kenneth oppel

Ok can someone please tell me where I can find the other pieces of art that used to be on the official Silverwing website a billion years ago? For the longest time, after they were taken down, I thought I somehow imagined them and they never actually existed. Happily, I recently found that I saved at least one of them and I’m relieved to know my mind isn’t making things up… But did anyone bother saving the others before they got blasted off the internet? They were so dang cute…

Love me some magical realism… a weird tale about how nothing is perfect.

Inspired about the packaging - and the fact I’d just cleared away a paper wasp nest from this stump a few weeks earlier. It was too close to the house and I’m allergic. Ahh nature - you tease me. I’d much rather read about it in a book. ;)


*NOTE: I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, nor have I finished “Sunwing”; I know about certain events and characters from both books, but I don’t know how they come about or unfold, so please don’t message/send me spoilers!!

Anyway, can’t sleep; must doodle bats designs so I have basic refs for later!!

First & second pics: my take on Shade Silverwing and Marina Brightwing, as runts and teens/young adults.  For some reason I found it really hard to come up with older designs for them, especially Shade, and I still lean them towards being very young adults, so there’s potential for me to make one more aged picture with them as mature adults…
Marina (especially older Marina) looks a bit like a cat, so I’ll try to work on her design more.

Third pic: messed up and suuuper-quick doodle of (*spoilers*) Shade and Marina’s son, Griffin.  No, I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, but I know about a few events/characters from the series prior to reading it (even so: no spoilers, please!)

Fourth pic: Goth and Phoenix (and, yes, I will come up with a design for book-Throbb as well).
I actually think these two might have been my favorites to come up with.

“I wanted to kiss her some more. I don’t know why, for there could be no less suitable time. Maybe it was pure relief that we were alive and away from the pirates. Maybe it was jealousy, because she and Bruce had seemed to get along so well. Mostly it was just because I wanted to, had wanted to for days." 

matt cruse, airborn. 

I looked up through the dome. “There’s your star,” I said.

“Our star,” she said.

“Do you know when I started loving you?” I said. I didn’t care that the others might hear.

“Tell me,” she said.

My voice rattled with the ship. “On the Aurora. I gave you the tour. I showed you the gas cells and said they were made from cows’ intestines. And you looked very serious and said, ‘It must have taken a great many cows.’”

Kate looked at me, surprised. “Really? That exact moment?”

“That’s it.”