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Star Trek: Discovery - The Cast

The excitement keeps ramping up for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.  Whilst there may be some reservations (those Klingons) I’m really just looking forward to Trek back on our screens.  We know the start date, we’ve had a trailer, and some cast shots… but there’s still much we don’t know.

One of those things… is who actually are the main cast?  There’s been so many casting announcements, but unless Trek is going all GAME OF THRONES on us, with a gazillion cast members per episode,  I’m pretty certain they can’t all be regular characters… right?

Back when Bryan Fuller was in charge, he said there would be seven main characters. That may have changed, but for now, let’s assume it’s the same.  But who?  Let’s guess who it might be:


Okay, this is a given.  The only certainty.  Burnham is the first officer on the USS Shenzhou, and the USS Discovery.  She’s the first lead in a STAR TREK series that’s not the Commanding Officer (although that might change in time).  Martin-Green was unofficially announced last year, but couldn’t be officially until the seventh season of THE WALKING DEAD had finished.


Jones was one of the first cast members to be announced.  Before casting took place the only thing we knew was that one of the characters would be a new alien race.  Saru is that character, a brand new species to Trek, one that Jones has helped develop.   We know from the trailer this his race ‘senses death’. I think we also know that he’s a regular character.


We were told, whilst the lead of the series would be female, there’s be a male lead too, and Stamets is apparently that character. He’s also the first regular homosexual character in a Trek series.  We haven’t seen Rapp in the trailer or any of the pictures yet, which is odd… but I’m sure we’re not far off an official reveal yet. 

JASON ISAACS as Captain Gabriel Lorca

One of the latest cast members to be announced, Isaacs was confirmed as the commanding officer of the USS Discovery. Now, you’d think this means he’s a regular character, and I’m going to run with that… although my guess is he doesn’t appear in the very first episode (which seems to be very Shenzhou centric).  But then, I’m pretty certain Riker wasn’t in the first half of ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT, so that shouldn’t detract from his regular status.  Isaacs is easily one of the biggest names involved, probably best know for is recurring role in the HARRY POTTER film series.

MAULIK PANCHOLY as Doctor Nambue

Another actor/character that has yet to be seen officially, Nambue is the Doctor aboard the USS Shenzou.  Now, does that mean he’ll cross over to the Discovery?  Well, both Burnham and Saru do, so why not?  For all we know, all the Shenzhou cross over?  Anyway, as the ship’s Doctor, he’ll probably turn out to be pretty important - Doctors normally are in Trek.


Although 'Memory Alpha’ only has Sharma listed as recurring, I believe -as Chief of Security on the USS Discovery - Landry will play as a regular role.  We haven’t seen Sharma in the role yet, but she’ll be know to sci-fi fans thanks to appearing in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!


Now, I’m not as certain about Sam as I am the previous six.  He’s a young character, and he wasn’t announced with an actual function.  However, he’s one of the few characters we get to see in the trailer, and he’s bridge crew on the Shenzhou.  He’s either a navigation officer (like Chekov was) or he’s the pilot.  I hope, for his sake, he’s the helmsman - because that will probably secure him a decent role as (normally) the ship’s pilots are key roles (Sulu, Paris and Mayweather from the previous series).

So, there you go, that’s the seven I’m saying will be counted as regular.  I could be wrong about a couple of them though… or there could be more that seven… 'nine regulars’ is quite a standard number for a Trek cast too… so who else might join the names above?

MARY WISEMAN as Cadet Tilly

A young cadet serving her final year at the Academy on board the USS Discovery.  'Memory Alpha’ has her currently noted as a regular, and if there are nine, I wouldn’t be surprised.

SHAZAD LATIF as Lieutenant Tyler

Latif was first announced as a Klingon, but later re-announced as a Starfleet officer.  Now, we have no extra information but I’m going to make a snap judgement - I’ll call him the ninth  regular, and I’m going to justify it by guessing that Tyler may well be the ship’s engineer.   I haven’t read that anywhere, but of all the casting announcements, we’ve not had one for a engineer.   All the other Trek series have seriously relied on their engineer.  TNG didn’t have a regular engineer in the first season, but soon worked out they needed one, and promoted La Forge from helmsman to engineering.   I don’t see anyone else announced that could fill that role… so I’ll give the nod to Tyler. I will also brag if this turns out to be right.

