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The alternative music industry is just one big happy family and it’s so pure

Destined To Ask

[Pairing; Kenny Omega X Reader]

      “Cody, let go!” I giggled, yanking my arm out of his hold. “(Y/N), you’re going to fall. Let me help you.” He persisted, calmly ignoring my demand. I attempted what pathetic excuse I could claim as an eye roll, and dainty waved a pointer index finger in his face. “Your wife wouldn’t like you getting all handsy with me.” I hiccuped, smiling. “(Y/N)..” He whispered. “Or would she? She’s hot. Maybe the three of us could try someth..” was all that I could get out before tumbling over my own feet. Cody caught me before I hit the ground, and the rest was history. 

      “Oh..” I croaked, instantly regretting opening my eyes to the blinding light beams seeping through my curtains. I rubbed my face, and massaged my temples. Rolling over, I figured another hour wouldn’t hurt at this point- and that’s when I heard it. Trickling water ran through my shower drain, not even fifteen feet from my bed. Ignoring all of my pain, I shot straight up in my bed. I’m not alone. 

      Eliminating who it couldn’t be, I was zipping through a mental list of names- trying to figure out just who exactly was accompanying me, before it was too late. I grasped onto any detail of last night that I could, attempting to force out any idea of it being one of the guys. Matt left early, and Nick went home to his wife. Adam wasn’t even there- thank God.. That would have been a mistake. I pat myself on the back, for not doing that- even in my worst state. Inwardly slapped in the face, I remembered Cody.. He was the last person I have any memory of seeing. “No, no, no, no, no..” I started to panic. 

      “I did not.. sleep with a married man. I did NOT sleep with a married man.” I repeated, cognitively in a mumble. Lifting the sheets above my eyesight, I realized that I at least was fully clothed- allowing myself to breathe at the greater possibility of the situation. I took off, fumbling over the comforter’s twist- bound into a mess, and stepped to the cool, hard wooden floor. I felt like a toddler taking their first steps, with curiosity and fear. I crept to where I could possibly peek through the door’s crack- a second too late. 

      The white-washed barrier swung open, and revealed someone.. almost worse than Cody. “Well hi there, Princess.” The two-toned, curly headed ex said with a knowing smile. “Oh..” I wept, shutting my eyes- relieved with it not being who I thought it be.. but, disappointed with who it was. “What’s the matter?” He joked, leaning his half naked body to the frame. “Kenny..” I groaned.

      With his chuckle, his chest rose, and the smile widened. He crossed his arms, and let the remaining rainfall drip down his stomach. Of course, he was in a towel.. but I couldn’t promise anything else. “Why’re you..” I aimed to ask. “Here?” He finished for me. “You wanted to have sex last night.” Kenny admitted, and my eyes tightened. “So, we had sex last night.” He concluded, laughing at it if it were a riddle. 

      “Oh..” I recited. “You keep saying that..” Kenny scrunched his face with his observation, and I brought my vision back to the real world. “You were begging.. and you know how much I used to looove the hear you beg, babe.” He romanticized his confession. “So I put you out of your misery.” Kenny clapped his hands together, banging my eardrums to a ring. Whether it had been the alcohol or the gut-rotting idea of drunk sex with him, I was a mere minute away from a date with porcelain. “I’ll be downstairs, my love.” Kenny laughed, as I swept past him in a hurry.

      Freshening up, I managed to move step by step until I was on the first floor. “Bacon or sausage?” Kenny yelled thought the kitchen and into the foyer, connecting to the stairs I had border-line stumbled down. A lightning bolt of sickness shot through my core at the thought of smelling such, let alone eating it. “Please, don’t.” I replied, stopping myself and masking my nose from the scent. Prepared for a natural disaster, I turned the corner to see him standing by the island- in a perfectly fit, previously favorite v-neck. It still hugged him in all the right areas, outlining his muscular build. 

