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Kenn Doane explains how The Spirit Squad impressed Vince enough to make it to Raw
[December 28th, 2015]

In 2005, a group of pro wrestlers in OVW (Kenn Doane, Johnny Jeter, Nic Nemeth, Mike Mondo, and one import from DSW, Nick Mitchell) went from being individual talents to being one solid entity known as The Spirit Squad. Their abilities were unparalleled, but their “it” factor had to be called attention to, so they did it in one of the most admirable ways possible.

Eventually, The Spirit Squad started coming about and they started liking it. They flew us into one of the Carolinas and they weren’t sure about it then. So we all came up with this idea that we are going to wait in Vince’s office and when he comes in we are going to blow the air horn in his face and do a cheer. We thought you either going to get fired or it will work. We don’t want to be in developmental so he was stuck in the production meeting for quite a while so we said let’s find him and break in. So we bust into the production meeting and blow the air horn, we did a big cheer and we just kind of stopped in our position and Vince looked up and he said ‘great, you will be on RAW next week.’

Layla ran a hand through her dark hair as she entered the Halloween party. She wasn’t sure why she came. She had just gotten out of a bad relationship and would have preferred to be home alone. Unlike her usual elaborate Halloween costumes, she just wore a cheap, cheerleading uniform, she found at Party City.

She made her way to the drink table and poured herself a glass of punch. She was sure it was spiked, which made it so much better. 


She turned to look to her left. At first, she didn’t realize who it was. It was some guy dressed up as Robin, but a closer look, made it come clear. “Kenn?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in forever.”

Kenn smiled. “I know. It’s been awhile, right? How are you?”

The pair began to talk, catching up on all the things that had been going on in their lives. Before the night was over, Layla had drug Kenn to a back bedroom.

Once inside, she pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him. “I want you.” She whispered. Layla wasn’t one for casual hook-ups or drunken one night stands, but after the break-up, she needed something to ease her mind. 

Before Kenn could reply, she pressed her lips roughly to his. He kissed her back, running his fingers through her long, dark hair. With ease, Kenn flipped the pair of them over. His kiss became rougher and Layla’s matched his.

He tugged off her skirt with ease and unbuttoned her top, pushing it aside. He pulled away from her and threw his Robin t-shirt to the side and managed to get out of his tights. 

Kenn’s lips went to her chest, kissing down to her bra. With one hand, he unhooked it and tossed it to the side. His lips went to her nipple, sucking on the hardening nub gently. 

Layla moaned, arching her back and running her fingers through his hair.

With his lips still on her nipple, he pushed her panties aside and slid his erection through the whole in his boxers. He pushed into her gently, causing her to moan loudly. 

He began to move slowly in and out of her. Layla wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her. Her hips began to move with his as he thrust into her.

He quickened the pace, both of them moaning loudly. Kenn’s hands moved to her breasts. massaging both of them gently. His finger began to tug at her nipple, resulting in another loud moan from Layla.

His thrusts quickened once again, pounding into her harder. Then, with a loud moan, Layla reached her peak. As her walls tightened around him, Kenn reached his own peak, calling out her name.

He pulled out of her and rolled over to lay next to her. “So I know this is a bit backwards, but would you like to do dinner sometime?”

Layla laughed. “Sounds like a plan.”

Personal Collection: Air horn used onscreen by the Spirit Squad

In 2006, when the Spirit Squad made their debut on WWE television, the group made a huge commotion as the company’s first ever male cheerleaders. A few nights after, Kenn Doane came outside at OVW and got my attention. I looked over and he craned his hand a few times, making a “I’m going to throw this” motion before tossing it to me. I caught it, looked at it, and thanked him. I’ve had it ever since!


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 826:
OVW Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round 1:
Kenn Doane (w/ The Spirit Squad) Vs. CM Punk

Ohio Valley Wrestling [February 15th, 2006]

For anyone out there who may have doubted the validity of The Spirit Squad, pay close attention to this match. Kenn Doane was the guy that many, including those who followed the group prior to their debut and those who were introduced to them in the WWE, had chosen as the guy who would be “the one”. Doane’s size, ability, and young age seemingly cemented his position in the WWE. Although it wasn’t meant to be, as he only had a short run following his tenure with The Spirit Squad, Doane racked up a list of impressive victories and strong showings against formidable superstars, such as CM Punk, as shown in this impressive match.


