kenn doane


Maria Vs. Sosay
Ohio Valley Wrestling
[October 26th, 2005]

While Maria had already debuted on WWE Raw as the ditzy backstage interviewer, she was also fulfilling the same duty on Ohio Valley Wrestling television. One female talent who took exception to this as she prided herself on being the “Queen B” of OVW was Kenn Doane’s valet, Sosay. After one-too-many interruptions and displays of disrespect, Maria finally had enough, challenging Sosay to a match on OVW television to the delight of a raucous crowd!

Layla ran a hand through her dark hair as she entered the Halloween party. She wasn’t sure why she came. She had just gotten out of a bad relationship and would have preferred to be home alone. Unlike her usual elaborate Halloween costumes, she just wore a cheap, cheerleading uniform, she found at Party City.

She made her way to the drink table and poured herself a glass of punch. She was sure it was spiked, which made it so much better. 


She turned to look to her left. At first, she didn’t realize who it was. It was some guy dressed up as Robin, but a closer look, made it come clear. “Kenn?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in forever.”

Kenn smiled. “I know. It’s been awhile, right? How are you?”

The pair began to talk, catching up on all the things that had been going on in their lives. Before the night was over, Layla had drug Kenn to a back bedroom.

Once inside, she pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him. “I want you.” She whispered. Layla wasn’t one for casual hook-ups or drunken one night stands, but after the break-up, she needed something to ease her mind. 

Before Kenn could reply, she pressed her lips roughly to his. He kissed her back, running his fingers through her long, dark hair. With ease, Kenn flipped the pair of them over. His kiss became rougher and Layla’s matched his.

He tugged off her skirt with ease and unbuttoned her top, pushing it aside. He pulled away from her and threw his Robin t-shirt to the side and managed to get out of his tights. 

Kenn’s lips went to her chest, kissing down to her bra. With one hand, he unhooked it and tossed it to the side. His lips went to her nipple, sucking on the hardening nub gently. 

Layla moaned, arching her back and running her fingers through his hair.

With his lips still on her nipple, he pushed her panties aside and slid his erection through the whole in his boxers. He pushed into her gently, causing her to moan loudly. 

He began to move slowly in and out of her. Layla wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her. Her hips began to move with his as he thrust into her.

He quickened the pace, both of them moaning loudly. Kenn’s hands moved to her breasts. massaging both of them gently. His finger began to tug at her nipple, resulting in another loud moan from Layla.

His thrusts quickened once again, pounding into her harder. Then, with a loud moan, Layla reached her peak. As her walls tightened around him, Kenn reached his own peak, calling out her name.

He pulled out of her and rolled over to lay next to her. “So I know this is a bit backwards, but would you like to do dinner sometime?”

Layla laughed. “Sounds like a plan.”