      “Where’s the bacon..” I questioned, confused on how I wasn’t being smothered by an unbearable amount of grease stench. Kenny scoffed in a single laugh. “I can’t have you hurling every time you suck in a breath of air.” He stretched out his arms, to rest them on the counter top. “Come on.” Kenny rolled his eyes. I smiled at his witty excuse of avoiding to cook such a difficult task for his level of culinary. “But I did make you these.” He turned, grabbing the pan full of scrambled eggs. 

      “If you don’t want that, then there’s some cereal left.. I guess.” Kenny said, shaking the nearly empty box of Special K. “Oh, and this.” He added, opening the fridge door. He reached for a champagne glass, and set a drink in front of my intertwined, resting hands. Mimosa. I narrowed my eyes, and titled my head at him. “I know. I’m no bartender, but I figured that it’d help.” 

      Aware of his notorious schemes before, I was a little weary as to why he was being so kind. “Why are you still here?” I asked, letting it be the first thing I could actually swallow this morning with confidence. “Rude.” He shook his head, with a bounce of his curls and a smirk. “I’m here because you obviously can’t take care of yourself.” Kenny remarked, and I shook my head. “Besides, who else is going to tell you about all of the mistakes you made in one night.” He outlined the words in the sky with his hands, with glistening eyes full of details that he couldn’t wait to inform me of. 

      “Kenny, please..” I pleaded, sick from the anxiety of the truths now, instead of the poisoning liquor. “Mmh.” He groaned, shutting his eyes and throwing his head back. “You know how that’s music to my ears!” Kenny yelled, echoing his expression off of the white walls, and into my ears again. “Stop yelling.” I cringed, unsure of where to move my hands- back to my temples, or over my ears. “Oh, where do I begin..” Kenny joked.

      “I’m listening..” I offered myself, sipping the heavily loaded drink, and starting my breakfast. “Ooh, okay.” He shined ear to ear, and rubbed his hands together. “You hit on a girl, across the bar- for starters.” He listed on his digit, mashing both index’s together- letting me know that there was a lot more if he’s counting of his fingers. “I remember that..” I admitted. “Well, you must have a secret side to you then, because then you asked Cody..” He started, before I interrupted. “I remember that, too.” Kenny tilted his head, and nodded at the hinted secret- setting up two fingers now.

      “That’s the last thing I remember, actually..” I owned up to, and he gave a wicked flash in return- knowing he had reached his grip on my upcoming shame. “You fell.” He continued, showing three fingers. “Twice.” He added another, choked out a giggle, and then rest his hand to the counter once more. “Then Cody came and got me.” Kenny finished up, exhaling a sharp and deep breath- ready to get something off of his chest.

      “Brandi called him over the Honor Rising interview again, and he said that it was time he dealt with it..” Kenny whispered, and sucked his lips in at how he knew his friend was in deep shit with his wife- as did I. As did everyone. “.. and that it was time I dealt with something, too.” His pupils grew at the last comment, and he quietened. My eyes dropped with my heart, and a chill skimmed up my spine. “He told me that you still loved me, and that you were drinking because I was flirting with another girl.” Kenny spoke softly- then lifted a full hand of five fingers. “(Y/N)..” He tried.

      “Ken, just go..” I requested, feeling the flush of scarlet snake through my cheeks in embarrassment. Reminded of our past, all at once, my chest’s cavity ripped open just a little wider. “I’m not done yet..” Kenny muttered, under his breath. “Oh, God.. there’s more?” I choked through a swelling throat, and tear-filled eyes. Then I remembered why he was even here in the first place. “Oh..” I shrieked, for what felt like the millionth time today. 

      “Hey, relax.” He smiled, setting his hand on top of mine to calm my nerves. “I brought you home, and we talked.. and that’s all that we did.” He reassured me, putting an extra umph into the word all- so that I was sure. “Wait, we didn’t..” Confused, I asked. “No.” He shook his head. “I’d never do that to you, you know that.” His cheeks grew of a same shade, and he starred a little too long. Kenny retracted his hand, and cleared his throat- pulling us back from the good old days of being together. 

