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Kenny Omega - “Beautiful to me”

Prompt: This is inspired by a song, see if you can figure it out and tell me :) 
Requested: Nope
Warnings: None
Words: 1200+

You rubbed your eyes as you sat up in bed, the tv was still on so you didn’t even have to look at the bed to know Kenny wasn’t there yet. You looked at the digital clock beside you.


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Can you do Kenny Omega 4 please?

“Mmm…you’re warm.”

You didn’t think you’d ever be able to get used to how cold it got in Winnipeg.  It was at least -25 degrees Celsius and standing outside for too long made your bones ache from the cold.  How Kenny grew up in this sort of climate, you would never understand.

This was the second year now that you had spent Christmas in the city with his family and even though you had spent the money on a “real” winter coat, you were still freezing.  You had been helping his mom cook and prepare food all day, but had now run out of a litany of ingredients needed for dessert.  This saw you dragging Kenny off the couch to drive to the nearby supermarket.

It was barely dusk when you opened the door to leave and you could immediately feel the cold wind stinging your face.  You let out a cry of pain as Kenny chuckled behind you, locking the door.  You ran to the car and called for him to unlock it, but you knew he liked to see you suffer in the cold.  

“Why is your hometown so God damn cold?!” you complained as you shuffled into the passenger’s seat.  

“It’s not that bad,” he chuckled.  “You should be in town when it hits the -40s.  I’d like to see you in that,” he winked.

You eyes bulged out of your head as he started the car.  “No.  Fucking.  Way.  Don’t even think about it.”

The drive to the supermarket only lasted about five minutes – not long enough for you to warm up, even though the heat was on full blast.  Kenny let you out at the front entrance so you could warm up inside while he parked.  Grabbing a cart and making your way in, you blew into your hands and rubbed them together quickly to try and generate some heat.  You knew you looked pathetic, but you were freezing.

Your body was still shivering when you started to bag some apples.  You saw Kenny walk towards you, his parka unzipped.  “How the fuck is your jacket unzipped right now?” you asked him as you tied the bag and threw it in your cart.

“What do you mean?”

“My blood is literally about to freeze and you’re walking around with an unzipped parka!”

He shrugged his shoulders.  “It was hot in the car.”

You glared at him.  “It was most definitely not hot in the car.”

“Let me rephrase that,” he smirked.  “It was hot in the car for a Winnipegger.”
You rolled your eyes at him.  “Can you just go pick up a head of cauliflower please?”

Almost ten minutes later, walking up and down the aisles of the store with Kenny, you were still shivering underneath your coat.  When Kenny had brought the head of cauliflower, he’d tossed it into the cart along with his jacket.  You couldn’t believe he was warm already.  Maybe you were weak.  Maybe you weren’t cut out for Winnipeg winters.

“Are you seriously still cold?” he asked you.  You nodded your head.  A few people had passed you and had looked at you weird.  “Alright, come here.”


Before you could ask any more questions, Kenny engulfed you in a strong hug.  His body heat was practically radiating off of him.  “Mmm…you’re warm,” you mumbled.

“I know.”

“What are you, like a polar bear or something?”

He chuckled as he kissed the crown of your head.  “I store all my heat in my hair.” 

Monsters Under The Bed

Characters: You x Kenny Omega

Warnings: None, but it’s as baby related drabble so might not be for everyone.

”Come on! It’s only for one evening,“ You detach your two-year-old from your hip and plonk him down next to Kenny on the couch, pinching him on the cheek. 

“But…” Kenny whined, his gaze shifted from the TV down at Jack, looking at him like he was an alien, A cute little chubby alien that looks exactly like him in every single way.

Although he loved Jack and would do anything for him, Kenny hadn’t spent the night alone with him and he’d been worrying about this moment all week. You were off to your friend’s bachelorette party which meant you were having a night off from the two of them, regardless if Kenny was going to make a fuss. Plus he could do with gaining some more confidence in his own parenting skills.

Kenny was anxious because you were always there or on hand to assist in case of a bad dream or a grazed knee, You were the one who calmed him down when he had a tantrum and dealt with all his spills and mess. 

“I don’t know what to do.“ Kenny huffed. “What if something happens?”

