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im in a bit of a slump so i cant bring myself to finish these but some scribbles of s3 luke ideas and also him in that goofy ass iconic skywalker poncho!!!!!

Art style meme of @fenioucreek ‘s (senpais) art
Feniou I love your stuff so much ugguuu you’re like one of my top favorite south park artists and an anatomy god. Doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re a good or bad person I love your art so there ;P


anonymous asked:

Kenny Omega as a dad??

Kenny Omega as a dad would include;

-He would be the gentlest Dad ever he’ll be terrified that he’ll hurt the Baby

-But with help of the Bucks he soon gets over that

-As the child grows older he’ll start to introduce them to video games and wrestling

-“Kenny it’s an 18….He’s 1”

-Trying to set the child up with one of the Bucks kids

-“We need them to end up together to keep the wrestling blood line strong”
Siren's Lament Blooper Compilation!
Hello Everybody and HAPPY SUMMER BREAK!! AH! I'm finally free from finals and you have no idea how happy I am c: I bet you guys are too since summer is final...

Everyone is so cute, I swear it makes me giggle LOLOL

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