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I’ve been dying to upload this for a while and I’ve finally finished the project!!! In my photography/graphic design class we had an assignment to make a vinyl cover for one of our favorite bands. So I went with  NinjaSexParty!! There’s a front and back along with an inside fold cover thing! I picked the Under the Covers album because that was the most appropriate one for school, and the pictures were heavily inspired by their “Take on me” music video!!


05.06.17 John Zorn led a stellar ensemble in a stunning performance of his legendary game piece Cobra at Roulette with  Eyal MaozTaylor Levine and Matt Hollenberg on guitar, Ikue Mori on laptop, Sylvie Courvoisier on piano, Michael Nicolas on cello, Brian Marsella on organ, Trevor Dunn on contrabass, Simon Hanes on electric bass, Ches Smith on vibraphone and timpani, and Tim Keiper, Kenny Grohowski and Jim Black on drums. The show began with a short version of another of Zorn’s game piece, Hockey, with Zorn himself on game calls Michael Nicolas on cello and Aaron Edgcomb on percussion.


1984. Battle Cry

is the debut album by band Omen.  

The band was formed in 1983, by lead guitarist Kenny Powell, previously with the band Savage Grace and signed on with Metal Blade.

the album was Production by Brian Slagel   who was known for giving Metallica their first break in 1982, with an appearance on Metal Massacre.

“Battle Cry” is definitely a landmark album, for not only US power metal, but the entire power metal genre in general with its more violent approach to the lyrics and artwork, as well as its undeniable catchy, anthem-like choruses and riffs. If this album isn’t one that you have got to yet, or one that you found to be entirely unenjoyable, then you had better lock your doors because the Axeman will have you bound and gagged.

Battle Cry is without a doubt one of the greatest metal albums.

                 J.D. Kimball     Kenny Powell     Steve Wittig     Jody Henry