kenny look he just does it

This one’s based loosely LOOSELY (sorry @sparcck​ XD) on this follower milestone prompt.

“Hey Kenny- good series eh? Your guys played hard……………….Listen. We should talk. I’ll text you?”

(and then they exchange numbers and Jack texts to ask if he can call and he does and idk maybe it goes something like this:)

(WOW THIS GOT LONG SORRY THIS TURNED INTO LIKE. A  giant hypothetical STREAM OF CONSCIOUS THING. UNDER THE CUT. Idk don’t look at me. I’m just guessing.)
(also on AO3)

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otherwise known as team angry, angsty, and fuck you or oR OR team pissed off and fuck off orrrr team my life is a complete tragedy because everyone around me is dying and I was cursed with this strength to live and i am forced to witness death plucking away my loved ones and comrades thus causing my humanity to gradually wither and decay :^)

Kenny Omega NSFW Alphabet

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So I thought I’d share my Kenny Omega ultimate headcanon companion edition in the form of this awesome NSFW Alphabet meme. I think I covered all the bases for what I think about him as well as well few other things that I just thought were fucking hot and had to include them.

Any comments, likes, reblogs and replies are ALWAYS really appreciated, it keeps me motivated to keep writing more!

Warnings: Obviously NSFW and LOOOONG (like 3500 words)

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my stream of consciousness during death note (2017)

So I finally watched this shit show last night, and kept a running document of every thought I had in order. Here are some of the top ones: (under the cut because….it gets a little long. it’s worth it though!) 

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@idreamofflying commented on I’m… afraid. Because of Levi isn’t showing up, something happened with him.

I think Levi is doing Ok. He isn’t Alone. Hanji is there and he still has what’s left of his squad. Isayama said he can be himself around them, so i think their bond is quite important. Levi was Never particularly happy, but he gets over his losses and moves on. He’ll come back to the story sooner or later.

Hmmmm…I think that probably depends on your definition of “Ok”.  I’m not sure how ok Levi looked last time we saw him tbh.  

It’s true that he still has Hanji and I’m sure that their friendship will have become ever more important with each year that has passed.  They are the last of the Veterans after all, and they were there.  On the roof top.  In Shiganshina.  

And it’s true that, against remarkable odds, the majority of the the 104th have survived and in the Answer’s book Isayama did say “I think he (Levi) feels a trust for his new squad that he’s never had before.”  One can’t help wondering how much that trust was dented by events in Shiganshina though.

So yes, you’re right, Levi is not physically alone, but he is certainly alone in that he no longer has his liege.  Isayama told us in Answers that the Ackermans have a “master-like” person in their life. 

Isayama: “For Levi, that person is Erwin. He has acknowledged Erwin as an existence who he looks up to. It’s part of the Ackerman bloodline, or an instinctive part of them, you could say.” (ref)


Interviewer: “I see, it is true that Ackermans are all enamored with their ‘liege’. Then Levi’s wish really was just to be by Erwin’s side. Just like Kenny’s feelings as he stood by Uri.” (ref)

It’s also worth remembering that Isayama has been at pains to point out that this is not a mindless attachment, the Ackermans always choose their leige, and from what we have seen with Kenny and Uri, death does nothing to break that bond.  So yeah, in this respect Levi is alone.  He is a survivor and he does keep on going, it’s what Levi does, but I don’t think for one minute that he has “moved on”, if by moving on you mean moved on from his attachment to Erwin. 

As for whether or not Levi has ever been happy, I think you’re right in many respects, he’s had a shitty life by any standards.  I had to smile at the Escape from Deadland game transcripts that @oscarforjm​ posted today though: Snk Escape from Deadland

Bond parameter increase or decrease depends on the action you take and the discussion topic you choose (in short, when the bond level increase, it means the character likes you and is happy)

Route Levi (i.e. when you are pairing up with Levi):

When you chose to talk about “Erwin”, bond raise the most in compare to ALL other characters (i.e. Levi is very very happy when you mentioned about Erwin).

I know it’s not really canon, but it is kinda cute that one thing that makes Levi happy is talking to him about Erwin.  I suspect he’s pretty happy with all that contraband tea too ;)

#80 [Kenny Omega]

Requested, #80: “Does he know about the baby?” - with the young bucks and Kenny omega? Like the reader is the young bucks sister who slept with Kenny?. (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is straight up fluff and silliness. And ran long. Ohhh well.

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars

Kenny Omega had come in to your life without preamble.

It felt like one second your brothers, The Young Bucks, were talking about “changes” in New Japan and Bullet Club, and the next you had a two-tone-haired man standing in front of you.

There were very few interactions between the two of you before you realized you had some attraction to him. At first, you’d just assumed it was physical, and had kept yourself from doing anything about it. But the more you were with him, the more you realized it was a lot more than just your body craving his.

Kenny was intelligent. Well-spoken. Funny. Genuine. Passionate. Caring. Trustworthy. Hardworking. Determined.

