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I’m reading a book called Jackie after Jack and I read that months after the assassination there was a lot of criticism going around about Jacks presidency and how he didn’t really do much because it was cut short. It made Jackie very mad and worried that her husband would soon be forgotten by the American people and she did everything in her power to stop that from happening. She knew he had so much to offer and so did the majority of Americans. But still she didn’t want him remembered as “the president that got assassinated” but more like “the president who achieved great things for america” during his short time in office.

kennedy fandom, think of how proud Jackie is/would be of us. It’s 2014 and we have BLOGS about him. We’re doing exactly what Jackie wanted and that was to keep his legacy going strong and remember him for the great things he’s done. I love you guys :))))

My squad and my family.
Since I recently reached 2400 followers, I decided it was time for a new follow forever! You guys are my reason to smile every day. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m so glad to be a part of this community. Thank you to everyone who follows me and I love you all!! Thanks for being amazing and awesome people! I’m thankful to have you in my life! 

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By the way, if any of you guys need someone to talk to, or if you need advice about anything, I’m always here! Don’t ever be afraid to talk to me.
I love you guys

I’m so glad the Kennedy fandom exists. You may not know it (or me) but you guys are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love how we can all be there for each other in trying times and even just for friendly advice when others need it. I am eternally grateful that I have found you and that we have all decided to embrace our passion for the Kennedys. Thank you all so much for existing. I love you.

Welcome to the first Kennedy fandom award ceremony EVER! This is strictly for fun but I hope there is some interest in this. These are the categories for the awards!

1. You CAN nominate yourself but only once per category.
2. You CAN nominate people anonymously. (please go to the blog kathleen-kick-kennedy to do that since I don’t have anonymous turned on). You CAN also submit them.
3. You CAN NOT nominate more than one blog for the same award.
4. You have to send a nomination for every category. Just send the name and URL, for example: best edits - (blog name here).
5. Nomination ends July 5! So send them in right away!
6. You will get an award if you win! Not a big crazy award, but a personalized picture just for you. Maybe even a gold award with your favorite Kennedy’s head on it. Who knows.

The Categories:
1. Best gif maker
2. Best URL
3. Best Kennedy photo edits
4. Best Kennedy story teller
5. Best Fan Fiction writer
6. Best caption writer
7. Best Jack blog
8. Best Bobby blog
9. Best Teddy blog
10. Best Jackie blog
11. Best Joan blog
12. Best Ethel blog
13. Best Kennedy sister blog

14. Best rare photo finder
15. Most likely to meet a Kennedy
16. Kindest in the fandom
17. Funniest in the fandom
18. Sassiest in the fandom
19. Best long distance relationship or long distance friendship
20. Best Kennedy collector
21. Biggest fangirl
22. Best spammer

And these are the awards for the Kennedys which you can also vote on:
1. Best smile
2. Best hair
3. The sweetest Kennedy
4. The best politician
5. The overall favorite Kennedy
6. Best dressed Kennedy
7. The most good looking Kennedy of Caroline’s era
8. Most attractive sister of Jack’s
9. Most attractive Kennedy brother
10. The strongest Kennedy relationship

Please send your nominations NOW!! You can send them privately to america-runs-on-kennedy, or you can send them anonymously to kathleen-kick-kennedy. Nomination ends July 5 so please send as many nominations as you can!
Again, to send your nominations, you have to send a name for every single category, not just one or a few. Just send the name of the category and a URL. I WILL NOT TELL ANYONE WHO YOU VOTED FOR SO IT IS OKAY TO SEND IT TO ME! Submit your nominations if you have to! I promise I will not share your nominations with anyone. If several different people are nominated for one thing, I will put the names in a hat and randomly choose. Otherwise, the name with the most votes for each category wins.

Happy voting! and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

i have been wanting to make one of these for a really long time and since it’s christmas season and i have been on tumblr for almost a year now i decided to finally make one! there are so many amazing kennedy blogs and i probably missed a few so if i accidentally forgot you please message me and i’ll be happy to add you! btw if anyone didn’t know my two other kennedy blogs are sargeshriver and therfks :)

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