2/20 favorite episodes : Liege Lord (1x17)
“I’m going to be Queen of France someday. And I hope to be a good queen. But France has you and your mother to look after her welfare. Scotland only has me. If it ever becomes a choice between our two countries, I will chose mine. In whatever way necessary.”

the signs as reign characters

Aries: Henry  (courageous, competitive, despotic, self-centered)
Taurus: Leith  (loyal, practical, dependable, affectionate, possessive)
Gemini: Narcisse  (cunning, persuasive, superficial, shifty, dual)
Cancer: Francis  (caring, clamlike, protective, sensitive)
Leo: Mary  (independent, strong-willed, devoted, temperamental)
Virgo: Elizabeth  (critical, reserved , dignified, methodical)
Libra: Greer (romantic, indecisive, charming, frivolous, tolerant)
Scorpio: Catherine de Medici (vindictive, passionate, resourceful, jealous)
Sagittarius: Kenna (free-spirited, impatient, self-indulgent, sincere)
Capricorn: Bash (reliable, brooding, aloof, persistent)
Aquarius: Claude (rebellious, creative, progressive, unpredictable)
Pisces: Lola  (empathic, humble, indecisive, submissive, intuitive)