That last part was what really led to your current situation; you pressed against a shirtless Kenny in a heated kiss.

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Kenny the ISFP-T


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.

Kenny… I fully expect this to be a tough one.

Introverted – “ I often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable with. I take time to reflect so that I have a clear idea of what I’ll be doing when I decide to act. Ideas are almost solid things for me.”

Well this one’s easy. Kenny’s very clearly an introvert. He talks to only a handful of people and only chooses a few moments to do so, other times simply taking in information or satiating his own boredom. But socializing? Not one of his hobbies. There’s even some times where he’s silent even when people directly talk to him.

 His reactions are mostly internal, making external reactions seem very minimal.

Another thing I noticed, on the topic of that ^ Kenny doesn’t really talk to his parents. It’s more like they tell each other things and then that’s the end of it. 

There are only a handful of scenes I’ve seen where Kenny talks to his parents and they’re all short and to the point. The only exception is when he’s dressed as Mysterion. That’s actually an interesting thing to note. I could totally see Kenny using this as a way to talk to his family completely unfiltered.

The fact that Kenny doesn’t talk to his family much actually makes the depiction of his friendships even more heartwarming, since with the four boys he definitely comes out of his shell, showing a little snippet of every side of him to them.

But even then, he’s still pretty reserved. There’s very few times when Kenny will do something like go on a long winded speech or go out of his way to start a conversation. That’s got nothing to do with a comfort zone. That’s just the way Kenny is. He’s not shy, especially with his filthy mouth. He just doesn’t talk much.

Sensing – “Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. I notice facts and I remember details that are important to me.“

When I took the test I got the result of INTJ, but that was a little while ago, and looking at Kenny with the info I’m reading about the MBTI, the way he makes decisions is definitely in a Sensing approach, not an Intuitive approach.

Kenny is very much about the reality of every situation. He observes things in a very “that’s the way it is” manner, constantly weighing his options over whether or not it’s worth taking action as opposed to letting it happen. Most of the time he doesn’t interfere with most things, probably from a fear of dying if things escalate too quickly, which, they tend to do. And that of course is because of his repeated experience of dying at the drop of a hat. 

But that’s when things are already in motion. On the flip side, when nothing is happening and he is asked to do something, he often doesn’t object. Especially if it’s for the sake of an activity for his friends,

or for the sake of money.

But despite all the watching and thinking he does, he really doesn’t bother with philosophical or morally dubious questions. It’s an easy task for Kenny to accept things the way they are without much hesitation, and he can’t really be bothered with the question why. 

That’s probably how he ended up being Cartman’s best friend. A loyal friend who doesn’t ask questions makes for a good partner in crime.

Feeling –  “I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation. I am concerned with values and what is the best for the people involved. I like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony. In my relationships, I appear caring, warm, and tactful.”

Probably the biggest misconception in the fandom is how Kenny handles relationships. Sure he talks a lot about how he wants to fuck tons of bitches to his friends and is incredibly crude about it, but that’s not how he treats his girlfriends.

Despite his frustrations with them and the fact that he actually does want to get laid with them, he treats them very sweetly and never directs any anger towards the particular girl he’s with. 

And even when it looks like he’s not going to get what he wants he still sticks around with them, even though he’s not happy with the outcome. He’ll go along with it for them. 

The fact that he changed his entire lifestyle for Tammy with no hope of a reward was a very drastic decision, but considering it was his first real life girlfriend it was probably a nice change to his usual domestic setting.

At a first glance this may not seem like a drastic decision considering it’s just settling into a dreary life, but it really is one. Kenny was consistently exposed to completely different stimulants before he went along with Tammy’s weird ring philosophy. Huffing paint, drawing tits, playing bloody video games, looking at playboys… For him to live a very opposite life, even when Tammy wasn’t around to catch him doing something different is very much an extreme. And it’s very rare for him to do.

Usually consistent in his everyday but subtly delinquent life, Kenny’s decision making rarely leads him to jumping into action. When it does, it’s purely emotion driven.

And most of the time incredibly reckless.

Those decisions aren’t logic driven. There may be logic behind it, but that isn’t what makes them happen. He feels the emotion, for maybe a few seconds he may rationalizes, but then he just does it.

Perceiving - “I use my perceiving function (whether it is Sensing or Intuition) in my outer life. Others see me staying open to new experiences and information. I like to stay open to respond to whatever happens. I appear to be loose and casual. I like to keep plans to a minimum. I work in bursts of energy.”

Kenny doesn’t give a fuck. 

I mean he does, but he certainly doesn’t think it’s worth worrying over. Kenny goes with the flow. STDs? Fuck it let’s roll the dice. Girlfriend not giving you a blowjob? Fuck it, watch some Grey’s Anatomy. Peruvian Flute Band stealing your thunder? Fuck it let’s dance.

