kennis and kennis

Off-Scren Post #24

BUTTERS: Boy… it sure is beautiful out tonight.
KENNY: Glad you like it.

BUTTERS: ‘Course I liked it, Ken! I liked this whole date. I really love when we can just relax and be peaceful like this. It’s a nice switch from everything lately.

BUTTERS: Oh and by the way, I know you said you don’t wanna do anything when we’ve been all stressed out, but I don’t really think we need to hold off on doing it anymore. It’s been awhile.


KENNY: …Actually. There’s something I need to tell you.

[ I know it’s kind of bad timing with everyone being distracted with the game, but hey! I just got done with this and I think it’s pretty great. ]


Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

I’m only going to say this once. The people who are trashing Kenny & The Young Bucks are hypocrites. Ever since the RAW invasion + cease & desist stuff I’ve seen nothing but hate being directed at K & The YB’s and for what reason? Well apparently fans are turning on them and acting like they ripped their entire gimmick off the WWE. Well let me educate you first of all what have they ripped off? The two sweet? Fun fact the NWO actually gave permission to the BC to use that hand gesture and said they see it as the BC showing them respect. Not to mention that the NWO + the two sweet was a WCW thing and if you want to go even further back it was actually an NJPW thing from the 80’s which the NWO took and popularised in WCW. What else did they rip off? The DX crotch chop? Oh well incase you haven’t noticed A LOT of wrestlers have done that at some point or another and I don’t see anyone attacking them. And let’s not act like WWE haven’t ripped off the BC at some point, the BC ripoff shirts say hi (they have them for nearly everybody). The BC began in 2013 and have been doing that kind of stuff since then which is now 5 years and in those 5 yrs I’ve seen no one get so hateful about the BC and what they do but now all of sudden everybody wants to crap on Kenny & The YB’s ever since the RAW invasion and cease & desist thing. Y'all sound fake to me and are using this as a way to try and turn people on Kenny & The Bucks because you hate them and don’t want success for them. Either that or you are just being petty and trying to continue this stupid NJPW vs. WWE war between fans which is honestly dumb. If you don’t like NJPW then fine but don’t start stupid wars with its fans bc your salty about it for some reason (and yes that goes for everyone in wrestling with any promotion). Y'all really need to grow up and stop sucking the fun out of wrestling.