kenny mccartney

Sgt Pepper Promo Party

Kenny Everett, Where It’s At, 19 May 1967   

PAUL: “This is Paul McCartney saying ‘This is where Chris Denning’s at.’ This is where it’s at, Chris. Take it!”

JOHN: "We’re sitting in the hushed semi-circular theatre, and waiting for the Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to come on. (suddenly louder, excitedly) And here they come now playing the first number, ah let’s go! (pauses, then to Kenny) Alright? I can’t do it for 'em all or I’ll be dizzy.“

(Songs heard: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “With A Little Help From My Friends”)

KENNY: "Well, by George, in the studio we have old Ringo Starr of The Beatles fame. Ringo, what have you been doing since I last saw you in America a year ago?”

RINGO: “Umm, very much.”

KENNY: (mock-disbelief) “Really?”

RINGO: (laughs) “Uhh, well, I went on holiday… We made an LP… We’ve made a few more tracks, so we’ve been busy.”

KENNY: “What do you think of this new LP? It’s a bit strange compared to the others. Would you term it 'Psycho-Deeelic’?”

RINGO: “Only if you want to think of it as psycho-deeelic.”

JOHN: “Now we’d like to play you one. It’s a sad little song. (pause) Where’s it gone?”

PAUL: (giggles)

JOHN: “Oh, this is it, yeah. Picture yourself on an old-fashioned elephant. Lucy in the sky for everyone, now.”

(Songs heard: “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “Fixing A Hole”)

KENNY: (regarding the effects used in the studio) “How long would you say… you got into technical details like phasing?”

JOHN: (excitedly) “Oh, phasing is GREAT!”

PAUL: “Double-flanging.”

JOHN: “Double-flanging, we call it. Now there you go, right? We’re on the same thing. Flanging is great. We’re always doing it.”

KENNY: “You used it on 'Lucy In The Sky’…”

JOHN: (giggling) “You name the one it isn’t on! You know, you name it!”

PAUL: (laughing)

JOHN: (giggling) “You spot it, you get a prize! You get a Sgt. Pepper badge!”

KENNY: (jokingly) “I’ll pick a moustache.”

(Songs heard: “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite”, “When I’m Sixty-Four”)

KENNY: “How many takes did you usually do on this album before you got the perfect take?”

PAUL: “We did quite a few on each one. But, uhh, it’s just 'cuz it’s changed, you know. In the old days of the LP Please Please Me, we went in and did it in a day, 'cuz we knew all the numbers and we’d rehearsed them and done 'em. We’d been playing them for about a year. But nowadays we just take a song in, and all we’ve got is the chords on the guitar, and the words and the tune. So we’ve got to work out how to arrange it, and that. So we do a lot of takes on each one.”

(Songs heard: “She’s Leaving Home”, “Lovely Rita”)

KENNY: “Do you like to have a lot of people in the studio when you’re recording, or do you like to do it completely alone?”

PAUL: “It doesn’t matter. We had a lot of people on some of the tracks, and sometimes we use 'em, you know, and ask them to clap, and that. Depends if it’s good people who don’t hassle anyone and don’t try and mess the session up. Then it’s great, you know, 'cuz it’s good company.”

KENNY: “I hear you had the Rolling Stones in this session.”

PAUL: “They came down 'cuz we had a lot of people there, you know, 'cuz it was a big session and we wanted to make a happening happen. (giggles) And it happened.”

(Songs heard: “Sgt. Pepper (Reprise)”, “Getting Better”, “Good Morning Good Morning”)

Magcon preferences-songs that you remember him

Aaron: Kiss me Kiss me -5 seconds of summer : Close your eyes you’ll be mine and it’s alright.Take a breath no rest till the sunrise.Heartbeat so sweet, when your lips touch mine.

