at his words but allowed him to continue nonetheless.

“I was going to propose that night. But you didn’t even give me a chance. The reason why I was so distracted is because I was trying to make sure that you didn’t find out about the ring. Nick and Marty was helping me. Part of the reason why Marty asked you out on the dates is to see how you felt about me. But he also has a crush on you, so yeah.” he muttered, tears in his eyes.

I choked out a sob then crushed him into a hug, my tears staining his shirt, as he wrapped me in his arms.

“God, Nick was right. I was so worried about my own heart that I didn’t even think about yours. I’m so fucking sorry, Kenny, please forgive me.” I weeped, gripping his side and hip. He nodded against my head then murmured,“Of course, kitten. Anything for you.”

“Do you still have the ring?” I muttered, nuzzling his neck. He pulled away and nodded before I insisted,“Do it. Propose, if you want. Please, give me a second chance.” He smiled and sunk down on one knee then pulled out a small velvet box before flipping the lid open.

It was some what of a simple ring, diamonds lining half the band with a larger diamond in the center, but it was beautiful all the way around.

Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry my idiot ass for the rest of eternity?“ Kenny asked, offering the ring up to me. I nodded eagerly then chanted, "Yes, yes,yes! A thousand times yes!”

He grinned and leapt to his feet then crushed me into a hug, kissing me several times over. God, I missed him.

Noct and Prompto are ready to die greet Gladio for his birthday by making it Kenny the Crow themed. Ignis will probably be spared.

the tablet should be taken away from me when I’m running in barely no sleep. is2fg. 

Just some random thoughts and theories about Ackerman Clan.

We do learn from Granda Ackerman that Ackermans used to be a close family to the royals, just like East Sea Clan. What made them different was that they were the shield and the sword of Royal Family. At Chapter 93, we also learn that they are a myth only royal family knows. 

At dark ages, Eldia Empire enslaved Marleyans and so told tried to etchnically erased them over 1700 years, of course as Kruger said so logically, this makes no sense.

What if like Eldians were trying to make humans more titan-like, what if they were making experiments on Marleyans like Titan Chemistry Research Society is doing on Eldians recently? And the conclusion of those experiments are Ackerman Clan? 

We don’t know much about Dark Ages where Eldia Empire ruled, what we do know is not reliable and changed by many people many times. But R.I.P Eldia Empire and Marley Empire are more alike than any Marley would be able to acknowledge.

Eldia defeated Ancient Marley Empire, relied too much on Titan powers and got defeated by Marley thanks to their super power human brain a hundred years ago.

And now, Marley is cornered at a close situation. They relied too much on Titan power that Mid-East Empire was nearly defeating them with their super power aka developed tech and they also know if they do not stop relying on Titan Power, they are done for.

It is really like a wheel that keeps turning endlessly, one time Marley is at top, one time Eldia.

If those who are at the top of it really did and are crush the ones at bottom, this would be just another piece to show how similar they actually are.

So what I am saying here is what if Ackermans actually Marleyans that somehow got injected with Titan powers? That would explain a lot. That would explain why King Fritz can’t control them even though they are not Eldians yet how monstrously strong they are even though they are humans. Not Marley, not Eldian, something in between. Outcasts that can’t be controlled other than one thing.

Their lieges.

I wonder if the actual reason Ackermans have lieges is to keep them under control. They can reach the great power that lies within them only if they choose a liege they are going to serve under. They gain a great control over their body and mind in order to be under control of that one person.

For a long amount of time, these people were chosen from royal family. After Ackermans rebelled to King with East Sea Clan, they also gained the freedom to choose their own liege yet they still are the slaves of their great strength and their lieges thanks to blood running through their veins. Yet again, they still have free will and they still can make individual choices. Maybe, the hanged Ackerman chose to give up on his life and the status Ackermans have within royals and chose to rebelled to gain this freedom. Even if it is just a little bit.

It would be fitting to learn that Ackermans are some kind of genetically changed Eldian - Marley hybrid instead of super mysterious magical winged ninth titan.

Just my two cents.

a week ago or so I felt incredibly nostalgic so I doodled my favorite SP boy - remember when I doodled nothing but SP and especially Tweek??

Aaaah… fun times. I wasn’t necessarily a good person back then but that doesn’t mean the memories are bad haha

(background is from Parse I, Check Please year 2, by Ngozi)

yeaaaah I had to draw this.

From an universe where Kent Parson is Kate Parson, Katie instead of Kenny. Still best scorer ever, but so mad that she can’t compete on the NHL. Still Jack’s ex-friend and ex-on-again-off-again girlfriend, but it was an out affair, the media loved their hockey sweethearts. She liked Jack but hated being called Jack’s Zimmermann’s girlfriend. They played beautiful coop hockey and had huge shouting matches. As the draft approached she resented Jack more and more because she couldn’t play in the NHL, they had the biggest row ever and stopped talking for months. (She still hates herself for not being there when Jack started taking more and more pills. But it was bound to happen- no matter what Parson does in whatever universe, Jack overdoses). 

Not everything is tragic in this AU. Becaute Kate’s cat is named Kat Parson. 

‘…you named your cat… Cat?’

‘KAT. With a K.’

technical stuff: I drew over real Kent, and kept the background as is because I wanted to have the same scene. I picked Ngozi’s colors (how DOES she do that- those colors are not supposed to work together wth) and I learned a lot just by doing that.

Also, Kate leaves the EpicKegster with Lardo’s number.