“Then call me, or call my parents, heck even call Matt and Nick! They look after their kids!”

“Urrgghh.” Kenny rolled his eyes. You knew what he was trying to do, pretend that he was out of his depth so you’d give in and stay. But not tonight, you were going to have tonight even if he stomped his feet and moaned about it.

“Kenny! You know how to look after him! Just play with him, make his dinner and talk to him. Then bathe him, give him his teddy and read him a story, put him to bed. You do that most days.“

“What if he gets cries and wants you and not me?” That was always his biggest insecurity, the fear that Jack didn’t love him as much as he loved you.

“He worships you! Just comfort him.” You try to sound as reassuring as you possibly could.”You’ll be fine!”

“I know, I know.” He sighed.

“Just please try and make him sleep in his own bed, He was doing so well till you came back from tour!”

“What about the monster under his bed?” Kenny grinned, covering up Jack’s ears, but not well enough as the little boy cowered and grabbed his Daddy’s leg.

You’d never forgive Kenny for filling his mind with stories of monsters that lived under his bed. It was hard enough getting him to sleep in his big boy bed and not clamber into yours any time he figured out how to escape. Although you had a feeling Kenny told him all that so he would come sleep with the two of you. He always loved having the two of you to cuddle up to when he was home.

Leaning down you give Jack a kiss on the head and passed him one of his toy cars. “Daddy will make sure the monsters are gone, OK little one?” Jack nodded and mindlessly began to push the car over Kenny’s leg making tiny toddler babble noises.

“You look really hot by the way!” Kenny smiled, reaching up to grab your ass.

“I know I do.” Kissing the top of his head too and removing his hand. You spun around, looking in the mirror to check your hair and apply some lipstick. “All the more reason to make him sleep in his own bed then!” You coo over your shoulder and gave him a sickly sweet grin, while he scowled.

“Hey dude,” Kenny ruffled his boy’s blonde curls, curls that matched his own and sighed. “Y'gonna watch Daddy play?”

Baby Omega nodded his head and mirrored the exact way Kenny relaxed into the sofa. It melted your heart seeing the two of them together, they were literally carbon copies of one another. Jack adored his Dad more than Kenny could ever know. When he wasn’t there all he wanted to do was watch videos on Youtube of Kenny and constantly chatted about his “Dada”. It was heart warming seeing just how much he loved him.

“Love you,” You mouth at Kenny, blowing him a kiss just out of Jacks sight and took one last look at the two of them as you walked towards the door.

“Dada bad!” Jack giggled and clapped his hands when he heard Kenny groan and threw his controller down for the third time in a row. Kenny had to stop himself from glaring at the little one. How could his own son laugh at him when he lost. He knew he was a sore loser but was he really being mocked by a two-year-old. “Bad, Bad!”

Jack reached controller with his hands that had somehow got sticky without Kenny realizing. Grabbing a wipe, he cleaned off Jacks face while he pouted and stuck out his bottom lip. 

Taking a deep sigh, Kenny took a sip of his Monster he sat back and started another round.

“Juice Dada! Juice!” Jack repeated, making grabby hands towards Kenny’s drink. “Want!”

“You can’t have that, my man. I’ll go get you a drink OK?” 


Kenny came back into his gaming room, Jack was off the sofa on his feet, jiggling the joysticks and pressing buttons. His chubby little fingers pressing down over and over while he chattered to himself. 

“Jack, do you want a go? Kenny knelt down in front of his son and rubbed under his chin. You always told Kenny how much Jack wanted to be like him but he’d never seen him act on it. Being away from him meant he missed so much. He still hadn’t forgiven himself for missing his first steps, although his first word being Dada was something he’d cherished forever. He watched the video of it at least three times a day. 

Kenny picked him and put him on his knee, Pulling him in close to his chest while he fired up another game of Street Fighter. He could feel his little heart beating through his body.

“Tap, Tap, Tap! Come on you can do it!” Helping him press the buttons and hold onto the control, Looking down at the glee in his son’s eyes as the images flashed before him, Darting all over the screen. “Keep going!”