He’s very fond of not being stressed and he definitely doesn’t like to brood. Slowing down to Kenny is the worst and he’d always rather being doing something than sitting down and moping about something not going his way.

Kenny just goes wherever life takes him, constantly being entertained by what he sees and just going with it as best he can.

Kenny isn’t negative or bored unless he’s absolutely forced to be. He’ll look for any kind of stimulant to avoid boredom and negativity. And considering he’s poor and lives in an abusive household, sometimes these wacky adventures his best friend and friend group drag him on aren’t around enough. Sometimes he needs a little substitute.

Kenny isn’t picky. He’s flexible and willing to try anything.

Overall Kenny is definitely a rare type of character. The quiet kid who will roll with anything you throw at him. An incredibly loyal friend who talks about doing the filthiest things but is also a sweetheart to women, and also a little bit of a druggie. But somehow, it all ties together. Character goals.

That’s my character analysis on Kenny. Next up is Cartman… oh boy, that’s gonna be fun.

Stan the ESFP-T
Kyle the INFJ-A

some gifs I made myself, the others you can find at @south-park-gifs

Search and Seizure Pt 1

A/N: In honor of getting over 100 followers. This fic is near and dear to my heart. I struggle with epilepsy. I decided to write an epileptic reader into one of my fics because it helps me process it. I hope that’s okay.

You were on your way back from your pharmacy run. You buy something innocuous as well, this time toothpaste, to disguise why you really went to the drug store–to refill your prescriptions. You head back to Brendon’s and knock on the door. He lets you in with a smile and a little kiss.

“Hey Y/n,” he says “Where’d you sneak off to?”
“Had to get toothpaste,” you reply.
“You know there was a full tube in the closet,” he says, feeling bad that you went out just to get it.
“Oh oops, I didn’t know,” you reply easily with a smile.
“Oh well, just one less thing to buy on the tour,” Brendon says happily, kissing the top of your head. You smile up at him and go to your room, closing the door behind you.

You sorted your pills into each slot of your weekly box.

Three of these in the morning and night
One of those day and night too
One of that, but only at night
Two of the others, but only in the morning

Damn, you are one heavily medicated person. Whatever it takes to stay healthy, you guess it’s worth it. You had never been on tour before, and you were so excited. It was your last couple days of packing up before you leave. You were nervous though. Your epilepsy usually flared up when you don’t get enough sleep.

Brendon doesn’t even know you have seizures. He’s obviously noticed you take medication, but you’re discreet about it and he never asks. You don’t want him to treat you differently, or have him worry about you all the time. You’re sure he would overreact. You had been with Brendon for a year now, and your epilepsy had been so well controlled, you haven’t had a seizure in almost two years. It wasn’t really important for him to know. Until now. Who knew if your epilepsy would remain under control in such a new environment. You worry the craziness of touring might mess with it.

Once you begin the tour, all of your worries fade away. Every show Brendon performs is like pure magic and it keeps you going. And the celebration sex? Mind blowing. You are so proud of Brendon. You watch him from off stage pretty much every show, usually with Zach, and unabashedly jam out. Zach stands by while he silently judges you, but you occasionally force him to join in. He’s so tough looking, but he has a soft spot for you.

It’s two weeks into the tour and you’re getting exhausted. One night, you’re less enthusiastic than usual back stage during the show. Zach nudges you with his elbow.

“You okay?” He asks.

“Yeah, yeah,” you brush it off as convincingly as possible, “just tired.”

The show ends and you make your way back to the bus. You climb into the bunk after putting on some pjs and you feel Brendon join you. He wraps an arm around you. You turn over to face him and he strokes your arm.

“Hey babe,” he says, “how are you feeling? You seem like you’re draggin.”

Zach totally told on you. Damn him.

“I’m fine,” you reply cooly, “not everyone is used to touring the whole goddamn world, ya know?” You laugh.

Brendon smiles and kisses you gently. “As long as you’re okay…” Brendon trails off.

“Yes,” you reply confidently, “and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” He leans in and kisses you again. His face then becomes serious.

“Get some sleep.” He starts to move from the bunk but you grab his arm. He looks back at you surprised.

“Don’t go,” you say, and he looks concerned. “I’ll get lonely,” you added with a smile, covering up your anxiety. He seemed convinced that it was the only reason you wanted him to stay. Truthfully, it was because you’re scared. What if something happened? What if you had a seizure in your sleep and choked on your vomit and you never woke up?

Brendon stripped down to his boxers, tossing his clothes out from behind the curtain of the bunk. You cuddle up next to him and fall asleep nearly instantly.

You wake up the next morning and the bed is empty. You sit up quickly, but you hear Brendon’s voice coming from the tiny kitchen talking to Dallon, and you calm down. You stretch and roll out of bed, padding into the kitchen area. Brendon is manning a pan on the stove top. His eyes light up as you enter.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” Brendon greets you.

“Well hi there, sleeping beauty!” Zach joked.

“What time is it?” You ask as you lean into Brendon’s chest and he kisses you on the top of your head.

