started balling my eyes out at school

i heard someone say mitch deserved to die and i lost it!! i walked up to them said “want to shut your mouth!! he saved more people then you could count!! leave the poor man alone!” they said “if you love and miss him so much how about you kill your self just like kennedy should!!” i started crying and ran to the bathroom and stayed their for the rest of the lunch time it has been the only time i ran away from someone when they have said something to me!!

“why don’t you reblog or post about Kellin Quinn or Justin Bieber? You like One Direction, right? lol”

I hate, to no freaking extent, Kellin and Justin. I like Justins old music, but I’ve never liked him. I like Sleeping With Sirens music, but not Kellin. I like Jesse from SWS (except he quit). I like One Direction a little, yes.
“But didn’t One Direction call Kennedy Lucker emo and stuff?”
No, their fanbase did. Not all of their fanbase, but still. They shouldn’t be hated for what someone else did.