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Where do you get your seeds from? I have had good germination rates with cactusplaza and a few other big companies on amazon but I am tempted by the price and variety available on aliexpress, even though half their pictures are bizarrely photoshopped and quality seeds for 20p seems unlikely. Worth a try or not?

Absolutely not.

I buy almost all of my seeds from Ebay. First I check that the seller has good feedback, or at least the seeds are listed for a sensible price, and I make sure to avoid anything with misleadingly photoshopped images.
Avoid any listing with a vague title or description. Often good sellers will say in the description where the seeds were collected from, and when, so you know how fresh they are. At the very least, a good seller will give some habitat information or other specifics. See if it looks like the seller cares about their customers and about what they are selling. :)
Currently, my favourite Ebay seller is Kenni Koala Seeds, who is based in Australia but ships all over the world (you have to log in on Australian Ebay to be able to get a combined total for the postage). They stock a huge range of unusual cacti and succulents, their prices and shipping are great and I’ve had excellent germination rates. 
I also really like samu.babyplant, who is based in Italy, and is particularly good for ordering large quantities of seeds from.
Since you’re in the UK too, I’ll give my honest opinion on our two most successful and well known exotic seed sellers on Ebay (23ng23 and bsquared_1). They are okay. I do sometimes buy from them, as both have low prices. I don’t think they have the freshest seeds, as I never get a great germination rate from either seller, but they do always send the correct species, and there’s enough germination for me to try buying from them if I can’t find the species I want elsewhere. 

The BCSS have a yearly seed list, from which it sells on a first come first served basis. It’s published along with the December issue of the quarterly magazine. It’s worth becoming a member if you’re not already, having a look on their forums, and perhaps joining the Facebook group
In groups and forums you may also find individuals who swap or sell seeds they have harvested, or you may even discover individuals with catalogues.

I think everyone agrees that Cactusplaza is an excellent source for seeds and live plants. I’ve also heard very good things about SuccSeed, and will probably make an order from them this winter. 

I’ve never bought seeds/plants from Amazon as I’ve found that those sellers appear worryingly impersonal, but I’m glad to hear that you’ve had success, so I shan’t be so dismissive of them in future! 

I hope that was helpful! :)