“Eleven,” Dallon replies.

Your eyes grow wide. “Gees why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I wanted you to get some extra sleep,” Brendon says, rubbing your back. You nod gratefully and step away, sliding into the booth next to Dallon. Dallon puts an arm around you.

“Want to eat? We’re making pancakes,” Dallon announced.

“Yeah, sure,” you reply happily. The door to the bus swung open and Kenny and Dan climbed up. They both sat down on the couch.

Pancakes were served up soon after. The boys start talking about the set list for their show tonight. Dallon lists off the songs on his fingers, everyone nodding as he went. As soon as he mentioned Sins there was a collective groan, especially from Brendon. You smirked.

“Oh come on guys, do it for the fans!” You coach.

“Fine,” Brendon pouts. The conversation continued.

“We could close out with Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time,” Dallon suggested.

“I kind of li–” you started, but didn’t finish.

Everyone’s attention was on you, but you said nothing. A blank stare took over your face.

“Y/n?” Brendon asked you. You don’t respond at all. The boys are unsure what to think, but worry consumes Brendon. “Y/n?” He called loudly, leaning over the table to shake your shoulder. After some delay, you speak,

“–ike when you close out victorious, though.”

You see everyone staring at you with the strangest expression. Gees, was closing with Victorious that bizarre of an idea? You realize Brendon is touching your arm. When did that happen?

“Y/n,” Brendon says, confused, “Are you okay?”

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Kenny Omega - C = Cum

Characters: You x Kenny Omega

A/N: I’m writing a bunch of drabbles based off my Kenny Omega NSFW Alphabet (read the whole thing here)


“I’m almost there,” Kenny grunted through gritted teeth, increasing the pace of his hips aggressively jutting in your mouth. “Fuck, I can feel it. Like so close. Fuck. Fuck. God, I’ve missed this so much. Uhhh.” 

He was lost in his own world, Looking down at you while breathy moans escaped his lips without a care for who might hear. You weren’t even sure if he locked the door behind him, but it was all part of the thrill for him.

You had to hold back a giggle, considering you had his cock halfway down your throat and if you did anything but hum in approval you’d gag and ruin all the work you’d done up to this point. It hadn’t taken him long there, clearly not seeing you for a few weeks had left him needy and ready to go as soon as you were back in contact with him, As soon as you arrived at Korakuen Hall, He’d dragged you off to the nearest empty locker room. You’d only got off the plane an hour ago and already were on your knees in front of him. Not that you cared one bit.

The sight of his sweaty body made you moan as his cock brushed the back of your throat over and over. There was no time to tease or enjoy the reunion, He wanted to cum and cum hard.

It always made you light up how he carefully warned you he was about to cum, even when you knew he was close. His body language always gave him away, his thighs always tensed up and his mouth formed a straight line while he mindlessly babbled until he found his release. It was almost like the sound of his own voice spurred him on even more.

“That’s it, Fuck… Oh god, I’m cumming,” Kenny quickly pulled out with a soft pop, as hot jets of liquid landed carefully in your mouth. His whole body tensed and released as he emptied load after load onto your waiting tongue. You fluttered your lashes up at him while he stroked himself, He knew you enjoyed this part as much as he did.

Eventually, he stopped and affectionately stroked your hair, as if to say thank you without actually saying it.Brushing the head of his cock over your swollen pouting lips, squeezing the tip so that every last drop was out.

“No, No! Don’t swallow it all yet.” He cooed, his chest rising and falling as he tried to calm his breath, He looked as if he’d ran a marathon he was panting so hard. “Do that thing, that thing I like you to do.” Nodding as he pointed to your chest.

You tried not to roll your eyes, knowing exactly what he wanted you to do. It wasn’t the most convenient moment to do something so filthy but “why not” you thought.

Flipping your messed up hair over your shoulder, You straightened up, pushing your chest together just for added effect. Kenny softly cradled your jaw and opened your mouth, allowing his cum to drip out onto your chin and then your chest, looking up at him with big doe eyes.

You grin as you coyly wipe your face, sexily running your finger over your mouth to remove last of him from your chin. He was still leaning against the wall, running his hands through his hair, clearly a little overwhelmed.

“Fuck, I’ve missed that.” He grinned, smugly offering his hand to pull you up off the floor. “Oh, You looked so pretty, I should feel bad for messing you up but I don’t.”

Kenny Omega - “If he cared, he’d be here”

Prompt: I felt like writing this after reading @alexahood21 story killing me softly IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, READ IT!
Requested: by my damn self
Warnings: None
Words: 1200+

Kenny’s dislike for the wwe wasn’t private. He didn’t like the restraints on superstars, the amount of scripting on the promos. ‘If they are good enough to be on tv they can come up with their own damn promos’ he would say. He was offered a contract but turned it down. 

“You’d never go to wwe?” You asked biting your lip afraid of the answer. You’d been dating Kenny pretty much since you came to Japan 4 years ago. Kenny saw you on your first day and swooped you up. 

