Noel Fielding Blurb

As you walked into your apartment you noticed almost every light was on in the place, Noel – you thought. Smiling you sat your bag down and headed toward your bedroom but when you hit the door he wasn’t in there. But it wasn’t long until you heard shuffling of clothes coming from the bathroom. “Noel what are you –,” you stopped as you caught sight of him. He was fiddling with one of your black blouses as he stared back at himself. Folding your arms you leaned up against the door frame, “Why is it that every time I leave you alone here I come home and your in some of my clothes?” He laughed before pulling you over to where he was, his arm draped around you as you looked back at the two of you in the mirror. He does look pretty good in that shirt - you thought.  "Your clothes always give me good ideas for new things for the Boosh,“ he said quickly. Your eyes shot up to meet his and your jaw hung open jokingly, "I honestly don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or not.” Popping yourself up onto the counter you messed with the loose black blouse so it was hanging how it should, “If this ends up on the show…I want credit. My name under the wardrobe credits.” He laughed, then you rethought your idea, “Wait. No….I do NOT want that. I don’t need people knowing my boyfriend ACTUALLY does wear my clothes.” Wrapping his arms around you he kissed you quickly before you could ramble on any longer, “Why don’t I make it up to you in there,” he smirked, nodding towards the bedroom. There was no hesitation; you wrapped you legs around him as he lead you into the bedroom, “You DO look pretty good in that though,” you whispered against his lips.