“YAY!” Kenny lifted him up and threw him in the air. “You win Jack! You win!"  He didn’t win of course but Jack wouldn’t know, He just wanted to give Jack a moment to remember for the rest of his life. “Give me a Too Sweet!” 

“Sweet!” Jack squealed in his sweet baby voice. He still couldn’t manage to say “Too Sweet” but he could just about do the hand motion. Chucking him in the air a few more times while he giggled hysterically and screamed with joy. 

"Wuv you Dada!” Jack cried through ragged breaths as he slung his arms around Kenny’s neck and rubbed his snotty, dribbly face on his cheek. 

He’d never quite managed to say that before so it brought tears to his eyes as he cuddled him close. It was moments like this Kenny loved the most, even if he did have baby snot on him. He truly appreciated any and all moments he spent with him but the ones where Jack showed him unconditional love were the ones he thought about the most.

Maybe he would mention the monsters after all.

What could have been, what would have been

A Single Man Alternate Ending

Watched A Single Man and could not bear the ending of the masterpiece. Though left to the viewer’s imagination as to what happened to Kenny, I wanted to imagine what happened if Kenny saved George’s life and he survived. Thinking about writing into chaptered fic on ao3, let me know what you think and if you want more~


The first thing he notices, is that the gun is gone.

The gun is gone and somebody has moved the blanket that laid on top of him. As he propels himself up, he can feel the warmth of the fire near him and the sweat trickle down the back of his neck. Amidst the warmth, the hairs on the back of his neck stick up and he opens his eyes to find the room empty.

The room empty, and silent. The door to Mr. Falconer’s room was shut closed, but the lights could still be seen lit underneath it. Kenny had woken up from the sound of a shatter. He scrunched his eyebrows together as he blinked a few times to fully wake up.

Waiting a second, Kenny didn’t hear anything else, and started up from the couch.

“Mr. Falconer?” He slowly stepped towards the door. His breath shuddered as a large lump formed in his throat. Unable to swallow the lump, he started again.

“Mr. Falconer, are you there?” Kenny approached the door and let it open with a slight push.

“Mr. Falco-”

The sight of him lying on the floor with his arms pointing outwardly made Kenny’s heart drop. His mouth dropped open as he looked over the body, back and forth, before looking up at Mr. Falconer’s face. His eyes were closed shut, with his chest still, not a movement to be seen.

Kenny dropped down to his knees and reached over to Mr. Falconer’s limp body.

“Mr. Falconer, wake up!” Kenny said as he tugged him by the sides of his red robe’s collars. When the body remained still and his eyes were still shut, Kenny pressed his ear against his chest. His heart was still beating, and his chest lain warm below the touch of his hand.

As he ran back to the living room, Kenny looked around the couch before retreating back to the kitchen and picking up the phone. His fingers ran over the numbers before entering the digits rapidly and shakingly.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

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Oooooh Kenny Omega and #29??

It amazed you how quickly people moved out of your way. It wasn’t that you were running down the hallway; it was a good-paced-walk at best. But you assumed you had a very serious look of determination on your face that no one wanted to cross.

You knew it also helped that you were easily recognized as Kenny Omega’s girlfriend. Being not of Japanese-descent tended to make you more recognizable when in Japan. Your long platinum blonde hair stuck out almost as much as his did. And at NJPW show, everyone knew who you were on sight.

By the time you reached the separated locker room, the door was shut and no one appeared to be trying to be lurking around. You barely knocked before opening it up. Stepping in, you shut it behind yourself before anyone really realized.

Kenny was sitting on a couch, with a collection of ice packs taped haphazardly to his back and neck. Nick was standing to the side, Matt sitting in a chair across from him. They both fell silent when they realized you had arrived.

Taking quiet steps into the room, you let yourself smoothly sit down beside Kenny on the couch on the edge of the cushions. It was only then that he turned just enough to meet your eyes. You didn’t miss the wince as he did so on his face.

But his eyes…. That was where the real pain was.

You think you heard Matt mumble something about ‘going to take care of some things’ and barely recognized as Nick followed him out of the room.

Kenny said nothing, just continued to look at you. You didn’t falter on your gaze back, trying to somehow just project positivity and care towards him. He had been through a grueling experience tonight; the match itself and the loss he had taken. You knew what that meant to him, meant for his career, meant for his vision. It wasn’t what he had wanted.