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Miss Jackson

Requested By @princess3733

Adam Page - “Dude, your sisters hot!” or if that was picked chose another one that hasn’t. <3

A/N: I really love this honestly. If it’s wanted enough, I’ll consider a part two.

Word Count: 499

Tags: @wrestlingnoob @i-ship-it-okay @laziestgirlintheworld @thegenericluchadora

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3rd and last page of this particular section about Erwin and Levi. Continued on from where my last post left off

Isayama: Then in vol 18, when Levi tried to take over command of the mission and Erwin wouldn’t listen, Levi was a bit angry at Erwin’s behaviour. Levi’s line, “I trust your judgement,” had a bit of an angry, “If something happens, this is your responsibility,” mixed with it. And right after, when he broke up Eren and Jean’s fight by using more violence than was necessary, it was actually Levi taking out that anger on them (laughs).

—That was very unfortunate for Eren and Jean (laughs). But the fact that Levi can take his emotions out on his new squad, you could say it’s because he has such a familiarity with them.

Isayama: They don’t treat him like a monster, so I think he feels a trust for his new squad that he’s never had before. 

[TN: So Levi didn’t have as much trust for his old squad as he does for his new one? I wonder if his old squad looked up to him too much that it just put Levi under pressure in a bad way]

Levi noticed Erwin’s unexpected intentions, had just said farewell to Kenny, so he must have been feeling a sense of loss. And his new squad may have buried that crevice in his heart. That’s why in vol 17, even though he was punched by Historia, there was a bit of “You worked hard” and “You’ve done well” mixed in with his “Thank you”.

—That scene with Levi’s smile was a truly warm scene. And Levi’s liege, Erwin, begins pushing forward to solve the mystery of the titans.

Isayama: His unconscious dream became a conscious one, and as a human, the stable side of him was present even more than before. But even so, Erwin is not the kind of person who prioritizes his own dream. He follows through with his responsibilities, and when the time comes Erwin is able to give up on his dream and make the best decision. 

If we were to compare, Erwin is a character in a similar position to Armin. Armin is chasing a dream that is pure and fresh, while Erwin’s is drenched with something very personal, you could say. 

His father was killed because of a slip of his own tongue. He had delusions of a sort in response to that, and acted to achieve his own private goals. But before he knew it, he was at the top of the scouting legion and giving orders to subordinates. There was a part of him asking himself, “What am I even doing this for”. He was a paradox, a self-contradiction. So when he faced his subordinates, telling them, ‘for the sake of humanity’s future’, he felt like he was lying to them. He has been struggling with these conflicts and anguish all along the way.

South Park Drunk Headcanons (Part 1)

The Main Four Plus Butters!


Stan is the drunk that seems sober.

He’ll be oddly quiet, just sitting there, sipping on his drink, giggling occasionally. If greeted he’ll greet back and smile politely, he laughs at jokes and all seems well. (I mean he’s had practice acting sober)

But if you ask him to stand up, he’ll trip and fall on his face, laughing at himself and saying he’s fine. He can manage chit chat just fine, but if you ask him deep questions his responses make absolutely zero sense, but he seems certain that they make perfect sense.


Kyle is the competitive drunk.

He will challenge everyone to everything. Beer pong, darts, pool, cards, shot challenges, anything. He’s actually become really good at all the drunk games, and wins almost every time.

If anyone ever beats him though he will continue to challenge them until he wins. He’s also very loud, a little rude and pretty self-confident.


Cartman pretends to be drunk.

Cartman is a big guy, eats a lot, and doesn’t really like the taste of alcohol. So he doesn’t really get drunk, but he likes to brag about how drunk he is, and use it as an excuse to get away with things.

He’ll punch someone, spill their drink, steal their wallet, anything and just respond with, “Teehee, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m just soooo drunk. Did you see all the beer I drank?”


Kenny is the philosophical drunk.

For the first few drinks Kenny is just the life of the party, he’ll get wild and play games and probably start fires. But after he really gets drunk he’ll suddenly disappear. If someone does find him he’ll be on his own somewhere in the dark, looking at the stars.

He’ll be questioning the meaning of life, sometimes finding it beautiful, and sometimes wishing he wasn’t immortal. He’ll asks other people’s opinions sometimes, but only if they’re drunk enough not to remember.


Butters is the mom-drunk.

He starts drinking before anyone else, but is always so goofy that no one notices. He always has a drink in hand but everyone assumes it’s orange juice in a solo cup, not sangria or straight vodka.

He’s the first person to volunteer to mix drinks, comfort someone when they’re crying, hold someone’s hair while they’re throwing up. Little does everyone know he’s the drunkest out of them all. He also hugs everyone, constantly.

Short Prompt #10

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10. “Does he know about the baby?” Maybe Opie or Jax

A/N: hope y'all like it! Not my gifs!