So that’s the nine… but lets look at the rest of the announced cast members.


Now, 'Memory Alpha’ does have Frain listed as a regular, but I doubt this.  I think he’s recurring at most.  I certainly think he’ll be in more than one or two episodes, I just don’t see him playing a part in all the episodes. He’s clearly tied to our lead, so he’s going to be important, but not 'on the credits’ important.  Despite the fact he’s the only Vulcan we know to be involved.

TERRY SERPICO as Admiral Anderson

Another one listed as regular by 'Memory Alpha’, but again, I doubt it.  Not knowing the plot of the series, I don’t know his importance, but it would be unusual for an Admiral to be intricately involved enough to be classed as regular.  Across five previous series, there’s never been a regular Admiral role (on in the films). 

MICHELLE YEOH as Captain Philippa Georgiou

To the casual viewer, that hasn’t been following the news surrounding STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, from the trailer it looks like Yeoh has a major role to play.  Yet, we know she’s not a regular character, noted as 'recurring’.  The trailer is pretty much just the first episode, possibly second too… so she’s involved there, but she’s listed as the captain of the USS Shenzhou, whilst we know Lorca will be the captain of the Discovery.  Will she get killed off early, will she go missing maybe?  Time will tell.  But she won’t be regular.

RAINN WILSON as Harry Mudd

Mudd was a guest character from STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, and now Wilson (from THE OFFICE) will get to bring the character back, in possibly more than one episode, but not enough to be classed a regular.

The Klingons (Chris Obi, Kenneth Mitchell, Mary Chieffo, Clare McConnell and Damon Runyan)

Despite the fact the Klingons are expected to be a major presence in the series (judging from the trailer) I doubt any of the actors will be featured enough to be classed as regular.  Maybe Obi or Mitchell at a push.  But I predict 'recurring’ at best.

So there we have it.  They’re all the announced cast right now.  I have noted the seven that I believe will be the main cast, listed on the opening credits.  I mean, there will be opening titles right?  Trek is known for it’s opening themes and I do hope DISCOVERY doesn’t skimp out and just give us a title card.

I’ll go far as to note the nine as I expect to see them in the credits (the streamlined 'seven’ will be bold):

Sonequa Martin-Green
Doug Jones
Shazad Latif
Maulik Pancholy
Anthony Rapp
Rekha Sharma
Sam Vartholomeos
Mary Wiseman
and Jason Isaacs

As the lead, I’ve but SMG first, but then counted the rest alphabetically as is the standard for Trek.   There’s never been an 'and’ credit in a Trek series, but then, there’s never been a captain that is not the lead, so I’ve taken liberties and given Isaacs the respectful 'and’.

What do you think?  Am I right, or do you think all those actors will be listed 'epically’ like GOT?   We’re just a few months away from finding out!

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY starts in September…. and I have fingers crossed for an official cast list soon!

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Kenneth Alexander Mitchell (born 25 November 1974, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actor.

Mitchell attended the University of Guelph where he studied landscape architecture and played for the school soccer team as a striker. He attended and worked at Kilcoo Camp in Minden, Ontario, where he claims to have discovered his love for acting, as well as a passion for the art of interpretive dance.

Height: 6’ 2" (1.88 m)


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New tweet from Discovery’s Captain Lorca, Jason Isaacs, teasing us - and telling us they’re about to start filming episode 3: so anyone worried about the casting shift of Shazad Latif “mid-production” as some outlets reported without any facts, here you go: the change was made more than a month ago while still filming episodes 1 & 2 (based on when Kenneth Mitchell posted on Instagram he was heading to Toronto end of March).

I ship Pam and Wayne Fields

So Emily’s parents are the only ones who are still together?

Ashley and Tom, Byron and Ella, Kenneth and Jessica and now Peter and Veronica - all split up…


Also, Caleb’s parents weren’t together, Toby’s father is with Jenna’s mom, Ezra’s parents are divorced as well… jeez :(

Mr. and Mrs. Fields need to stay strong dammit. 

(if Wayne dies this season I WILL NOT FORGIVE THE WRITERS)


I wonder what Charles has in store for his family. I’ve been hearing that Charles is coming home for his birthday so he must have something up his sleeve. Kenneth looks really worried in these pictures though. It’s almost like he knows something is going to go terribly wrong.