After a few conversations with some friends, I found out that it might be best to actually introduce that pone that haunts my avatar and banner! 

His name is Decisive Act!  He was finalized in Q1 2013 and went through a lot of changes over the course of over a year. 

I have a biography page for him in a database here if someone winds up being interested!

His personality is largely a reflection of my own and I suppose would be considered both an OC and a ‘sona.  I’ve also never really participated in a full-blown roleplay before, but I’ve been hounded by friends to get involved in one with him countless times!  The most roleplaying I’ve ever done are some small, cutesy Skype-based ones.

Anywho, sorry for the blurb!

Oh, I can’t forget to credit the fine artists who’ve been kind enough to draw him!

(Left to right, top to bottom) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Just a WIP sketch of my OC. 

Been reminiscing lately on how content and optimistic I am with my art, and looking back at my really early stuff and shivering at it.  I’ve always hated whatever I draw, but recently, with this WIP especially, I think I’m finally beginning to see some sort of improvement. 

As cheesy as it is, I really have my good old friends to thank for helping me persevere and keep practicing.  Most notably, Matt, Kenniks, and Vexx3.  Thanks again, and I hope to honour your faith in me by continuing to work at it and improve the best I can.  <3