kenny mitchell

every cast interview ever
  • dove: says something really clever followed by an inhumanly cute giggle. very detailed answers and gets super excited about the movie.
  • sofia: sits there looking gorgeous and says something really sweet in a warm tone. probably complements the interviewer.
  • booboo: shys away from the conversation, does a lot of nervous laughing. tiny. cute. smirks. actual puppy.
  • cameron: very very sarcastic, probably the funniest one there. looks beautiful and knows it. dramatic facial expressions.
  • mitch: has the cutest accent ever. lots of laughter. puts everyone at ease. makes u want to have a sleepover at his house where he braids ur hair and sings u hannah montana songs.
  • kenny: cryptic answers. gets almost as excited as dove does. Actual Proud Parent™.
Descendants set it off programing

So tonight Disney is releasing it’s ‘Set it off’ behind the scenes program, over the movie. 'Descendants’.

Is it bad I’m only watching for….

1) Extra Ben x Carlos footage

2) Potential Ben x Carlos news

3) Cameron Boyce’s face

4) Mitchel hope

5) THE stars of the movie laughing together in their costumes so that I can pretend my 'descendants’ fantasies are real.

6) Sofia Carson talking

7) Pranks on Kenny

( a.k.a payback for not pairing Ben with Carlos )

8) Cameron Boyce again because he’s Carlos

Am I a bad person?


Descendants looks like it could be okay.”

Several months later…

“This is amazing, and I need to watch it ten thousand more times and buy the book, and I need the animated shorts and also a sequel as soon as possible please.”