my official descendants hcs that are all actually confirmed by kenny ortega himself

carlos: bi trans girl
jay: bi trans boy
doug: gay
evie: trans lesbian
mal: nb lesbian
lonnie: lesbian
jane: nb and bi
uma: lesbian
gil: gay
harry: also gay
dizzy: trans girl
ben: gay trans boy
audrey: lesbian
chad: cishet


The same things.
High School Musical (2005-2007)
Descendants (2015-2017)

I love every project made by Kenny Ortega.
He is an amazing director, and an extraordinary choreographer.

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It’s. Freaking. 2017. I don’t know why Disney is still so afraid to bring LGBT content to their channel.
You can’t deny the way Mal and Evie looks at each other is so pure and beautiful. They are so in love. And so they deserve to be canon. So if there’s a Descendants 3, Kenny Ortega better let them be endgame or i’ll fight. Also, Carlos is gay.