“Hi,” he finally spoke, his voice rough, tired. You managed a weak smile in return, reaching up to gently put your hand on his cheek.

“Hey,” you whispered. After another silent moment, Kenny leaned into your touch, and then leaned even further, until his head met your collarbone. You slid your hand around to the back of his head, squeezing your fingers into his curls. You put your other arm around his body, accepting the full weight of him against you, cradling him into your chest.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

You didn’t know exactly what he needed at that moment, but you knew you were going to give him everything you could.

kenny mccormick x shy! reader

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You had known Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Cartman since preschool. But Kenny had always been the closest and nicest to you. You were the only person that remembered him dying each time. When you finally told him he hugged you so tight the two of you fell over.  But one of the things about him that got on your nerves were: The fact that he got too jealous too easily, But it was kinda cute. Especially when you told him he got all flustered. 




You and Craig were talking like normal. You leaned against the lockers and one of his hands laid next to your head, hovering over you. You thought nothing of it.  Kenny walked into the school, his eyes immediately falling on you and Craig socializing. Kenny quickly ran over to you. He glared at Craig before he grabbed your hand and pulled you far from him.

“ Kenny, what’s wrong?”

“ I don’t like you hanging around Craig”

“ (sigh) Kenny, I know you get jealous easily but-”

“ But nothing! You’re mine! Not his!”

You blushed before you nervously asked-

“ Yours?”

“ Yeah, mine. You. Are. Mine. Now. Got it?”

“ Do I have a choice?”

You giggled nervously. He gripped your hand more firmly and kissed the top of it.

“ Nope!”





“ Hey, let’s go back to my place ok?”

Kenny looked down at you, his bright blue eyes lighting up.

“ Of course! I like spending time with you…But it’s just gonna be us right?” You simply nodded your head. “ Good, That means I’ll be able to kiss you all I want~“ Kenny leaned down and firmly pressed his lips to your (plump/thin) lips. 


You sat next to Kenny on your couch. The Grudge played on your tv. Another jump scare popped on the screen, causing you to cling the closest thing to you. Which happened to be his arm. You heard him chuckle. You let go of his arm, only for you to be pressed against his side once more; by his arm. 

” Don’t worry (y/n). I’ll protect you Even from fake-looking monsters. “ 

” Why? You could have any girl…So why me? I’m just plain and boring.“ Kenny looked at you with wide eyes; pulling you closer to his side. 

” you’re not plain, you’re different- You’re exquisite~“ 

” Wha-“

Kenny cut you off by firmly pressing your lips to his. One hand ran through your hair, while the other laid on one of your hips. 

” Mmm~“

He pulled away. 

” Your lips taste so good~“ 

You looked away bashfully. 

” God, you’re always embarrassing me" You whined.

“ I embarrass you, because I love you”

“ That doesn’t make any-” Kenny smashed his lips to yours once more.

“ Does It really matter?”

You bit your bottom lip.

“ I guess not….” Kenny placed both of his hands on your hips, bringing you even closer. If possible. 

“ Don’t hang around Craig…”

“ This again? Kenny, I told you It’ll be fine" 

” Just do as I say”
“ And If I don’t?”

“ Then I’ll make you regret saying that~“ 


Mysterion was with the rest of ‘Coon and Friends’. They were discussing another issue. You walked down the stairs with a tray of lemonade. Mysterion was the first to notice you.

” (y/n), what are you doing here? It’s dangerous…“

His voice, deep and gruff. You smiled at him, but he gave you nothing in return. 

” I know, but Mrs. Cartman asked me to bring this down to everyone. So what'cha guys working on?“

” I’m trying to convince them that I actually die. “

You gave Mysterion a sympathetic look, while handing out the lemonade. 

” But Kenny, dude. I’ve never seen you die”

Mysterion exploded.


Everyone stood still in shock. You placed a hand on his shoulder. You felt his tense muscles relax.

” Ok Mysterion, let’s get you home. You guys can handle things for a while right? Good”

With that being said and done, you took Mysterion by the arm and dragged him to your place. 



Kenny changed out of his Mysterion costume and into his normal clothes. He sat next to you on your couch.

