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Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Kenny Mellman
April 2010 - JOES PUB NYC

I don’t want to come back to facebook. I only re-activated it for two reasons…..but I really want to share this with you dudes. Tonight, my sister Tracy and I met Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, Kenny, Sarah, and Alison Wolfe of Bratmobile. I can’t really seem to describe how I feel about it because it was so incredibly overwhelming. I can’t seem to cry about something so positive, emotional, and overwhelming right now. As you all know…Bikini Kill have influenced my life in so many ways. Anyway…Tracy and me hit up the Julie Ruin show tonight. We got there, had some coffee, got in line, and made our way up to the front of the venue. Well….through out the show…I was having conversations/awesomeness with Kathleen and Kenny. I mean it was fucken awesome. It all started when Kathleen was talking about her outfit and how it was “work/interview job friendly” and I had said something like “HEY! I would totally hire you!” and she was like “REALLY? WHAT DO YOU DO!?”….and I just stood there and quietly said “out of work recovery counselor” and Kenny said something to her on stage. the entire night was awesome. Kenny and I were singing and pointing to each other and I was all smiles and personalities plus. Kathleen was talking in between songs and said something like “Yeah I’m a co-dependent” and we made eye contact and I raised my hand and mumbled “So am I!! I go to meetings!!” and she was like “ME TOO!!”….ALSDKFJKDJ!!!!! So the show was amazing. amazing. Tracy and I stayed around after the show to see if we could get some pictures and sure enough we did. I got a picture with Kathi Wilcox!!!! and she was so cool and laid back! We were walking around looking for kathleen and we ended up going outside because the staff at the echo kicked everyone out. So Tracy and I were hanging out in the parking lot and we see Kenny. Kenny and I made eye contact and he was like “It was so much fun seeing your beautiful smile out in the crowd” I gushed. My heart fluttered. We hi-fived and talked. Kenny, Tracy, and were standing around talking about the band, NYC, and my upcoming trip to NYC, and we talked more about that, his parents, etc. It was amazing. We took a few pictures! We were still waiting on Kathleen. We were sitting around with 3 other people. So kathleen comes out and she’s going out towards the van…and Kenny is behind us and he’s like “Hey did you guys meet Kathleen?” and tracy and I were like “NO..we haven’t. We don’t want to bombard her”… Kenny was like “Oh that’s it…i’m taking you to her!”….OMFG! OMFG!! we were freaking out so bad….so Kenny walks us to the van and he’s like “Hey kathleen..I want to introduce you to two awesome girls!”….she turns around with all smiles and is like “HEY!!! Gimme a minute! i’m going to talk to these people over here”…..So after Kathleen is done SHE COMES OVER TO US AND HUGS THE SHIT OUT OF US! WE HAD A MINI PHOTO SHOOT/BANTER MOMENT WITH KATHLEEN!! It was awesome. god it was so freaking awesome. She autographed my journal…and we talked for a few…everybody was so amazing and friendly. I dont really know what’s happening right now but pictures soon. This is what happened. Tracy, if I forgot anything…please include it. I’m going to bed hahah


First Listen: The Julie Ruin, 'Run Fast' : NPR

The Julie Ruin returns Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre) to her rightful place leading a noisy bunch of smart pleasure-seekers. Singing about sickness and recovery, dumb nightlife and life-changing community, Hanna helps listeners better understand punk’s past and future.

Yay! Excited for you all to hear! :)

Joe's Pub: The Co-Creating Venue

Joe’s Pub is quietly becoming an incubator/collective for new music.  Our Hit Parade which was a monthly show that ended in December of last year has spawned new projects from the people involved. Kathleen Hanna’s new group, The Julie Ruin features Kenny Mellman and Carmine Corvelli and now Ad Rock contributed to Young Jean Lee’s new album.

via Spin:

On August 6, acclaimed playwright Young Jean Lee will release We’re Gonna Die, the debut album from her band Future Wife. The upcoming LP is based on a cycle of songs and monologues that revolve around failure, misery, disease, and (of course) death. Lee originally debuted the material onstage at Joe’s Pub in New York City; the production earned her an OBIE Award and eventually moved to LCT3’s Claire Tow Theater at Lincoln Center. Now, Future Wife have reimagined the show as a full-length, one that boasts appearances by Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, Kathleen Hanna, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Colin Stetson, Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld, and more. The opening track, “Uncle John,” features Ad-Rock reading a devastating anecdote.


OUR HIT PARADE - Kenny Mellman - Glory of Love - Peter Cetera Cover 80s summerjams (by OurHitParade)


kiki & Herb : Reloaded teaser (by mrbrendankennedy)


You guys The Julie Ruin are on Fallon :) Happy Anniversary Kenny!

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