kennedy centre

I’m doing a 10 night cruise around Thailand and Malaysia (with my mum), after that the excitement begins, a whirlwind trip to Washington DC to see John Lloyd Young perform his solo concert, singing his kind of MUSIC, in his own STYLE at the Kennedy Centre. Anyone who follows his adventures knows just how much of an honour it will be to see him play at a venue he holds in such high regard.
Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe how many JLY adventures I’ve been able to attend, especially considering I live in Australia but to me, this one is the big KAHUNA!!! This one means something and I’m so excited to be able to be there to witness this slice of @johnlloydyoungfriends history.


Anne Hathaway’s tribute to Meryl Streep during the Kennedy Centre Honours.

I am impressed!

My Favourite Things about Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 4

God it hurts to know 4 episodes are done already. I enjoyed this episode though.

1. When you realise your wife is a badass

2. Sir Maura Isles

3. “With the right mouth guard and I’m in. I’ll try anything once” said Maura

4. “Really? I’m gonna hold you to that” said Jane

5. “I mean I don’t know if you’re gonna have fun, but I know I am” said Jane

6. Talking about the song “Natural Woman” and Jane walks in. *looks directly at camera* Really?

7. Jane loves Maura deeply

8. It’s “their” song (seriously, google the lyrics)

9. Sasha is a terrible singer. But Idara… lady….. wow!

Bonus Clip: Aretha Franklin singing Natural Woman (written by Carole King) at the 2015 Kennedy Centre Honours. 

I’m flying to Orlando tomorrow so if you see me chillin’ in the parks or at Kennedy Space Centre say hi! I always go to places like this and people message me saying they were to nervous to talk to me or thought it was me so if you want don’t be worried!

The Morning After || Bechloe

Chloe was completely freaking out. It was the morning after their performance at the Kennedy Centre for the President’s birthday, and she had hoped that it had all been a horrible dream fuelled by too much Redbull and nerves. When she woke up to see ‘Muffgate’ lighting up her Twitter feed, she almost cried for the… third time? The fourth time? Who was counting any more? 

Yes, she was incredibly upset over the incident. She knew that it had happened to Fat Amy and it was her vagina plastered over the internet, but their reputation as Bella’s was ruined. Three years of being champions, and one wardrobe malfunction had tarnished it!

After managing some breakfast and being informed of the meeting between the Dean and the Acapella board, she was practically a mess. And there was only one person who she wanted to speak to. Beca. After drinking her usual protein shake, she was making her way up the stairs to Beca’s room and knocking on the door loudly. ‘’I’m coming in, whether you’re naked or not!’’ She called out, opening the door to her bedroom dramatically.