Afternoon was quickly approaching evening and Kenley was still running about within The Griffonrook Clubhouse, filing and sorting paperwork for the Executive Board. A new file was now complete of the secretarial documents the Director of Public Relations had to write up in the last Secretaries absence, and now it was time for them to be passed over to Lady Ellorije.

Now, Kenley does not dislike the woman, but people that wear black should just never be trusted. Period. And she would be no exception until she showed otherwise. 

The petite blonde made her way to Lady Ellorije’s new secretary office and knocked twice before slowly cracking open the door… “Lady Ellorije?” she chimed, as she slowly poked her head into the black hole of an office. No response came back, and that is when Kenley’s high heels carried her further into the room. Her nose immediately scrunched as she attempted to turn on a black-laced, standing lamp. Black walls still encompassed the woman and she quickly felt uneased. 

She swiftly tossed the folder onto the Kurzick’s dark teal desk before trotting quickly out the room, hastefully closing the door behind her as she shook her head. This woman cannot be trusted.


A Kenley One-Shot. 

No need to go back and read Waking Up in Vegas to follow along, but I recommend it just so you can get to know the lovebirds we lovingly refer to as Kenley. 

“I’ve always loved watching you watching the sky. I think all that time spent star gazing when we were kids, the only time I saw the stars, was when they were reflected in your eyes.”

Enjoy this little look back into their world, guys. Hope y'all like it. 

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We are late to the Halloween postings since we trick-or-treated tonight instead of last night.

Harper had so much fun walking with her new friend, Zoe. They sang songs about how beautiful they were. They talked each other through the scary houses and held hands. Most importantly, they hit the jackpot with candy. 

Happy late Halloween!

Working on making plans with aurariel for 2 weeks from now and late next month! Really truly excited to the point of almost crying cause I miss them and it’s been a whole year and I’ve just honestly learned a lot about quality ppl this past year and they are definitely one of em! Yasss!