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“The East Village …was just exploding. All kinds of new things were starting. In music, it was the punk and new wave scenes. There was a migration of artists from all over America to New York. It was completely wild. And we controlled it ourselves.” - Keith Haring 

(Rolling Stone Magazine, 1989)

Artists in New York City pictured April 23, 1985 at Mr. Chow restaurant from top left: Michael Heizer, David Hockney, Leroy Nieman, Dennis Oppenheim, Stefano, Bill Wegman, John Chamberlain, Andy Warhol, Julian Schnabel, Armand Arman, Alex Katz, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Tony Shafrazi, Red Grooms, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, Robert MappleThorpe, Ronnie Cutrone, Sandro Chia. Plus: Nam June Paik, Jennifer Barlett, Jack Goldstein, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Les Levine, Sol Lewitt, Marisol, Peter Max, Meredith Monk, Larry Rivers, Survival Research Labs (Mark Pauline, Mat Heckert, Eric Berner), Mark van den Broek, Tom Wesselman and Greer Langton.


Weed lovers/worshipers now have a church to call home, and naturally … it’s in Denver, and of course … it’s opening April 20.

Elevation Ministries – a Colorado-based religious org – announced the launch of the International Church of Cannabis, which will be a “spiritual home to adults who seek to become the best version of themselves” … with bud.

Congregation members calls themselves Elevationists, and their mission statement sounds right on point: deepening and accelerating one’s spiritual journey of self-discovery. Again, with bud.

One more nug … the chapel is 113 years old and was recently renovated with paintwork from Kenny Scharf – who’s featured at the Guggenheim. So, it’s a classy joint, if you will.

2 Chainz is reportedly performing at the opening. Let the choir sing … Puff, puff, pass. Amen.