the adventures of kendall and kelly obsessing over their own fictional couple

“seriously fucking crying for dawson right now”


“ahh i just remembered that before she started avoiding him they used to walk around the school holding hands TT^TT”


“ughhhhhhh kordeliaaa whyyyy”


happy birthday, kendall! you are officially no longer a teenager, omg. it’s crazy to think that when we first met, we were just starting our teen days…and now we’re entering adulthood together! basically, i love you more than anything else in the world (even cookies, w o w) and i don’t know what i’d do without you. i hope you have a lovely twentieth because you deserve it~. thank you for always being the best friend i could ever ask for; you’re my favorite! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

♡ love, k(j)elly(fish) 

bomrilla  asked:

Top 5 Kjellyfish quotes. ((They don't have to be toward Minhye, and I will also accept thoughts or narration as an answer.))

…okay so like i spent the last hour skimming old threads and wrote down all my favorite quotes (i limited myself to dialogue because narration would take for fucking ever, no thx) and THERE’S LIKE A MILLION AND THERE’S NO WAY I CAN NARROW IT DOWN SO HERE. it’s going under a read more because there’s just that many (like thirty, i kid you not).

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kesumdall + lok

B] kesumdall ot3 forever

the starting bell rang loudly through the stadium and the three girls immediately sprang to action. summer was quick to take out one of their opponents with a blast of her firebending and kendall quickly followed by freezing another enemy into a block of ice. swift and efficient, kelly knocked the last of the opposing team out of the rink with a boulder, and the battle was won.


dearest kendall,

to the kibum to my donghae, my soul twin, best friend, wife, etc. etc….happy birthday!!! sdlkfsasd i can’t believe this is like the fourth (fifth? idek) birthday of yours that i’ve actually been able to celebrate with you. i’m so glad we met all those years ago (we were still babies then omg) because my life would be totally different (read: totally BORING) without you in it. this is sappy but yeah, i love you! a lot. like, clinginess on the level of landon here. orz. anyway…i’m totally rambling because i don’t know what else to say?! basically, i hope you have a wonderful day, and your present will be in the mail soon, i promise~.

love, kelly 

so i’m back from kcon and i’m dead because:

  • daehyun’s hair
  • I AM movie
  • vixx’s terrible engrish
  • being the most adorable mc to ever mc anything ever
  • xiuhan
  • ren’s sparkly outfit
  • tao trying to figure out how to say “are you having a good time”
  • jiyoon rockin 90% of the vocals because gayoon wasn’t there (sobbb)
  • sohyun being WAY TO CUTE FOR HER OWN GOOD
  • and kendall’s hair is soft.

the end.