kenna x greer

Okay, who is still enjoying Reign? Cause I’m not.

With every episode of Reign that passes, I keep wondering who exactly this show is written for? The only other show that has taken such a huge dive for me this season is Sleepy Hollow and I think it’s for the same issues: the writers forgot what made the show good. What made Reign such a good show despite huge historical faux-pas and other weird casting choices was that it: cared about it’s female characters and it cared about it’s female friendships. This season started off strong, but the exact movement that everything went to shit was the rape of Mary.

Not only was the rape terrible because it was entirely unnecessary to any aspect of the narrative, but it was used to facilitate a love triangle and create drama for all the relationships instead of focusing on just Mary and her feelings and her issues. No, instead it has been about pushing Mary/Conde. Which, let me state, is not about the ship itself. I actually think that Mary/Conde have great chemistry together and I could have even enjoyed the idea if not for the fact that it was created through rape, but the reality is that it was. Reign wrote rape into a story to create another love triangle. That’s pretty much the only reason I don’t like the ship.

Season one’s love triangle was a mess for the same reason the love triangle here is a mess, it is a pathway to nowhere. Even if I had shipped Mash, it just was not going to happen because there was no way to make up an imaginary King Sebastian of France being married to Queen Mary of Scots. Plus, I enjoyed Frary more, but still they managed to end season one by pairing up Bash/Kenna, making them a couple we were invested in. Frary had challenges, but they were interesting and based around the two of them being royalty and learning that they work better together than apart. It was excellent CHARACTER DRAMA.

All those lessons were forgotten this season. Along with all common sense. Claude ghost plot was overall a waste of time to tie in a character that is too over the top to even be enjoyable. At least Narcisse was/is interesting, Conde’s brother is a low-rent Henry and I didn’t even ask for the old Henry to come back.

Some people are angry at Mary, but I’m not. I’m angry at the writers, they are addicted to subpar writing and romantic subplots that show they didn’t plan things out well. I mean why did Greer marry if in the end they were just going to be broken up because she and Leith are “destined?” Why did you give us no Kenna/Bash scenes when they were together and when we do finally see them it is all chaos? Did they just implode offscreen? Why did you put Mary/Conde together if you were just going to have Conde betray Mary in the same episode they finally commit to each other? Do you think this is drama? This is aggravation.

Annoying for Monde shippers who are getting jerked around for no reason, and Frary shippers who already have an end date for their ship in the back of their minds so they don’t understand why they are decided to make the last couple months of the marriage like this? I mean they do know that we have Google/Wikipedia? Francis is gonna die. Conde is going to marry two other women and have 8+ children. Mary ends up marrying two other men. None of them even remotely named Louis or Sebastian.

I keep watching the show because I have connected to these characters, but I am just wondering who is supposed to be enjoying this show, except for Greer/Leith shippers right now?

Last year at Comic-Con, Adelaide Kane said that love triangles as a tool for shows can get “rather boring.” Well we are bored, upset and just not sure what the hell is going on.

While I ship Frary, let it be known that my girl is Mary 100%. Just because I don’t always agree with her and hate the way the writers are treating her, doesn’t mean I’m going to call her names or want her to suffer. I am emotionally ready for Francis to die so she can go be HBIC in Scotland, but I am also scared to see what they are going to do with the more complex parts of her life. This was the simple stuff and if they can’t handle that here, what are they gonna do when the whole Darnley/Bothwell situation comes up?

Reign 3x01 – “Three Queens, Two Tigers” Initial Thoughts

So finally we get the first episode of season 3 and I have to say it holds a lot of promise. I’m still keeping my expectations down a bit so as not to rile myself up into a frenzy when the writing just goes south, but I had very little to complain about this episode. Hell even the whole Frary lovey dovey scenes, despite the fact that Mary had an affair weeks-months before without consequence didn’t bother me as much as I though. Or maybe I just don’t dwell on the matter since Frary is really not the life of the show for me since the beginning.

But anyhow…

Frary is back!

Yes we all gushed at their scenes together. It felt like season 1 again (finally!) I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t screw it up again, though I doubt that they will because the huge crushing blow will be that Francis is a dying man and they’re going to let him have his happy moments with Mary before biting the dust. Yes folks, it’s sad, but I’ve steeled myself since the last episode of season 2. We’ve known it was coming and I for one am not too upset by it. It seems inevitable since they’ve alluded to it far too many times in seasons 1 and 2. I think to drag it out even further would just be cruel and unusual punishment. Let’s just savor Tobey while we have him around shall we?