“ You know…You’re really scary as Mysterion”

“ I am? How?”

“ You act so emotionless. So distant..I almost didn’t recognize you”

“ Am I that different?”

“ Yeah…As mysterion your…Mysterious, distant and protective…Which Is kinda hot”

You heard him chuckle. 

“ Is that so? Then I’ll have to show you my darker side more often~” You gave him a smile, but he could tell It was forced. “ Hey, what’s wrong?“ 

” Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine”

Kenny lifted you onto his lap. 

“ Somethings obviously wrong. Tell me”

“ Um…Your outburst on all your friends really surprised me. Are you ok?”

“…No” His voice cracked. “ Nobody remembered, except you which i’m grateful for..I just wish they could remember as well. L-Look (y/n). I-I know this is really sudden, and we’ve known each others since we were kids, but…I think I love you.”  

“ Love? Are you sure?”

“ I bet my life on it. Which Isn’t saying much, but you know what I mean. Do you love me?”

“ Of course I do. I’ve loved you since we were in grade school.”

He leaned in for another kiss, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. 

“ You won’t ever leave me… Right?“ 

Kenny wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest; in a comforting manner.  

” Never, as long as I keep coming back: I'll never leave you”

Headcanon: Ackertopia Reunion

It’s past midnight here and I’m craving a modern Ackerman reunion, featuring a smol!Mikasa. So with that, I made a shitload of headcanons that tie into one scenario. I haven’t looked back on any of these so I have no idea how plausible or good they are. For all I know, I might’ve written a completely incoherent sentence to blind my fellow English speakers with. Sorry~!

 But without further ado…


Ф Ackereunion at the Branch Family’s Residence Ф

Ф Kutchel and Mikasa’s mother giggling away whilst making dinner as Kenny persists that Mikasa’s father compete against him in an Ackerman arm-wrestling match for pointless masculinity.

Ф Kenny secretly pissed that Kutchel beat him earlier, needing to compensate.

Ф Still dissatisfied, Kenny forcing an irritated Levi away from his cleaning spree to go against him, with a curious little Mikasa watching from her mother’s lap.

Ф Kutchel punching the shit out of Kenny for getting absolutely wasted while a child (Mikasa) is present, him blaming the hardcore “Ackerman heritage” for his need to drink during such occasion.

Ф Mikasa’s father awkwardly helping an eager grandpa Ackerman to the table.

Ф Mikasa attempting to persuade Levi into eating her vegetables, to which he threatens to take her cake instead, since “only good brats get dessert”… to which she screeches her protests louder than necessary and reluctantly finishes her food whilst Kutchel gives Levi the signature Ackerglare from across the table.

Ф Kenny telling Mikasa he’ll train her one day, leaving her confused as he lists off defense strategies she’s too little to comprehend - only everyone else knows if she was going to be trained, it’d be by Levi.

Ф Grandpa Ackerman complaining about the food quality. The chiefs’ reactions are left for interpretation.

Ф Kenny, awkward as shit about talking to children, asking Mikasa about her new scarf. And regretting it immediately as she goes on and on about this new Eren boy at her elementary school, along with a few comments here and there about his mushroom-headed friend.

Ф Levi telling her she can’t date since she’s still a “full-fledged brat” and mocking her to come to him if Eren stole her fucking animal crackers, with his dry sense of humor that nobody understands except for him.

Ф Mikasa’s father subtly grabbing her mother’s hand tightly, knowing she feels a little out of place being the only “normal” human in the family, with no Ackerman roots.

Ф Both mothers recalling embarrassing stories at the dinner table about the boys, deliberately getting back at them for causing so much discourse.

Ф The families making Levi talk about his relationship with Isabel and Farlan, teasing him about finally making friends - resulting in him scoffing and sharing little to no information - as if he’d talk anyway.

Ф Rough Ackerfights taking place after dinner, as with every other reunion. Kenny saying they’d quit them next year, to which he says every year.

Ф The women sighing, knowing every holiday would be more physical and destructive than the previous as long as an Ackerman was involved.

