kenni the koala

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A headcanon i have is that kenny is a sleep cuddler. An extreme sleep cuddler. Youre sleeping with him, he will wrap his arms around you and pretty much suffocate you but its okay because hes cute. And warm.

I had the strong urge to doodle this so. I did ;v;…  And I can totally see Kenny straight up koala-ing up on Kyle in the middle of the night and it’s cute until Kyle starts sweating from the sheer body heat coming off that desert of a boy.

wrestling // onewingedcleaner

When she discovered they were wrestlers, she knew things would be interesting. And it was. Filming things for their online show was fun, but she wanted in on the action. It was dangerous for her to actually be in a ring, which was why she never attempted it. She could only bring herself to stand backstage and cheer her friends on.

However, as they all stood in her living room, she watched as they ‘practiced’ their moves. Most of them she knew she couldn’t do, but she could contribute. Climbing onto the couch, she jumped off, wrapping herself around Kenny.

“I call it the koala.” Romana laughed, trying to keep herself steady. “Does this make me a wrestler?”