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8 Accounts of Black People Being Used As Guinea Pigs. You

Gynecology Invented Through The Torture of Black Women.

In the 19th century, the father of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims, conducted his research experiments on enslaved Black women. Sims performed the invasive and torturous procedures without anesthesia. J. Marion Sims’ justification for choosing not to anesthetize his test subjects was that he did not believe Black women felt pain at all. In an 1857 lecture, he stated that it was “not painful enough to justify the trouble”.

The Tuskegee Experiment.

The Tuskegee Institute and the Public Health Service began a study of the natural progression of syphilis involving 600 Black men (399 with syphilis, 201 uninfected) in 1932. The infected men involved in the study were never made aware of their condition upon diagnosis and believed they were being treated for “bad blood”. In exchange for their participation, the men received free medical examinations and burial insurance. They were never treated for the disease. These trials went on until 1972 when the study was exposed by The Associated Press. The remaining victims and their family members won a $10,000,000 reparations settlement which guaranteed them lifetime health coverage and burial insurance.

The Pellagra Incident.

Pellagra is an ailment commonly caused by a lack of niacin (vitamin B-13) in the human diet. The symptoms include skin lesions, sunlight sensitivity, dementia and ends in death. At the turn of the twentieth century, millions of people in the United States died from this disease. Scientists claimed that the cause of the disease was a toxin found in corn. In 1915, the U.S. Surgeon General ordered government funded experiments on Black prisoners afflicted with pellagra. Poor diet and niacin deficiency was found to be the cause. However, these life-saving findings were not released to the public until 1935 because the majority of Pellagra-induced deaths affected Black communities.

The Ebb Cade Experiment.

In 1945, African-American Ebb Cade, a 53-year-old truck driver, was secretly injected with plutonium, the substance used to make nuclear bombs. After breaking several of his bones in automotible accident, he was rushed to the emergency room. Unbeknownst to Ebb Cade, he was in the care of doctors that were also U.S. Atomic Agency employees. For six months, he was held in the hospital under the belief that they were treating his injuries. During that time, he was injected with more than 40 times the amount of plutonium an average person is exposed to in a lifetime. The doctors and researchers collected bone samples and extracted 15 teeth to monitor the effects of his exposure. Ebb Cade grew suspicious of his broken-bone treatments and escaped from the hospital. Unfortunately, Cade suffered from the brutal effects of intense radiation until he died from heart failure eight years later at the age of 61.

Weaponized Mosquito Experiment.

In the early 1950′s, the United States government conducted an experiment to see if mosquitoes could be weaponized. The CIA and the U.S. military released nearly a half million mosquitoes carrying yellow fever and dengue fever viruses into several Black communities in Florida. In the predominantly Black community of Avon Park, dozens of Black people became ill, eight dying as a result of this government-issued mosquito attack.

Infants Injected With Test Drugs In Los Angeles.

In June 1990, more than 1500 six-month old Black and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles were given what seemed to be a standard measles vaccination. The parents were not told that this particular vaccine, Edmonston Zagreb measles vaccine (EZ), was still in its research phase and not approved by the FDA. The EZ vaccine already had a reputation in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Haiti, triggering an increased death rate among infant girls, most not living past the age of two. The Center for Disease Control would later confess that the infants were injected with an experimental vaccination without their parent’s knowledge. Presently, it is believed that many of these families are still unaware that their babies were used as guinea pigs.

The Toxic Sludge Experiment of Baltimore and St. Louis.

In the year 2000, Federally funded researchers from John Hopkins University, the EPA, HUD, The Kennedy Krieger Institute and Department of Agriculture spread sludge from a sewage treatment plant on the lawns of nine low-income families, and a vacant lot in Baltimore and East St. Louis. The families and residents were told the sludge was safe and not informed about the toxic mixture of human and industrial waste the sludge contained. The research was conducted to see if the toxic waste absorbed into the water supply could effectively reduce lead levels in children.

Children Forcibly Vaccinated in Chad.

In December 2012, at least 500 children in Gouro, Chad were forcibly given the MenAfriVac during school resulting in dangerous side effects including convulsions, and paralysis. Parents were not notified of any plans to vaccination their children at school and parental consent was never requested. The forced vaccinations were part of an aggressive healthcare initiative sponsored by several internationally revered organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

God's Fingerprints

As the darkness lifted many things regarding Noelle’s personality, intelligence, and purpose came into focus.  What followed were a series of incredible highs and lows that tested and strengthened our resolve.  

At 3, Noelle began to read after playing a couple Word World computer games and would write words in the sand with a stick and on the fridge with magnets. 

Noelle had an incredible sense of humor and was constantly telling jokes and changing the punch line to experiment with different angles of the joke.  An example of this is when she would answer a question with a silly response, that may have been the wrong answer, but if true would have been very funny.

She would also experiment with using different learned phrases in real life.  In Charlie Brown Christmas Lucy said to Charlie “Ok, you asked for it!!” and shook her fist.  (Her teacher was very amused and horrified when Noelle used this line on her.)

Noelle would say her prayers at night in a learned form:  Dear Jesus, Thank you for helping me, thank you for loving me, I love you Jesus. Amen!

One night she decided to say this instead: Dear Jesus, Once there was a princess, a castle, and a dragon. And GOD lived happily ever after.  Theeeeee END!!

She kept us in stitches every day and I was constantly calling TC and Dottie at work to tell them another funny story.  Noelle also grew more and more lovey-dovey and would constantly ask for hugs.  She enjoyed being squeezed as it helped to calm her down and feel comforted.

As she began to make radical changes, I decided that I wanted to take her to Kennedy Krieger Institute for one more evaluation.  Noelle went through an all day series of tests and then a neurological exam and extensive blood test.  At the end of it all, the doctors and therapists decided that since she used to exhibit all the signs of autism and that they did not believe that one could be cured from autism…then she still had it. They were careful to explain; however, that she had great joint attention skills and imagination and that would be a great indicator of her future success.  

I walked out of KKI completely at peace, seeing God’s fingerprints all over the day. I knew the symptoms were slowly disappearing and all another official diagnoses would do is prove that the mountain was there..and GOD had moved it.  Noelle may have autism, but autism does not have her.