Ф  Levi guiding a distressed Mikasa out of the kitchen after washing his plate, knowing she can’t understand the violence yet because she’s both too young and hasn’t “unlocked” her Ackerpower yet.(Which in this universe isn’t caused by traumatic experience. Let’s keep this Ackertopia pure, shall we?) 

Ф Levi awkwardly being forced to engage in a mean game of Monopoly with the brat, in her room, over the shaking of the house from the drunk yelling and constant combat. Though, not complaining because he prefers to be far from ruckus anyway.

Ф At last, the reunion ending at 2 AM with a drunk, sleeping Kenny on the couch - forcing Kutchel to stay in the branch family’s guest room, but giving her a chance to socialize with Grandpa Ackerman before bed.

Ф After everything’s calm, Mikasa’s parents coming in to her room with gentle smiles as they notice the new cravat tied to the teddy bear she’s cuddling with while she’s sleeping, an acquaintance to the scarf around her neck she absolutely refuses to take off.

Ф  Levi, somewhat curled into himself on the floor, passed out next to her bed, probably hungover from both the chaotic night and his cleaning frenzy, leaving the girl’s room in pristine condition.


I literally have no idea if any of this was good or not as I don’t have the energy to read, nor do I want to cringe. But I hope this turned out enjoyable! (⌒>▽<⌒)

One Week- A Kenny Holland Imagine

southkawaii requested a Kenny Holland imagine so here’s that! Still working out a few bugs in my writing so feel free to send me a boy or scenario (or both) for me to improve :) I’ll take any requests including smuts.

“Your lipstick stain is a work of art I’ve got you named tattooed in an arrow heart” you were listening to your friend Kenny sing on Vine. He was leaving for tour in a week and you were going to go nuts without him. If you were being honest you would say you had feelings for Kenny for about a year now but only your best friend knew about it. Kenny had only really been your friend for a year and a half so you were really scared about messing it up. The vine looped again and you sighed to yourself; you had always hoped he would be singing about you in one of those vines. Unfortunately this one came out about a month after he and his ex broke up so you just figured it was about her. You didn’t think you stood a chance compared to all the other girls that wanted him.  You were too late anyway since he was leaving so soon.

As the vine looped again you heard someone yell from downstairs “I didn’t know I was already here!”

 It was Kenny, “shit” you thought. You closed the app as he entered your room and flopped down onto your bed; you knew your face was red but tried to lie anyway, “Yeah I decided I wanted to see how much you improved”

“Enough to go on tour I guess.” He said with a smile.

 “Yeah, you leave so soon! I’m really proud of you.” You smiled back at him but deep down it hurt to know this would probably be your last time seeing him in a while.

 You got up to go use the bathroom and when you came back Kenny was looking at your phone, “Who’s y/b/f/n talking about?” he asked with a puzzled expression as he handed you your phone, you read the text “Might as well just tell him. I ship it. 👫💏 Haha” of course she would send that now.

 “Oh nobody” you played it cool “Just some guy, c’mon lets go order some food.”

 “Can we get Chinese? Also are you going to tell him?”

Well you were wrong to think you’d get off the hook so easy, “Nah. Maybe. I don’t know. I told y/b/f/n I would tell him tomorrow. I think it’s a little late though.”

“It’s never too late” he shrugged.

You shrugged back and called the Chinese place for food; Kenny offered to drive to pick it up and you hopped in the passenger’s side. It would take 45mins to get back to your house but the two of you killed time singing to the radio. It was moments like this that caused you to fall for him in the first place. When you got back to the house Kenny dropped onto the couch and pulled you with him; when you landed next to him he kept his arm around you and things lulled into an awkward silence, luckily your phone rang. It was y/b/f/n. She was trying to get you to tell him “Can we talk about this later, Kenny’s over and I probably won’t see him again before he leaves” “so tell him?” “No I’ll tell him tomorrow I’m not just gonna blow my friend off” “You’re trying to cover aren’t you, so he doesn’t think it’s him” “there you go. You know me so well. Bye”

“I take it y/b/f/n was calling about that guy?”

“Yeah” you shrugged your shoulders as he began to remove his arm “she needs to chill with that”

After dinner the two of you sat on the couch for hours talking about everything, including what he was going to do on tour. You even filmed a couple vines of him singing to post for his fans that followed you.

