kennethfox asked:

Dear Anyone,

Is this anyone, like I can pick?

If so, we should hang out more. It’d be nice.

Or is this anyone, it’ll apply to anyone?

If so, there’s no need to stress out. Your problems probably aren’t life threatening.


I can’t deny that video games may be my biggest musical influence.


An Omen

I was going to check my trombone at the Manchester Airport. The lady who I was talking to about my trombone was very sympathetic towards my situation (worrying about whether my trombone would be safe). She told me she was a french horn player, and she studied at the Curtis Institute of Music. This is one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. It’s an all scholarship school; if you go there you go for free.

And here she is working at a little airport in New Hampshire. She said,” This is what happens when you’re a female french horn player.” She said she studied with the principal horn player of the Philadelphia Symphony. I took the whole experience as a warning: you better be ready to struggle and work your ass off, because making a living as musician is harder than you could ever imagine, and then some.


Rehearsal today was frickin’ awesome. We’re getting so much tighter as a band. And of course, this was our first rehearsal with the Nord, so of course we sounded fantastic compared to usual. It’s going to be so fun playing with these guys. I’m unbelievably psyched. I wish I didn’t have college auditions looming over my head right now, along with schoolwork and all this other crap.  All of it just seems like a waste of time in comparison with playing music.