Carter- as long as you love me:
As long as you love me
We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke
As long as you love me
I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold
As long as you love, love me, love me

Cameron: shower -Becky G :
Whenever you’re around
I always seem to smile
And people ask me how
Well you’re the reason why
I’m dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower

Hayes: all I ever need - Austin mahone :
You don’t understand how much you really mean to me
I need you in my life, you’re my necessity.
But believe me
You’re everything that just makes my world complete
And my love is clear
You’re the only thing that I’ll ever see
You’re all I ever need
Baby, you’re amazing

Jack J: call it whatever-Bella Thorne :
Our love needs no name
We got a thing we can’t explain
Don’t care what people say, let’s call it
Whatever Whatever
You, me, got everything
No I don’t need a diamond ring
Don’t care what people say, let’s call it
Whatever Whatever
Whatever Whatever Whatever Whatever Whatever
Whatever We Want

Jack G : replay- zendaya:
I wanna put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go
E-E-Everywhere I go, play you everywhere I go
Put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go
E-E-Everywhere I go, play you everywhere I go

Nash: Classic-MKTO:
You’re over my head, I’m out of my mind
Thinking I was born in the wrong time
One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic
Baby, you’re so classic (yea yea)

Matt: crazy 4 u-R5:
You got my heart beat pumping and it’s going insane
You got me jumping out of aeroplanes
And that’s why-y-hy-hy-hy
I’m crazy it’s true (Hey!) crazy for you

Shawn: electrified-Megan Nicole :
Hey hey, you got me spinning
Hey hey, you got me going crazy
And I’m feeling so electrified
Hey hey, you got me burning
Hey hey, you got me falling baby

Taylor: finally found you -Enrique inglesias: Either you’re coming with me, or I’m coming with you
Cause I finally found, I finally found you
You’ll never have to worry if what I say is true
Girl I been looking for you
And when I saw you I knew
That I finally found, I finally found you

Dillon: enchanted-Taylor swift:
And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you
This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

Sammy: Magic -Tiffany alvord :
You make me feel like magic…
Yeah you make me feel like magic
When I’m with you
Don’t you know we got this magic…
Yeah you know I got this magic
When I’m with you
In a flash you come and go you disappear
You call me up saying baby I’m right here
You play your cards right just like a mind freak
Abracadabra boy you put a spell on me

Jacob: I got you- Cimorelli:
cause I got you, whoa whoa
I got you, whoa whoa
When we got nothing left to lose
Baby, you got me and I got you
Ohhh, whoaaa, whoaaaaa
Ohhh, whoaaa, whoaaaaa
There’s nothing in our way that can’t be moved
Baby you got me and I got you

Nate: Never have I ever -Megan Nicole :
Never have I ever stayed out
Singing purple rain
Dancing on the tables, boy
You bring it out of me
Oh oh oh, but it feels right
Oh oh oh, for the first time
Never have I ever fallen
Like I did tonight with you

Kenny: beautiful soul-Jesse McCartney :
don’t want another pretty face
I don’t want just anyone to hold
I don’t want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You’re the one I wanna chase
You’re the one I wanna hold
I won’t let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul


19 May 1967 - Forty-eight years ago today, the press launch for the album ’Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band" was held at the home of manager, Brian Epstein in Belgravia, London.  Photo Sources: (top) Beatle Photo Blog. (bottom) Twitter

“George Harrison had earlier invited Kenny (Everett) round to his bungalow in Esher to listen to the acetate of the album along with some top producers. "He put it on the gramophone, and we all sat around and this thing started and blew us away, we were completely gone and on another planet. It was a quantum leap, and we thought, music can stop right here, nobosy is ever going to produce anything better than this, so all musicians can go back to bed now. It was the best thing we ever heard! And George said ‘It’s quite good isn’t it?’ ..” -excerpt from “Hello, Darlings!: The Authorized Biography of Kenny Everett” by James Hogg, Robert Sellers

5 August 1961 - Today in Beatles History, The Beatles play an evening show at The Cavern alongside multiple acts, including The Remo Four & jazz musician, Kenny Ball Photo: A collage of photos taken in 1961 Photo Source: Savage Young Beatles

“I remember The Beatles doing the interval for us at the Cavern and I had never seen guys in all-leather suits before. It can’t have been much fun for them as it was very damp down there. The fellers liked us and the girls liked them and I thought there must be something wrong with us.” - Kenny Ball