When the conversation died out a little he asked you a question “So why did you tell y/b/f/n that you think this is your last time seeing me before I go?”

“Don’t you have a lot of goodbyes to say?”

“Yeah but I’m going to do them all tomorrow; I like your house too much to avoid it for five days”

“Gee thanks” you rolled your eyes “What are you ever gonna do without my house?”

“Never mind the house, what am I going to do without you?” he sighed.

“Dude you can text me and stuff, it’ll be fine.” You replied, not wanting to get your hopes up about where this was going.

“Yeah but like, won’t you be really busy? Especially when that guy says yes” he added flatly

“Wow, bitter much?” you laughed

“A little; I mean I leave in a week and probably won’t have time to intimidate him. Seriously if I don’t meet him Skype me one day so I can let him know he isn’t allowed to break your heart”

“You know what, I’m just gonna tell him now and you can threaten him over the phone.” So you walked into the kitchen, picked up your cell phone, and dialled Kenny’s number. You heard his confused voice answer the phone and you froze up for a moment before finally managing to say “It’s you” he didn’t reply he just hung up the phone. Your stomach dropped and you found it hard to breathe; suddenly you heard footsteps in the kitchen and you quickly turned to look out the window.

“You know y/n” Kenny started, “I almost thought I was going to have to flat out ask you how to stop you from asking that guy out just so you’d get the hint.”

“Wait so you like me back?” you looked over at him with a shy smile.

He laughed and rolled his eyes “Duh.”

“Then why did you just hang up?”

“So I could do this…” He trailed off as he moved in to kiss you gently.

You kissed him back and then stood in silence for a moment. Finally you managed to say what had been eating at you ever since you found out about his tour, “But you leave in a week”

“Then I promise I’m going to make this the best damn week of your night.”

He came over every day before he left. He made plans with his friends too, but always found at least an hour to hang out or take you somewhere. By the last day you were much more confident that everything was going to work out.

look I just want Kent Parson to have a happily ever after too, okay?

Kent gets the wedding invitation in the mail and immediately calls Jack.

“You’re getting married?” he practically shouts into the phone.

“Yeah, we’re engaged,” Jack answers.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Things were kinda hectic,” Jack says. “Besides, the media knows, it was all over the news. I didn’t think I had to call you personally and tell you again.”

“I didn’t hear anything,” Kent says. “Y’know because I’ve been a little busy in the playoffs.” 

Jack lets out a chuckle. “You are coming right?”

“Sure. Unless it falls on my cup day then I think I’ll pass,” Kent answers with a smirk.

“Getting cocky are we now,” Bittle says. Kent’s not surprised that he’s probably on speaker phone.

“You know it, Bits.” 

There’s a knock on his door. “Hey, guys, congrats, really. I gotta go though, we’ll talk later?” he asks, getting up from the couch.

“Thanks, Kenny.”

Kent hangs up the phone and opens his door to see Jonesy, his teammate. Jonesy’s probably his best friend on the team, he’s goofy and fun, but always intense when it comes to hockey. 

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((redheadedprodigychild)) "Hey dude, I ran away from home and I need a place to lay low for a bit, mind if I crash with you? I'll pay for whatever I eat and then some, I'll even stay out of the way, I just needed to get the hell out of there for a few days." Kyle asked over the phone when Kenny finally picked up. Sure, it was super fucking late at night and he was literally outside of the blonds house, but he still needed to go through the proper channels of asking politely to steal a couch.

Kenny blinks, sitting in the recliner of his apartment’s living room when he recives the call. “Dude, sure, of course. Mi casa es su casa, y'know?” He gets up from his chair. “When’ll you be over?”

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Kenny walked into the house, trembling violently. He was covered in rain, had a bloody nose and black eye. As soon as he saw Agdar he wrapped his arms around the other and sobbed quietly.

Agdar gently guided Kenny to the couch, whispering sweet nothings into his ear as he sat down with him. Agdar hadn’t been feeling well, so he’d stayed at home, catching up on soap opera’s, which was why there was a box of tissues on the table. He held on up to Kenny’s nose, waiting for the blood to dry as sweet words continued to leave his mouth.