      “What did we talk about?” I murmured, in a mouse’s squeak. “Us.” He looked down with his statement. “I was drunk Kenny, you can’t take that seriously..” I dismissed the conversation with a light-hearted laugh, standing. “I wasn’t.” He chuckled back. “Good.” I replied, picking up my dishes and making my way to the dishwasher. “Mhm.” I heard him hum to himself, forcing me to give in and look at him. From the years of knowing that that was his way of saying I still have more to say, but it’s probably best if I keep my mouth shut- I knew there was a missing piece to the story. “What then?” I dared, knowing it was a trap- I folded my arms, and rest my back against the sink.

      Turning his body to face me, he huffed again. “Spit it out.” I urged. “I wasn’t.. until you asked me a question.” I jerked my head back in sarcasm. “Don’t tell me we’re engaged.” I joked, and he stayed silent. “Or.. already.. married?” I pushed a little harder, with him not budging at my humor. “No, (Y/N).” Kenny snapped, shutting the jokes down. “I gotta get going.” He said, lifting the remaining pots and pans from breakfast up. Getting to the sink, he knew I wouldn’t move out of the way until I got what I wanted. “Please move.” He asked politely, but different than any mood he had been in so far. 

      “Kenny..” I said, scrunching my eyebrows at his manners and attitude, and he shot his- not saying another word. I did as he asked, and stepped aside. Working away, he washed and rinsed the plates and I stood idly by. I can’t do this anymore. “Hey.” I turned, speaking soft enough for only him to hear- setting my fingernails to his skin. He didn’t move his view, but he shut off the tap and rest his working hands. “Tell me.” I demanded in the nicest possible way.

      Kenny shut his eyes and let his lungs breathe. A second later, he came back and grabbed a dish towel- drying his hands. “You asked me if you were stupid to ask if I missed you.” He enunciated each word, just so he didn’t have to repeat himself. Oh.. I thought, and didn’t let slip. I stood, frozen, picking at my nails with one another. “And..” I encouraged him to keep going, after half a minute of thinking. “And.. You were too drunk for me to tell you. So I took you to bed, tucked you in, and slept on the couch.” He smiled again, happily- pointing towards the couch in clear view. 

      “And the shower thing?” He chuckled again, and even if it has been a couple minutes since his last- I missed it. “I just thought it’d be funny.” Kenny confessed, waiving his hands up in surrender. “You jerk.” I laughed. He bit his lip, then dropped his smile over the matter of a moment. Tell me. “So if I wasn’t drunk..” I began beating around the bush- both of us knowing it was destined to come out sooner or later. 

      “Yeah.” He spat, rubbing his neck. Yeah.. you miss me.. I thought, I hoped. “Yeah, it was a stupid question to ask.” Kenny claimed. If looks could kill, Kenny’d drop dead. I didn’t speak- I didn’t have to. I stood in stillness. “Of course, I do..” He finally spoke up. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” Kenny pitched the cloth with. 

      A flutter of what felt like butterflies danced around my beating heart, pulsing at the replay of his words. He smiled. He really smiled, too. A genuine one. Closing the gap between us, he wrapped his warm arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. “Do these with me.” He snickered, kissed my temple again, and let go. I smiled to myself, and reached for the bottle of Dawn. 

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if kenny's voice doesn't sound like he smoked his way through fifteen Marlboro factories i'm going to be disappointed because there's no way that man has a smooth voice

At least fifteen Marlboro factories.  Before breakfast.  Which is gravel washed down by whisky.  I can’t wait to hear his dulcet tones. 

I bet he has a surprisingly good singing voice though.  Proper crooner like. 

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Harry Potter- beyblade head cannons would be 😍🤓😍


Well, okay. This is a bit too broad and I did sort of collate it into a 15 part fic but I’m not going into all that now. BUT BRACE YOURSELF FOR A LOT OF RAMBLING <3

Let me just outline how the beyblade world would figure in the Harry Potter world and I’ll add a few things. (I’ll use dub names. Hope that’s okay!)

Okay, firstly, Mr. Dickinson would definitely be Dumbledore in this situation. He’d be the headmaster of Hogwarts. You can totally see him pushing the boys (often to their own detriment) much like Dumbledore. Also his old associate, Dr. Zaggart could be his Grindelwald.

