kennedy is having a moment

I will not apologize for my unabashed glee over the death of Justice Antonin Scalia today. Not one bit. Fuck you. Don’t talk to me about class or being the better man or taking the high road or any of that bullshit.

And do not talk to me of his “grieving family,” either. Because Scalia himself has been on the wrong side of several Supreme Court decisions that have ruined the lives of many in this country, leaving a bunch of grieving families. He has been part of decisions that have shaped this nation into the gun-crazy, racist, warmongering, corporate oligarchy it is today. His crimes, too numerous to list in their entirety, include Bush vs. Gore, Citizens United, McCutcheon, and Shelby County vs. Holder. And if justices Kennedy and Roberts didn’t have their occasional moments of clarity, he would’ve done even more damage to civil rights and the general welfare of so many Americans.

In short, I’m glad the bastard is well on his way to feeding the worms. This day, Feb. 13, 2016, can only be considered a positive turning point in this country’s history. That the Notorious RBG outlived this asshole makes it especially sweet. That it happened during the tenure of President Obama makes it even sweeter, as it means he can now flip the court to the way it should be.

My only question now: When does Clarence Thomas join him, and can it be soon?

In the car with my mom
  • <p> Mom: the guy behind us is hooot<br>
  • Me: I'll be the judge of - oh<br>
  • Mom: yah he quite the hunny <br>
  • Me: we'll if he's honey call me a bee am I right or am I right?<br>
  • Mom: <br>
  • Me: <br>
  • Me: ...I'm sorry</p>