kenny mccartney

5 August 1961 - Today in Beatles History, The Beatles play an evening show at The Cavern alongside multiple acts, including The Remo Four & jazz musician, Kenny Ball Photo: A collage of photos taken in 1961 Photo Source: Savage Young Beatles

“I remember The Beatles doing the interval for us at the Cavern and I had never seen guys in all-leather suits before. It can’t have been much fun for them as it was very damp down there. The fellers liked us and the girls liked them and I thought there must be something wrong with us.” - Kenny Ball


19 May 1967 - Forty-eight years ago today, the press launch for the album ’Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band" was held at the home of manager, Brian Epstein in Belgravia, London.  Photo Sources: (top) Beatle Photo Blog. (bottom) Twitter

“George Harrison had earlier invited Kenny (Everett) round to his bungalow in Esher to listen to the acetate of the album along with some top producers. "He put it on the gramophone, and we all sat around and this thing started and blew us away, we were completely gone and on another planet. It was a quantum leap, and we thought, music can stop right here, nobosy is ever going to produce anything better than this, so all musicians can go back to bed now. It was the best thing we ever heard! And George said ‘It’s quite good isn’t it?’ ..” -excerpt from “Hello, Darlings!: The Authorized Biography of Kenny Everett” by James Hogg, Robert Sellers