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 596:
OVW Television Championship:
Kenn Doane (Champion, w/ Sosay, Kenny Bolin, & Dean Visk) Vs. Bobby Lashley

OVW TV [November 5th, 2005]

Between the beginning of the Summer of 2005 and the end of October 2005, Kenn Doane became one of the top superstars in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He didn’t get to such a point on his own, but rather when he joined Bolin Services, along with Bobby Lashley, Mike Mondo (later replaced by Dean Visk), Sosay, and the leader, Kenny Bolin. Because Bolin had such a hard-on for Doane, he would frequently kiss Doane’s ass to ensure that his new golden boy had every advantage possible. This included giving Doane a sense of entitlement by making the massive Bobby Lashley the (seemingly) personal assistant of Doane, which did not bode with with Lashley.

When Lashley earned a shot at Doane’s OVW Television Championship, Doane extradited Lashley from the group and this match was made. It was literally Lashley Vs. Bolin Services, under the guise of it being a fair encounter. Doane has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but mostly the fact that he truly is a good wrestler despite the help he’d received to keep the title around his waist. What he had never encountered, however, was the fact that Lashley was bigger, stronger, and hungrier than Doane had ever been. Enjoy!


OVW Television Championship:
Kenn Doane (Champion) Vs. Brent Albright
OVW TV [September 28th, 2005]

One of the absolute best things about Paul Heyman booking at OVW was that every single championship had a driven, talented performer carrying the banner at all times. While this period’s OVW Heavyweight Champion was Johnny Jeter, the Television Champion was the 19-year old Kenn Doane, who was a newly-turned heel that had spent the Summer proving why he was the future of OVW. However, the former champion, Brent Albright, was hell-bent on both proving Doane wrong and regaining his championship.

Kenn Doane and Sosay [2005]

After the fans made it clear that they were no longer interested in Kenn Doane, Doane employed the services of Kenny Bolin with the hopes that he would soon be leaving OVW for the WWE. Bolin, a fast talker, knew exactly how to get Kenn to that level, and introduced Kenn to a new valet, Sosay. As part of Bolin Services, Doane became an OVW Television Champion, and within a few months, debuted in the WWE as part of the Spirit Squad.

“Doane is green! Doane is green!”

In 2004, Kenn Doane debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling as a newly-signed, 18-year old prospect. The fans immediately took a liking to him. I, as well as all of my asshole friends, hated him. It wasn’t that he was a BAD wrestler, he was actually really good, but white meat babyfaces always ruined the show for me. The idea of a person just being overly good seemed so impossibly fake that I couldn’t stand anyone with the persona.

One night, Doane lost a match to OVW jobber Mike Taylor. Taylor left Doane in the ring, and as Doane was making his way to his feet, he gave a “what happened?” look to the crowd. When he glanced to our section, I yelled out “You lost because you’re too green!” Doane shot me a death stare. He glared at me for a good 10 seconds, causing me and my friends Kelley, Aimee, KJ and my brother Jake to burst into laughter. I looked to Jim Cornette, who was on commentary at the time, and he was giving me the same glare. This only fueled the fire.

The following week, Doane came out to the ring to work a match and immediately, our section started chanting “Doane is green! Doane is green!” Any time he pulled off any kind of move, be it a high knee lariat or a suplex, he would shoot a look at our section as a “screw you!”. We thought it was a riot. The next week, same thing, only more people joined in. As each week passed, more and more people were chanting “Doane is green! Doane is green!

This all happened around late February/early March. By June, the chants were deafening, so much so that Doane actually turned heel and joined Bolin Services! As one OVW official put it years later, we had “changed the course of OVW history”. Doane was apparently their chosen pick to be OVW champion, but we ruined that for him. Funnily enough, despite all the chants of “Doane is green!”, I wound up liking the guy. It drove him to have an edge, and have better matches.

This photo of me and Doane was taken at a Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom show. The OVW fans had reached a point where chanting was simply not enough - we were holding up pieces of green construction paper. Doane would go on to moderate success in the WWE as a member of the Spirit Squad. Oddly enough…

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Anyone else spot the irony?

Update: It turns out that Doane been wanting to turn heel since the get-go, so we actually wound up helping him! This is straight from Kenny himself. Funny how things work out!