Lion’s Arch Quarterly Magazine

Today was a little bit of a different day for the savvy businesswoman. She woke up and was in Lion’s Arch right as the dawn sun rolled up from behind the mountains that surrounded this iconic city.

She made her way hastefully to the Consortium office for a photo shoot and interview to be featured in Lion’s Archs Quarterly Magazine as “Lion’s Arch’s Most Successful Businesswoman”. The title was daunting but she accepted the feature for a number of reasons; recognition, reputation, and the opportunities that were going to follow getting her name exposed to those that did not already know of her.

The photo shoot was breathtaking, as they used the rising sun to their advantage, taking pictures near the cliffs as she stood in very dominant poses.

The interview portion which followed was very professional, as she thoughtfully took the time to answer each question the best way she could.

“What is the best decision you’ve ever made?”

“To reinvest in Lion’s Arch after the Attack by Scarlet Briar instead of trying to relocate my business. It was definitely hard to see our former business in ruins, but it has also been such a blessing to see it fully restored and in even better condition then it was before. We were also blessed by the Six to have all of our staff safely evacuated during the attack, and when we re-opened all the original staff were offered their jobs back.”

“What woman inspires you and why?”

“My mother. She is so bold, and makes hard decisions with grace and true intellect. A true cornerstone to our family and someone I hope to become in a lot of ways.”

“What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?”

“The most significant barrier to female leadership is the actual lack of females in leadership. The best advice I can give to women is to go out and start something, ideally their own businesses. If you can’t see a path for leadership within your own company, go blaze a trail of your own.

Another would be handling a lot of jobs simultaneously; I’m the owner of Galleon, the realty company, Brynn Realty, a member of the Priory, and an independent investor to new entrepreneurs. I keep myself extremely busy.”

“And we hear you were a former Minister from Divinity’s Reach. How was that?”

“It was a privilege and honor to serve the district of Rurikton for as long as I did. I lowered the crime rates by 10%, there was a 30% increase in business hiring and growth during my term, and I was able to also help with charity work to fund a soup kitchen that helped feed the displaced and poor.”

“Well Lady Brynn, it was a pleasure having you! Good luck and we wish you all the best with everything you do.”

“Thank you so very much. I would like to also thank Lion’s Arch for being such a great host to the Galleon, and I look forward to continuing business within the Arch.”

Late Letter

Dearest Lady Brynn,

I apologize so much for the lengthy delay of this letter. I had hoped to write to you sooner, but the escalating situation in Lake Doric has left me with very little in the way of free time, and I fear that will not change anytime in the near future. Regardless, my fiancees and I would still love to have you over to the Jardin Estate in Ascalon Settlement at some point to catch up with you. It may take time, but I don’t think us running into one another at the Tea Shoppe was merely happenstance.

Knowing you, I’m sure you’re quite busy these days as well; I think that’s often the curse of women in our position. Until we do get the chance to see one another again and trade tales of the last year, I pray that the Six watch over you and guide you along safe paths.

Lady Alexandria LaCoria-Eskara

P.S. I may have mentioned running into you to Lady Cartwright, so there’s the chance you will be hearing from her soon. Gods know that a mother loves to show off her child to any friend she gets the chance to.



Muzzled is finally here! After a very long process for the creators, and a very long wait for you, the fans, all three episodes are up and all our hard work has paid off. Watch an incredible cast that I am honored to be a part of, including Ashly Burch, Ashley Clements, Maxwell Glick, Brendan Bradley, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Juliet Landau, Jeff Lewis, and more sing and magic our hearts out to some incredible music written by Jason Charles Miller. This was a blast to do and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as we loved making it. Major thanks to all the kickstarter backers for helping this dream become a reality. If you like it, share it! The more you spread the word the more chance there is that we’ll be able to make more. Sing On!


Arizona Robbins (1/?)
“You’ve been second guessing me from the moment I arrived. And I get it, you liked Dr. Kenley. You trusted him and I’m a stranger with a ponytail. But I’m not the problem. The patient is. So how about you stop thinking about me and start focusing on him? Jackson needs a transplant. And if we keep wasting time, he’s not gonna make it.” (5x11)