“And what of the Iranian people? What did being “saved from communism” do for them? For the preponderance of the population, life under the Shah was a grim tableau of grinding poverty, police terror, and torture. Thousands were executed in the name of fighting communism. Dissent was crushed from the outset of the new regime with American assistance. Kennett Love wrote that he believed that CIA officer George Carroll, whom he knew personally, worked with General Farhat Dadsetan, the new military governor of Teheran, “on preparations for the very efficient smothering of a potentially dangerous dissident movement emanating from the bazaar area and the Tudeh in the first two weeks of November, 1953”.

The notorious Iranian secret police, SAVAK, created under the guidance of the CIA and Israel, spread its tentacles all over the world to punish Iranian dissidents. According to a former CIA analyst on Iran, SAVAK was instructed in torture techniques by the Agency. Amnesty International summed up the situation in 1976 by noting that Iran had the “highest rate of death penalties in the world, no valid system of civilian courts and a history of torture which is beyond belief. No country in the world has a worse record in human rights than Iran.”

When to this is added a level of corruption that “startled even the most hardened observers of Middle Eastern thievery”, it is understandable that the Shah needed his huge military and police force, maintained by unusually large US aid and training programs, to keep the lid down for as long as he did. Said Senator Hubert Humphrey, apparently with some surprise:

Do you know what the head of the Iranian Army told one of our people? He said the Army was in good shape, thanks to U.S. aid — it was now capable of coping with the civilian population. That Army isn’t going to fight the Russians. It’s planning to fight the Iranian people.

Where force might fail, the CIA turned to its most trusted weapon — money. To insure support for the Shah, or at least the absence of dissent, the Agency began making payments to Iranian religious leaders, always a capricious bunch. The payments to the ayatollahs and mullahs began in 1953 and continued regularly until 1977 when President Carter abruptly halted them. One “informed intelligence source” estimated that the amount paid reached as much as $400 million a year; others thought that figure too high, which it certainly seems to be. The cut-off of funds to the holy men, it is believed, was one of the elements which precipitated the beginning of the end for the King of Kings.”

-Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II by William Blum

I find this absolutely disgusting that they had the nerve to tweet this because this tweet literally summarizes what they see Bonnie as, a WOC who constantly loses her life to protect her white counterparts.

Let me make this clear. Bonnie Bennett is not indentured to anyone, she has risked her life and put others before her too many times, and the fact that yall constantly make her lose everything confirms how you view women of color on this show.

dine and dash ~masterlist~

You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. You wanted to move out of the region and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

part i

part ii

part iii

part iv

part v

part vi

part vii

part viii

part ix

part x

part xi

it’s so annoying to be a multishipper and constantly have one of your ships bashed by blogs who ship another one of your ships *sigh*

and the worst is when the antis of ship a who are also supporters of ship b accuse you of condemning the creepiest and absurdest shit because you also ship ship a and not only sHIP B I WANNA SCREAM

Sometimes when I think about all the potential that the character Bonnie Bennett had that wasn’t explored because Plec was a racist pig. I get super pissed off. All the potential romances…storylines that could have shown her bloodline as more than “handmaidens”. I just thank God that her fans explored it in fanfiction. So that Bonnie fans could have something. Cause everything that Bonnie should have had found their way into a whiter character’s hands. I hope when Plec’s last show is cancelled she never heads a show again. Never again for the rest of her damn life. 

Bonnie Bennett seriously was amazing. And she deserved way better love interests than she got in the show.

Pairings I would have liked to have seen:

Bonnie x Damon
They had amazing chemistry on screen. I love the friendship that developed between them, and how they kept each other on their toes. Plus, Damon seriously deserved better than Elena.

Bonnie x Klaus
Truly, madly, deeply. This could have been fire. If anyone could keep Klaus in line, a Bennett could. Bonnie would. And it never made sense to me why Klaus was sooo into Caroline. I mean I liked her, but I didn’t see it.

Bonnie x Stefan
This would have been amazing because they were so similar in so many ways. I think Bonnie could have helped Stefan kick his habit of ripping people. Probably because human blood wouldn’t be as good as his witch’s blood in the throes of passion. 😜 And Stefan could have helped Bonnie kick her need to constantly sacrifice herself.

