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Rosemary Kennedy: September 13, 1918 - January 7, 2005

“Thank you for coming down to see me. I would do anything to make you so happy. I hate to disappoint you in any way. Come to see me very soon. I get very lonesome everyday.” 

These words were written by Rosemary, the third child and eldest daughter in the Kennedy family, in a letter to her father from the boarding school for disabled children she was attending. 

Rose Marie, better known as Rosemary, was born to Joseph P. Kennedy and his wife Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1918. She was their first daughter and seemed every inch the perfect, healthy, beautiful little girl. But as Rosemary grew, it was clear that there was something wrong with her intellectual abilities. She did not learn to walk, talk, or feed herself as quickly as her siblings had. In fact, Rosemary suffered from intellectual disabilities that left her developmentally challenged. This was due to her birth being forcibly delayed for several hours, causing baby Rosemary to be deprived of oxygen in the womb. 

In the following years Rosemary was joined by six more siblings, bringing the total number of Kennedy kids to nine.She was closest to her sisters Kathleen and Eunice. As her siblings grew up and attended school, Rosemary always fell behind in the curriculum that was not disabled-friendly. To her ambitious father, this was unacceptable. Rosemary was put in boarding school and was kept away from most of her family. But as Rosemary grew into a lovely young woman, she began to attract male attention and became more frustrated ad difficult to manage. Having the mental capacity of an eight year old, Rosemary tended to be friendly and trusting, and her parents feared the worst. Joseph “Joe” Kennedy was already planning political futures for his sons, intending for there to be a Kennedy president, and would not risk the family’s reputation by having Rosemary become pregnant. In 1941, Joe looked into having a new procedure called of lobotomy done on Rosemary. Either without consulting his wife or ignoring her objections, he had Rosemary lobotomized. The procedure almost entirely eliminated her ability to speak and interact, her mental ability was now that of a two year old. 

Rosemary was put into a home at the St. Coletta School for Exceptional Children in Wisconsin. Her siblings were not told of what had happened to her or her whereabouts. Only after Joe Kennedy suffered a stroke in 1961 were Rosemary’s siblings, including President John F. Kennedy, told what had become of their sister. After this, Rosemary was visited by family or brought to visit them, but she never forgot the days of her abandonment by her parents. Rosemary died of natural causes in 2005 with her four remaining siblings by her side. She was 86. 


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                    i built this place from nothing. and none of it is real.
                    it is built upon things i can not control, can not predict.
                    it is built on sand. and when the day comes when that
                    foundation shifts, when civilization returns, do you
                    know what they will call me then?
the whore that lost everything.

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You wanted to replace Eleanor. She was the one Nassau relied upon to solve those problems no one else could or would. I hope for all our sakes you are up to the task. - Mr. Scott, 3.01

And I lost everything for it. I lost everything. Remember that when you sit in that chair. - Eleanor Guthrie, 3.05

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