You life turned upside down when you met Opie Winston at the grocery store. He was pacing back and forth, looking a fruits. You chuckled to yourself, seeing a big bad biker getting mad at fruits. But ever since that day, you were always with Opie. You already moved in with him, Kenny and Ellie.
Lately you’ve been sick a lot, you assume it’s a stomach bug since Kenny just got over one. Your phone started ringing, you picked it up.
“Hey baby” Gemma voice said on the other side. Gemma basically took you in the day Opie brought you around the clubhouse. You never question Opie about what goes on and always is in lockdown when something goes wrong.
“Hey Gem” you respond lightly, sitting back down on the floor. Gemma could tell something was up.
“Y/n, you sure you’re not pregnant?” Gemma bluntly asks, you went quite for a moment. It could be that, you and Opie never used anything.
“Oh fuck.” You respond, Gemma couldn’t hold back her laughter.
“Alright, I’m getting Abel then I’ll grab tests for ya.” Gemma says before hanging up. You anxiously sat there, it could be a possibility. But would Opie want a third child though? You heard Gemma pull into your driveway and greeted her at the door. Abel asleep in his car seat. Gemma handed you the tests and you went to take them.
Five minutes later you walked out of the bathroom, Gemma sat on the couch, feeding Abel. She could tell by your face what the answer was.
“I guess you’re going to be a grandma Gem. I got a little Winston inside me.” You say, excitement filled you all of the sudden. You and Opie created a living being.
“Baby Winston. I’m so excited for you baby” Gemma says, kissing your cheek.
“You think Opie will be happy?” You ask Gemma, getting nervous when she didn’t answer right away.
“Baby, he’s going to be over the moon. They’ll be back from the run tomorrow.

The next afternoon, you and the kids went to the clubhouse to wait for the boys to come back from the run. It was a really long one. The kids were excited to see Opie, as you were as well. You see Unser approach you as Kenny and Ellie ran off to see Gemma.
"Hey Wayne” you say with a smile. Wayne has always been a good friend to the club, but to you as well. He greeted you with one of his dad hugs.
Does he know about the baby?” Wayne asks, you look at him with big eyes. Who else did Gemma tell, you thought to yourself.
“Who else did Gemma tell? And no I haven’t yet!” You say shaking your head, Wayne pats your back.
“Just me. She was excited and I know Opie will be too. Also, Femma said if Opie reacts bad I should hit him.” Wayne responds with a laugh. Soon after, the roar of motorcycles started becoming loud, and all of the guys started pulling into the parking lot. Opie parks quickly and runs over to you and the kids. Giving you the biggest kiss.
“Hey guys. I missed you so much” Opie says to Kenny and Ellie before they ran off to see Tig. Opie pulls you in for another kiss.
“Jax said something happened to you, are you okay?” Opie asks looking at me with concern. You couldn’t help but shake your head. “Of course she told him” you mumble quietly.
“What’s wrong y/n?” Opie asks again, with more concern in his voice. “I’m pregnant Opie. Gemma must’ve told Jax.” You admit, biting your lip lightly. Afraid of what he would say next. A huge smile spread across his face.
“GUYS! I’m going to be a dad of 3!” Opie yells, everyone turned around and all cheered at us. You couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

yet another patater au someone should write: kent’s an accountant, and he’s a damn good one so he’s fucking loaded, and also a single dad, and loves spoiling his daughter like the princess she is (obviously) even though her mom is out of the picture and she’s got a lot of internalised aggression because of that

but she knows he played hockey in college and he still loves it and they watch all of uncle jack’s games (he’s the one who got drafted, maybe?) so ofc she loves it too and wants to learn, and kent thinks it’ll be good for her so he’s That Dad that finds her the most expensive, elite coach on the market to build up her natural talent even though she’s only seven

so he flies alexei mashkov all the way from fucking russia because he used to play in the nhl and he was one of the best till he got a career-ending ankle injury and in more recent years he’s literally helped coach his home country in the olympics so he knows what he’s doing right? and everyone’s like “kent, dude, you have no idea if this guy is good with kids or if he can teach beginners at all, much less an elementary school girl who’s as stubborn and annoying as her dad” but kent ignores them because he’s kent and when has he ever done anything rational in his life (besides get a degree in accounting)

so alexei shows up and immediately crouches down so he’s on her level and starts talking to her quietly and kent can’t even hear what he’s saying but it’s making his daughter smile and laugh and relax so he doesn’t really care, and they get out on the ice and alexei is incredible with her and insists she calls him tater and gives her a hockey name of her own and lets her choose one for kent too, and they start off really basic ofc but it’s the most fun kent’s had in what seems like forever so he finds himself looking forward to the practises just as much as she does

and naturally somewhere along the way he finds himself opening up to alexei too, and asking him to teach him russian, and learning more about him as a person instead of just his daughter’s private coach, and one day while they’re practising checks she bumps alexei into the boards and he makes such a show of it, throwing himself onto the ice and raving about how good she is and how hard she checked him, and kent’s just standing there looking at this giant man who’s surprisingly gentle in his own way, making his daughter laugh and look happier than she has in years and it sort of just hits him

he loves alexei, and he’s pretty sure his daughter does too

sunshinesamizayn  asked:

What do you think Kenny would be like in bed?

