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Matt Espinosa (Smut)

“WHY WOULD YOU LET HIM FLIRT WITH YOU” He said with and angry tone “Excuse me, He flirting with me” you said defending yourself from so call your ‘Jealous’ boyfriend
“PLEASE DON’T COME WITH THAT BULLSHIT” He said being more louder than before, “look talk to me when you calm down because all this yelling is getting me upset” you said going up the stair to the room you shared. you heard footsteps behind the door . “Baby, Please let me in” he said his banging head softly on the door. “Ok” you said running to open the door jumping back in the bed using your phone. “Babe I am so sorry for not listening to you and yelling at you” he said walking on the edge of the be placing your legs on his lap. But you didn’t said you just keep using your phone checking your notifications on your social media. “Please babe talk and yes I got jealous because you seem to enjoy talking to your friend Marc and he just basically eye fucking you when you was talking to him and you’re mine, my baby” he said rubbing my leg. “Stop, it Matt” you said brushing away his hand when we was reaching up higher to your core. “Babe, let me make it up to you” he said whining. “Matt please leave me alone” setting your phone on the drawer that was next to you. “Babe, you know you like it when I fu-” you cut him off when you stood up and left to the bathroom. “Really!!” He said whining, “Yes, Really and when you ready come get it na na na” you said teasingly shaking your hips when you went to the room to take your towels. “Can I join?” He said wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your neck softly just to turn you on a bit. “Yes!” You said running to the bathroom before he got in “oh my god why??” He said banging on the door “you too slow” turning on the handle of the water “really, Y/N how can you denied this dick you love so much shoved inside that tight pussy of yours” he said cockily. “Matt, since when you started talking so naughty” you said washing you hair. “Since the time I shove my dick inside that pussy hitting you in every angle” he said somewhat trying to turn you on which it did but you want to tease him more “ I really don’t like the word 'shove’ use more of the 'fuck’” you said giggling
“Then let me in and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow” he said trying to open the door, “sure I’ll let you fuck me but I’m not in the mood to fuck, I am more in the mood to sleep” you said putting your rope exiting the bathroom. He grab your hand pulling you to him as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Babe, you know you can’t resist, me fucking you” whispering in your ears. “Yeah, I know” moaning softly as he sucks on your neck harshly making a purple and pink bruise quickly. “Where do want to do it?” He said looking at you in the eyes, “in the Bathroom counter” you said kissing him. He place you on the bathroom counter taking your rope exposing your breast to him. “ fucking love your tits, they’re just perfect” bitting his lip and grabbing your boobs. “Matt, please I need you in me please skip the foreplay” you said with neediness, he didn’t hesitate much, he just thrust into you making you moan loudly at the familiar feeling “fuck” he said groaning against the fold on your neck speeding his thrust “fuck, right there please” you arch your back as he hits your g-spot, and cleaching around him. “I’m so close, are you?” he said as his thrust get sloppy but keeps his thrust deep, all you did is nod your head as your orgasm rush threw your body shorty after Matt hits his climax, you laid your head on his shoulder as you both tried to catch your breath, “babe, go to sleep I’ll clean up,alright” he said pecking your lips as you tiredly said “goodnight” holding on the walls since you sore and probably going to be like that for a about a few days or so