Bonnie x Tyler
I totally think Tyler and Bonnie had potential in the first couple of seasons. Unfortunately, nothing came of it, and they paired him with Caroline. Sorry, but I just don’t see a wolf and a vampire as a couple that could have lasted. But a wolf and a witch? Tyler could have totally let his wolf flag fly. 😂 Tyler didn’t like the vampires and neither did Bonnie. They could have protected each other from it.

Bonnie x Kol
Seriously, this pairing would have cracked me up. I just can’t help thinking it would have been so much fun to see.

Pairings I want to get behind, but am still unsure of:

Bonnie x Elijah
He would have been a gentleman and would have done anything to protect her, if they were together. Unlike others (I’m looking at you Jeremy).

Bonnie x Kai
I feel like this would have also been funny. I think Kai totally would have jumped at the chance to be with Bonnie… not sure if she would have ever actually given him the opportunity. But eh, I think I would have still liked it better than pretty much all of her love interests on the show.

Pairings that I just can’t see:

Bonnie x Jeremy
I didn’t like it before he cheated on her with a ghost, and I hated it afterwards. Seriously, they couldn’t think of anyone else? Jeremy was useless, even as a hunter. Thank you, but no.

Bonnie x Enzo
Maybe I would have liked it if Damon wasn’t so much better at being Damon. Plus, the chemistry between the two felt lacking. Every time they did something that should have been cute, it felt like they were each trying to prove something.

Bonnie x Matt
I just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I could totally imagine Matt falling for her. But I can’t see her falling for him. Granted, she probably would have been great for him. I truly think that pre-vampire Caroline and him, were kind of perfect for each other.

Bonnie x Jamie
What? Like why? Seriously, why? Why would this have ever have been a thing? Nope.

My actual true Bonnie OTP:

Bonnie x A being whose power is only matched by Bonnie
Just think of it… Damon lets Elena go exploring her old house in the prison world, instead of meeting Bonnie halfway, right? Well, let’s say she figures out the whole Qetsiyah tombstone thing on her own. She gets the power, escapes the prison world, summons ms cuddles to get her powers, and leaves. She doesn’t let anyone, and I do mean anyone know she’s out. The Scooby Squad are still running around with their heads cut off for years, while Bonnie travels. She meets some bloke who is like super duper powerful, like more powerful than Klaus. He doesn’t try to kill her or use her for her powers. He doesn’t want anything but her. He could not care less about doppelgängers and would gladly kill the whole Mystic Falls and NOLA group, if she asked. Then, one day after they are married they go back to MF so Bonnie can visit her Grams’ grave or something. That is when everyone realizes she’s alive, and that is when they realize she is the happiest that she’s ever been… away from them. Damon, who had long since realized he was in love with her is both happy that she is back and miserable that she’s not his. Klaus is jealous because Bonnie looks super amazing and powerful, and he wants to possess that power. Plus, he’s jealous that he’s not the most powerful being anymore. And Elena is pissed, sad, jealous, and realizes that she spent the last years of her friendship with Bonnie, using her. But Bonnie? Bonnie is just like, “Yeah, I’ve been out for years. This is my husband and theses are our two kids. Plus I’m expecting another.”

That would have made me so happy. But sure, let’s end the show with Elena waking up and getting her happy ending with Damon… even though they were horrible together. Let’s go with that.


TVD Fake Text AU: where you & Bonnie go to college together and agonize each other over in front of your bad-boy crushes. 

  • Damon: *is willing to sacrifice 16/17 year old Bonnie to Save Elena*
  • Fandom: okay
  • Elijah and Freya: *sacrifice 18 year old Davina to save Rebekah*

I feel sorry for LJ Smith for having to watch something she created be massacred the way that it has been. I feel sorry for the cast and crew of the TVD, TO, and Legacies. It must be hard to sit back and watch as writers and directors make bad decision after bad decision.  It must also be hard to watch fellow cast influence or aid writers and directors in bad decisions. Especially when it has the power to affect not only ratings, cancellations, and your livelihood. Julie Plec has ruined Legacies before it even began. I never understood why the made the Originals spinoff the way they did. 1000 year old dead sperm waking up and impregnating people is absurd. It should have served as a prequel to TVD and chronicled their lives before TVD. If they never did the New Orleans storyline with the Originals TVD would still be alive. TVD should have led into Legacies.