  • Sub as hell. Kenny Omega is a character, inside I think he really wants someone just to take the reins and let his mind be at ease.
  • And even if he was in ‘charge’ it would be all about his partner and making them feel good. He’s eager to please for sure.
  • Super passionate in everything he does. Lots of kissing, lots of touching.
  • Praise kink like a motherfucker. He needs to hear you tell him how good it feels, if he’s doing well, how good he looks, how much you love what he does. Will also settle for a good bit of moaning and babbling bc he’s just that good.
  • He’s also vocal when in the moment. Expect moans.
  • Will always be aware of your expressions and check in for your comfort.
  • Loves giving head, will spend as much time as necessary down there, loves being used as a toy when the mood suits (either grinding on his face or thrusting into that beautiful mouth) Hair pulling goes into this
  • Pegging. Need I say more?
  • Prefers a lot of skin on skin, but would cater to your comfort level of intimacy
  • Absolutely will make you laugh multiple times during
  • Cuddling afterwards, never getting enough of his partner.
Season of HeartBreak~Kenny Omega~3

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Part 2

Part 1

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It’s been months since the last time you saw Kenny, how they went by without no phone call or a text. Nothing. 

He unfriended you from all the social media. He never knew that you had been training to become a wrestler. You were going to show what you were made from. This wasn’t last time he was going to see your face. Not for a bit. Things changed to a year where finally something was happening, you have been wrestling in different promotions but no one knew the real you. 

Who you were and where did you suddenly came from? Hidden behind a jester mask, red lipstick and you had dyed your hair a different color adding a different color at the ends of your hair. Dressing in color black and red, similar to Harley Quinn’s but you made it your own.

 One of your legs had a short while the other had long, you wore a vest with a tank top underneath with a logo of a hammer with the words, “ HA HA!.”

You always came out with a laughter sounding through the arena, through a rest mist with a smirk on your face carrying a blow up hammer that was red with a bow on the edge of it. 

You were “Scarlett Quinn,” the psychotic queen of dark matches. A chair to the head was nothing, you took the pain and didn’t feel it. Everyone’s attention became on you, they were impressed

. Booking you everywhere and anywhere.You were on your way to Ring of Honor signing a contract with them, making your way as the Psychotic Queen of Wrestling, the one woman who has an undefeated streak in wrestling.

“ Did you hear about Scarlett Quinn? She’s making her way here” Christopher Daniel spoke to Marty as the two were getting ready for the show. 

“ Who?” Marty asked knitting his eyebrows thinking to himself where has he heard that name before. Has he met her? 

“ She calls herself the Psychotic Queen of Wrestling” he answered Marty. Marty nodded to himself and stood there to think for a moment before it clicked to him. The girl that gets hit with a chair and nothing comes out of it.

“ She’s that Harley Quinn wannabe, right?” 

“ If she hears you talking to her about it, she won’t hesitate to put you in a submission”

“ I’m not afraid of some chick” 

Daniel’s shook his head before continuing getting ready. You walked through the door of the arena, mask on your face already rolling your suitcase. You already had signed your contract and everything was ready to go. 

“You’re Scarlett, right?” a voice stops you in your tracks. You turn to face Alex Shelly who was standing with Chris Sabin. 

“ I am, what’s it to you?” Chris chuckled, eyeing you up and down liking what he saw. Alex shook his head as he took a step towards you, “ You can hide underneath a mask all you want princess but sooner or later the mask will come off.” 

“ Try me Shelly” you looked up at him slightly due to the height difference squinting your eyes daring him to do something. He only smirked down at you before the two walked away.

“ That’s what I thought, keep walking!” you shouted at their backs, the two waved you off. You noticed someone was watching you. He had on a dark, fur coat with an umbrella in his hands and in the other he held a mask. His hair was in a small bun with round glasses on his eyes. 

“ Keep staring, you’re eyes are going to fall out sooner or later” the man smirked turning his body to you as he made his way to stand in front of you. Using his umbrella, he leaned on it looking down at you. 

“ You must be Scarlett that I’ve heard so much about. My name is Marty Scurll”
“ Keep your eyes to yourself Villain, I know who you are and let me walk away before I fall asleep at the sight of your face” 

Marty was shocked to hear the words coming out of your mouth, he gritted his teeth, “ Listen here, you little-”

“ A word of advice Scurll, close your mouth or you could always put it to better use. Words bore me truly, now if I were you. I’d let me go before my fist connects with your face. I will make it unpretty” 

Marty looked down at the small fierce woman standing in front of him. Her eyes captivate him and her attitude made her so much better. He was going to like her being here. He steps back of  her to pass, “ Until next time Quinn.” 

