Click here to support Irish J1 Berkeley Tragedy Fund by Celine Kennelly
Early in the morning on June 16, 2015, Irish J1 students were involved in a balcony collapse which resulted in six fatalities and seven serious injuries. This account has been established to raise funds for the students and their families affected by this tragedy, and we ask that you donate what...

Please help these students and their families by donating here. As a member of the Irish community I’m greatly affected by this tragedy and would like to do all I can to help them.  My artist friends and I will be organizing a benefit show here in San Francisco/Berkeley area shortly.  In the meantime please donate and share this as many times as you can.  Love and condolences to their families and friends and to those recovering in hospital. <3

ganseytheking asked:

you asked abcdps already so marauders era group pls n thank you <3333

Going to assume that this is for the inspired by group, though I can answer Marauders as well on the other blog.

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“Sheriff I– Michael, I know I’m not supposed to come back here,” Vivienne began as she walked around Skylar’s desk, not bothering to let him stop her, as she approached her sister’s once-husband, “but– well, you know me, I was never any good at following the rules. Is– Is Kennelly here?”

Sophie prepares to utilize the earth’s electromagnetic power, to “attach our engines to the wheelwork of the universe.” Tesla was convinced that it is possible to draw unlimited energy from replenishable resources. “I firmly believe that it is practicable to disturb by means of powerful machines the electrostatic conditions of the earth and thus transmit intelligible signals and perhaps power.”

“All ideas of distance must vanish. 

“First, we must know what capacity the earth is, and what charge it contains. it is probably a charged body isolated in space with a low capacity. The upper strata would be an excellent medium for transmitting impulses.”

Years before the ionosphere was discovered and described by Heaviside and Kennelly, Tesla understood its existence, as well as its significance as a conductor of electricity. And it is possible that he understood other, more arcane phenomena…

Dr. Sophie Clarke: “I’m just going to test the mechanical components of the “special magnifying receiver: Teslascope,” but I figured I’d come out here and put a couple hundred meters between the device and, like, high voltage transmission lines.