Toronto Mens Fashion Week | Day 1

Parloque opened the day with statement shirts and creative pieces, certain pieces were avant garde and the rest are casual streetwear pieces that would certainly make everyone look at you twice when walking the streets.

Nuvango - Very colourful and very casual, something you could wear in the beach and on the street making everyone miss a season we only enjoy 3 months in a year. Visually appealing and lets be honest the models truly did it justice with the clothing making them more sexier.

Philippe Dubuc if silver and neutral is your favourite then, Philippe Dubuc is your man. Producing dapper clothing in the colours of Silver, Beige and dark blue, definitely you’ll be standing out in a crowd. Plus the fact that it is well made.

Kenneth Barlis Colours, Colours, Colours! yes, we all love suits and in fact women find suits way sexier than jeans and t-shirt. How much more if the suits are colourful and funky. I love the fact that the suits actually are alive and a statement.

Pedram Karimi Androgynous but creative, neutral colours, simple design.

SWAM swimwear is a definite necessity during summer thank goodness and swam got us covered with colourful swimwear for men. Well, who’s up for a little bit more of a challenge next summer for your swimwear game?

Photo/s By: Photographica: Maloney Aguirre