We have Tyson, the guy who grew up without a mother, a muggle dad and with an emotionally unavailable brother. Also, Hiro, much like Percy is the ambitious prefect who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about family. Both of them end up in Gryffindor. Btw, Tyson’s a seeker (because well, Beyblade’s Tyson commands the wind with Dragoon).

We have Kai, who (no surprise) is in Slytherin. He’s a Parselmouth as well. He’s suffered a traumatic past because his grandfather Voltaire (our own Voldemort) tried to raise an army of pure bloods by training them and abusing them through his loyal subject, the Death Eater, Boris. The Blitz boys too were part of this training, but like Kai, they escaped. All of these boys bear the Dark Mark, a symbol of their past. Kai’s mother, I headcanon, much like Merope Gaunt was a weak witch, tortured by his Grandfather for being weak and falling for Kai’s Muggle dad who abandoned him. Yes, Kai’s backstory coincides a bit with canon Voldy, but we’re sticking to Voltaire as Voldy here.

And since poor traumatized Kai hardly has happy memories, he cannot conjure a patronus! :( He finally does when his teammates show that they love him despite his constant asshole behaviour. And why do I say teammates? Because I totally headcanon that Hogwarts, instead of selecting individuals chooses a team of 6 (Tyson, Kai, Ray, Max, Hilary and Daichi) to take part in the Triwizard Tournament! The Triwizard tournament here is an obvious parallel to the world championships and the other schools are the other teams from different parts of the world.

Anyway, moving on. We have Hilary, our Hermione, who is, without a doubt, the brightest witch of her age. But like Hermione, she chose Gryffindor over Ravenclaw and the sorting hat respected it.

Then we have Ray. Ray is inevitably a Gryffindor. Ray comes from a Pureblood clan from China, but chooses to go to Hogwarts instead of their school. He is also an Animagus and transforms into a white tiger.

Daichi is a Hufflepuff. He’s hardworking, sweet and energetic. Also, he can see Thestrals, because he witnessed his dad die :(

Kenny is a Ravenclaw, because, duh.

Okay, now Max is a Ravenclaw. Hear me out, I know that you’d pick him for Hufflepuff, but Max is a smart, analytical and calculating kid, if canon is anything to go by. I think he prioritizes that and asks the Sorting Hat to place him in Ravenclaw over Slytherin. Why do I say over Slytherin again? Because I totally headcanon that Judy is from a Pureblood family, which like Kai’s is descended from Salazar Slytherin himself!! Max is unaware of his distant connection to Kai, but he is ashamed of the part of him that is a descendant of Slytherin. In this case, I’m drawing upon Max’s bitbeast in the Japanese version - Genbu. Genbu is the tortoise but we all know that mythologically speaking it is depicted as a tortoise and serpent. (Source of image: Wikipedia)

So Max keeps his mother’s pendant with Genbu on it, ie, the locket of Slytherin hidden from others, including his friends, for fear of judgment. He also hides the fact that he is a Parselmouth, because Max is not proud of his lineage. He loves his mom but he has grown up with his Muggle-born dad who is all about being inclusive. Judy distances herself from Max (despite loving him) because he is after all, her unplanned son with a Muggle born wizard.

Also, Judy is Minister for Magic. Because, well, why not. 

Random headcanon: The woman that appears when Wolborg appears is Tala’s mother. Wolborg is Tala’s patronus, but it appears as his mother first because his memory of her is his strongest memory :’)

P.S. Please don’t use these headcanons for any fic because my fic includes these headcanons.


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Benjamin (Mark): [Insert Heavy Breathing Here]
Mark (Benjamin): WHY
Jonathon (Kenny): You look very cute in my body Jon~
Kenny (Jonathon): Oh! Um…thanks.

I saw this while being a stalker and was inspired to make this.

Characters belong to: @saveraedae

Now Mark is off to masturbate in Benjamin’s body


Headcanon that this song makes both Jack and Kent think of each other.

Kent remembers all of the days before Jack got sober.

Jack remembers all of the days since.