kenneth tyler

quick flip through of my first sketchbook, which i finished last week. i’ve improved immensely over the past year, and would love to share my improvement with the internet. hope you guys like it ❤️


christmas lockscreens for; 
☼ twenty one pilots
☾ fall out boy
☆ panic! at the disco

( requested by @whereaboutswaffles )

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  • Friend: you can't hide behind twenty one pilots the rest of your life
  • Me:
  • Friend: or Panic!,Fall Out Boy or MCR..
  • Me: ...

matching iphone(probably) lockscreens/homescreens of;
☼ twenty one pilots
☾ fall out boy
☆ panic! at the disco

requested by @alex-all-time-blow (thank you dude)

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Friend 1: When did you became an obsessed fangirl?

Friend 2: There she goes…

Friend 3: Goddammit 



i think we should all just take the time to remember that this exists


honestly i really look up to Josh. don’t get me wrong i also really look up to and love Tyler, but i look up to Josh so so much. struggling with anxiety myself i struggle to leave my house, and barely do, i’ve left my house twice in almost 3 months, i really look up to and admire that Josh plays shows and can push past his anxiety, and it helps me push through the day, get myself out of bed, even just talking to my family and leaving my room is a step i feel like i wouldn’t be able to do at the moment without that hope and admiration i have did Josh being able to do what he does… thankyou Josh Dun

I scream, you scream, we all scream cause we are terrified

of Donald Trump’s presidency.