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George Harrison in the “grotty” shirts scene, A Hard Day’s Night, 1964

Q: “Why is George [Harrison] the best actor?”
Richard Lester: “I think just George came without any highs and without any lows and he always got it right, he nailed it and walked on and waited for the next time. He was very calm.”
Q: “Because that scene where he goes into the producer’s office there isn’t a line in there he doesn’t absolutely drive home. He’s perfect.”
- The Guardian BFI interview with Richard Lester, 8 November 1999

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George Harrison, with Kenneth Haigh and John Junkin, in the “grotty” shirts and shaving the bathroom mirror scenes in A Hard Day’s Night, both filmed at Twickenham Film Studios on 13 April 1964. [x; xx]

“[B]ecause he didn’t try to do too much, but always hit it right in the middle.” - Richard Lester on why George Harrison was the best actor in The Beatles, NME, 4 July 2014 [x]

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