You simply walked away making sure he watched as you swayed your hips side to side and your head held up high making sure heads turn at the sight of you. That they did. 

Coming from your match that you had with Jenny Rose, one of your favorite matches. She was one of the woman that were on top around here and you were going to change that. That was your picture to take. As you took off the tape around your wrist, you were faced to face with Marty once again.
Panting, you stopped in your tracks as you looked at him seeing he was wearing his mask and having his umbrella over his shoulder with a hat on his head. You could see his trunks peeking out from underneath his coat with an umbrella.

“ Cute gear” you muttered to him.He moved his head to face you, tilting his head and not saying anything before he walked past you. Gasping feeling a tap on your ass, turning around you hear him cackle. Did he just smack you with his umbrella on your ass? How dare he? He got some nerve, stomping back to change and hitting the shower. You were going to have a talk with him. Who the hell does he think he is? 

You waited for Marty to get done with his match, waiting for him with your hands on your hips.As  Marty walks backstage, he stops in his tracks to see you. His mask is off and he’s just in his wrestling trunk, panting and sweaty from his match. 

“ Can I help you darlin’?” 

“ Yes you can, what was that before with your umbrella and my ass?”
He chuckled shrugging walking past you. Oh no he didn’t, you caught up with him taking his wrist turning him around. 

“ You are going to tell me what the hell that was before I make your face un-pretty” 

“ Okay! Okay! Relax!” He put his hands up before adding, “ I like you, not like that. Like we would make good friends, you know. You got under my skin, I get under yours. Who know’s, maybe I’ll need a partner one day or we could have a match.” 

“ I’ll think about it” 

From that day, you and Marty grew closer. He never saw your face though which slightly made him upset but you explained it to him that maybe one day when he’s earn your full trust, you will show him. He just saw your eyes, hears your laughter, and loves to get under your skin like he always does.  

Things changed you and Marty were heading to Japan for where you and Marty were tagging together for a match. You were beyond excited, this was the first time you and Marty will be partners.

“ I want you to meet some people once we get there” he mutters to you sitting next to you on the plane. 

“ Alright, do I know these people?” he shrugs.  

“ Possibly, you’ll see. You’ll love them” you nodded, hoping he’s right looking out the window hoping everything will turn out okay. You’re mind goes to Kenny wondering how was he doing, the last time you heard him was when he took care of you that night. He never spoke to you right after, that was uncalled for and it hurt a lot. You lost your best friend and the man you thought that took your heart. The man you thought meant everything to you. He just left without a word. That hurts. Wait, you were going to Japan meaning you might run into him or the bucks. Was Marty talking about them?Turning to him, you glance seeing he was taking a selfie for his Instagram. Marty has been a good friend to you so far, but something else was bothering you. You haven’t quit understood or grasp to what it was. 

“ Go to sleep darlin’ I will wake you up when we land” He says, leaning over kissing the side of your head before smiling down at you. You nodded, closing your eyes leaning your head on his shoulder finding comfort in his presence before dozing off. The next thing you know is Marty shaking you awake. 

“ Huh? What?” you sat up blinking. 

“ We’re here” he says already standing up waiting for you. 

“ I slept through the whole plane ride?” He nodded getting his carrier bag from above before giving your backpack to you. You followed him off the plane to get your suitcase. You just wanted a bed and more sleep. 

“ My friends are picking us up” he informed you once you got your suitcases with you. You looked up at him giving him a small nod as you followed him out. The Japan fans screamed both your names seeing you together. You can only speak a little bit, signing autographs and taking pictures. 

“ Marty!” you hear three voices yell all at once. Marty smiled greeting the three while you turned to the side. Once the three greet one another, Marty stepped to the side.

“ Boys, this Scarlett, she is the one you all heard about” your eyes got wide seeing who was standing in front of you. It felt like the air out of you got sucked out as you stared at your ex best friend and your other supposedly friends. Kenny still looked the same as he was before, he had a small smile on his face while the Bucks were waving to you. They all looked the same, you found yourself feeling sick.

Running to the stall in the bathroom, you emptied your stomach from whatever you had holding your hair back. 

Kenny was here. He was friends with Marty. Why didn’t Marty tell you? After you flushed the toilet and washing your hands. Looking into the mirror, you fixed your hair closing your eyes for a moment. 

You can do this Y/N, you thought. Kenny doesn’t know who you are neither does the Bucks. It was going to be okay or was it? Opening the door, you walked out making your way to the guys standing in front of them. You could just smell his scent. 

“ You look more badass in person” Nick says. Matt laughed rolling his eyes, “ He has a small crush on you. Don’t mind him. I’m Matt and that’s Nick and this Kenny. Nice to meet you Scarlett. We heard so much about you from this guy” he pats Marty on the shoulder as Marty chuckles. You looked at four, taking a deep breath through your nose. How were you going to maintain yourself?