kenneth oppel

The theme of this book is that nothing is perfect, but this book is a Liar McLiar, because this book is perfect.

This is a wise little tome of fairy-fuckery in the guise of a wasp nest. It’s a magical story, and a kind one, and a giant in few words. I wish I had had it to give to my wry and unsentimental 11 year old anxious OCD-ridden self, but I’m very glad that I had it to give my wry and unsentimental 11 year old anxious OCD-ridden daughter. My favorite novel back then was The Fairy Rebel by Lynn Reid Banks; THE NEST grew from similar DNA.

All the stars.

“I wanted to kiss her some more. I don’t know why, for there could be no less suitable time. Maybe it was pure relief that we were alive and away from the pirates. Maybe it was jealousy, because she and Bruce had seemed to get along so well. Mostly it was just because I wanted to, had wanted to for days." 

matt cruse, airborn. 

Ok can someone please tell me where I can find the other pieces of art that used to be on the official Silverwing website a billion years ago? For the longest time, after they were taken down, I thought I somehow imagined them and they never actually existed. Happily, I recently found that I saved at least one of them and I’m relieved to know my mind isn’t making things up… But did anyone bother saving the others before they got blasted off the internet? They were so dang cute…

So I finished Such Wicked Intent today.

I adore this series. Kenneth Oppel did a fantastic job with all of the allusions to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

It’s brilliantly written. I want a third. If there isn’t a third book, I will feel incomplete.

Also, if anyone that’s in this small fandom would like to come talk about this book, or This Dark Endeavor, please feel free to come on by. I’d love to meet you.ta