Should have never been left out of “Always and forever.” Never understood how there was never really any serious character development with him in TVD. A Immortal with a vast knowledge of witches and their power not explored is a travesty, By rights Kol and Bonnie should have traveled the world together with him helping her become a better witch since she really never had anybody to teach her about her craft. before returning to teach at the school Instead of treating them like crap repeatedly killing them and great storyline they should have had.


Her character could have been an empowered ass kicking woman but chose to make her needy and weak. They could have gave her some awesome fight scenes and let travel the world and  realize how  awesome she really was.  Instead of ending up with a man who chose immortality and power over her.  her and Marcel’s story was creepy/cute until you find out they called Mikael and never tried to find her so he could rule New Orleans without the Originals.


Another person who had potential.  He should have never been brought back to die senselessly for a senseless storyline.  Should have stayed dead, been brought back into the family, or became a main villain.


Never understood her character always thought she would end up canon fodder.  the only human with no sense of self preservation never had any of those dark objects she was in charge of for protection until after she turned into a vampire. plus the moment she hooked up with Marcel they should have never tried to pull Klamille out of their asses.  WHO HOOKS UP WITH THEIR SONS LEFTOVERS. they Could have made her into a powerful character who was in charge of the human factions.


I never liked how they treated her character for the beginning. She should have never been in New Orleans. Haley and Tyler never should have came back to Mystic Falls. She helped him break his sire bond not Caroline.  Those 2 should have had a werewolf/hybrid spinoff  and brought wolves together as a pack.  Instead we got to watch Carol Lockwood die and Caroline constantly waiting  for him to return only to choose revenge over her. those two could have had a bad ass spinoff.  


I liked his back story, but constantly making the main black character feel like they weren’t really a part of the family and should be grateful  full for being plucked out of slavery is beyond fucked.  Why couldn’t he be Klaus son that ruled his own kingdom instead putting them at odds.


I Never really liked this character until i saw him playing chase with Katerina Petrova. Other than that his only other notable performance before that was when he broke some windows with a pocket full of change.  I never understood how he could love Katherine for 500 years and then give up on her  the moment the women who orchestrated the death of Kol and his entire sire line told him Katherine was responsible  for her brothers death. His story should have ended with him and Katherine in Europe with Nadia or being the person in charge of the supernatural school. Let’s be honest would you prefer Elijah MIkealson protecting your child’s school or Alaric and Caroline. That’s like asking Mr.Filch to run Hogwarts over Dumbledore.


For someone who waited so long to break his curse why did he know nothing about being a werewolf.  Only seeing him turn once and never again.  Why not explore his wolfside and the origins of his fathers pack.  Instead of giving him a magic baby and not fighting to raise her by keeping them away from each other then him sacrificing himself needlessly.

TVD and TO never should have seperated. The ships from TO in my opinion never should have happen.  Delena was cool for 5 seconds but never should have been endgame. Steroline would have worked if they explored it when Caroline became his sober sponsor or when he found out about Damon and Elena sleeping together. They waited 2 long and made it feel like her mother pressured him to notice her. It felt like watching to kids at prom realizing they are the only ones not dancing and saying “hey were the only ones left lets dance.” They took a great friendship and made Stefan treat Caroline like shit. Instead of her having a dream wedding it was used as a plot to kill Katherine. Forcing her to become a widow on her wedding night. Klaroline should have been endgame.  Forcing Klaus to make his daughter an orphan was shitty.  Forcing Caroline to never move on is selfish and horrible.  the fact that she will live a long life watching her kids grow up and one of them die because of the Gemini curse. Watching her friends and family grow old an die and expect her to grin and bear it alone so she can keep a shitty half a day husbands memory alive is cruel, pointless, and disgusting. The fact that she has to be alone and watch as her shitty best friend and rapist have a happy life because of her husband is cruel and heartless.

All we got is fan baiting and ignored fandoms and ships ridiculed while the writers and kept making shitty excuses for bad choices. 

Legacies could have been great with TVD and the Originals as teachers bringing in a new generation of supernaturals.