Greer and the Pirate!

I’m a little sad that Greer is not a madam anymore. I thought she had the most interesting story line when she was scrappy and independent. They’ve thrown her back into bagging a husband to say the least. But I did warm up to the charming pirate for a bit. It’s safe to say that Leith is put behind her which I find ok since it shows that you can move on from your first love. But I’ll never forgive the crappy way they ended Greer and Castleroy. It still stings like a bitch. I’m hoping Greer retains her scrappiness and shows the pirate a thing or two for messing with her heart and being a womanizer. She should be adapt to handle men like that since she ran a brothel house.

Catherine and Elizabeth duo!

The tag team scheming queens are quite fun to watch. I especially love Elizabeth because she’s not shown to be 1 dimensional but someone who can be tough, insecure, and unsure of herself like the rest. Especially since this is early on in her reign before she found her stride. I found it realistic to an extent. Of course she is the antagonist on this show to Mary, but I found her to be very sympathetic in trying to manage her court, managing a rift in her country between two religions, and unable to be with the man that she loves. And thank you wardrobe department! It seems you listened and put the frazzle bed hair to rest and dressed her up in a more queenly fashion.

Catherine is still Catherine. And it’s always fun to watch her scheme, plot and manipulate. But the last scene of Frary dragging her ass back to France once they found out what she was up to, was HILARIOUS. And shoving her in a cage with a man-eating tiger next to her was icing on the cake. Hey for everything I love about Catherine, I don’t fault Mary for locking her up next to a tiger and letting her sweat it out a bit after plotting to bring Mary down. I have to give Mary some props for her guts.

Last but not least. LORCISSE!

I literally gushed and fangirled at every single scene they had together. This time they’ve flipped the script with Narcisse being the prudent gentlemen and Lola being the seductress, which brings it all back to why I absolutely love this coupling, because they can bring different aspects of their personalities out like no one else. And that always makes for interesting relationships.

I also want to note that despite how much I want them to get together, I love that Lola is still calling out Narcisse’s bullshit from last season. It creates a certain awareness on her part about his actions that she is not comfortable about, which I appreciate. And even though Narcisse makes fun from time to time, he doesn’t make excuses about it and takes her criticisms in stride. The fact that Lola is honest about why she’s so hesitant to be with him is refreshing. You don’t often see couples being extremely honest and open with each other especially on Reign. There’s always secrets. But with Lorcisse, Lola makes it known right away that he scares her, on the things he’s done and what he would do if she’s with him. And Narcisse is extremely honest and open about his true intentions to court her even going to Francis to formally ask for permission.

They’re dynamic is not the typical love at first sight type romance. They started out on opposite ends of the spectrum. Hell they’ve schemed and backstabbed against each other. It’s made clear in this episode that Narcisse was planning to just seduce Lola at the very beginning, but changed his mind as he grew to like/love her. And now this time its Lola’s turn in trying to seduce him because she’s conflicted. She wants him (I mean c’mon she’s totally eye fucking him and enjoying his dirty letters to her throughout the episode), but fears being hurt again in a long term relationship with a man known for his ruthlessness and womanizing ways no matter how much he tries to tell her he’ll protect her. I love seeing them argue. I love seeing them work things out. I love seeing them appreciate each other, especially when Lola was actually defending Narcisse from Francis’s anti-Narcisse stance. And I do love that despite Lola practically throwing herself at Narcisse for a “clandestine” relationship he had enough self-respect to turn her down and call her out on her own bullshit towards him. And even after that, he had enough belief in his love for her to wait until she sees they’re right for each other like he does. That was a small knight-in-shining-armor moment for Narcisse.

I hoping and praying that they keep this dynamic up. They are by far the most interesting “adult” relationship in the show. But I understand that they’re going to throw a few hurdles along the way (not too much I hope) And now that Catherine is back in France, Lola is going to be more paranoid then ever. I’m aching to see more of Narcisse’s dedication to her and his promise to protect her. Lola manage to chip away Narcisse’s armor in season 2 now it’s Narcisse’s turn to make Lola believe in love. And after being through the runner with 3 “boys” Can we finally see Lola get some happiness with THE MAN?

Minor nitpicks:
Kenna is missing from the episode. We know when last we saw her she was shipped out of the country to have her illegitimate child. But you certainly feel a hole in Mary’s circle of ladies. I really hope they bring her back at some point.

Bash’s weird story line with Delphine hasn’t really drawn me in. It was pretty dull to say the least. Although personally I was never into the supernatural aspect of the show. I’m biting my nails to see how this plays out.